I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 12 - "Teleportation"

Chapter 12: "Teleportation"

At this moment, Ainsley felt like peeing. The girl gritted her teeth as she kept advancing while ignoring the people's gaze on her. 

Fck. Why are there so many of them?! And why do all of them are scary? They look like a killer! Wait, they are a killer. They're a mafia!  ​​

Ainsley felt a crushing defeat even before she started a battle. Her confidence that soared to the sky fell to hell when she first stepped into the hall. 

The pressure of these guests exceeded her imagination. Each of them had the aura of death lingering around them, and the smell of blood seemed to linger in the air. 

It might be her abnormal sixth sense, but Ainsley was more sensitive to a person's aura after entering this body. 

She could vaguely see the image of various beasts behind these people. Some had the aura of elementals while others were surrounded in a white fog. 

Those must be the representation of their special ability. 

These people...are high-grade ability users! 

Ainsley was convinced. The girl instantly felt like a meek lamb entering the den of a tiger. 

How could a baby dominate these fierce people? 

Even the elders didn't give off such a pressuring aura. In fact, she found it more comfortable to be with the elders than to be with these people. 

Even though these people had a bright smile as they watched her walk to the front, it felt like a bunch of fake masks. 

Damn. Damn. I underestimated these ability users and the mafia family. I shouldn't be too arrogant when I don't know much about this world! 

Ainsley felt that her body was so terrified that she moved stiffly. She couldn't even flinch or tremble. Her eyes didn't want to look at the people, and her pupil only focused on the throne. 

It was her defence mechanical. If she didn't do that, her mental health would deteriorate. The mental strength of a baby wasn't great enough to withstand the pressure of these people. 

These people must be the best out of the best in the Sloan Family! 

While suppressing her fear, Ainsley kept walking until she arrived at the stage. The baby didn't have time to enjoy the lavish interior of the great hall built using white and black marble. 

Once she arrived, the girl immediately climbed the throne even though she found it difficult to climb. The girl's short limbs flailed a few times before she could finally sit on the throne.

Ah, yes. This is it. 

Ainsley sighed in relief and had just lifted her head when the sight of the people came into view. All of them were staring at her with a weird gaze as if they just witnessed something strange. 


Ainsley's breath stiffened. The girl felt like time just froze for her. The eyes of these people were truly….weird. 

What, what? What's going on? Did I look disgraceful? Why are they pitying me?! 

Yes, the look those people directed to Ainsley was none other than pity. They pitied Ainsley, but at the same time, they were suppressing the urge to pinch her cheek. 

It's simply because they saw the toddler climb the throne with abundant difficulties. Her effort as she mounted the throne, truly looked like a squirrel trying to climb a tree. 

In another word…

So cute! 


The people in the hall clenched their fists to remind them of their mission. Even if the young miss was cute beyond their expectation, they couldn't be swayed. 

Silence filled the hall again since no one spoke. All of them had a solemn face looking as if they attended a funeral. The stiff atmosphere put pressure on Ainsley, and she almost fainted if not for her strong mentality. 

Hey, say something! When will the meeting start? Ah, wait, is this a meeting? I think it's a test to choose my guardian. 

Ainsley crossed her tiny legs and gripped her fur jacket to bear the pressure of these people. They were looking at her as if she's a delicious pie falling from the sky. 

These people…they want to make me a puppet leader, right? If I become dependent on them even after I reach adulthood, they will reap a lot of benefits! 

Ainsley gritted her tiny teeth as she scanned the people's eyes in front of her. The distance between her and the group was only 5 meters, but she felt as if she's so close to them. 

Aish. Where are the elders? Why aren't they here yet? 

When Ainsley wanted the elders to come and start the guardian selection, as if her wish was granted, the elder with blue eyes suddenly appeared beside the throne. 

He just popped out so suddenly that Ainsley almost got a heart attack. 


The wind aftermath of the teleportation blew Ainsley's cheek, giving off a strange sensation. If not for the wind, she wouldn't realise that the elder just used teleportation. 

Damn. It is too overpowered. Is the elder's power...teleportation? Ugh, isn't that good? So strong! 

Ainsley silently admired the elder while the elder peeked at Ainsley and nodded with a smile. He might look warm outside, but once he faced the crowds, his face turned cold. 

"Thank you for coming." The elder put his hands behind his back and lifted his chin high. His cold voice echoed throughout the room, and the crowds stiffened. 


"Greetings, absolute elder!" The crowds instantly lowered their heads at the same time and greeted the elder without any command. 

Oh, wow. 

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