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Chapter 1174: "Meeting The Guild Founder At Cafeteria"

Chapter 1174: "Meeting The Guild Founder At Cafeteria"

The lobby itself had four pillars a few meters away from the fountain in the middle, making a line between the spacious fountain area, the registration desk on the right and the lounge on the left. 

The anchor girl didn't go to the registration desk and immediately brought people to the open-lounge area on the left side. 

The lounge had several long coffee tables with two sofas for each coffee table. 

One could see many people sitting on the couch, chatting with each other. 

On the very left side of the lounge area, near the glass wall, people could see the long food counter providing various foods for the guests. 

The glass wall behind the food counter was unique because it was an entire window from the ceiling to the floor, but only the people inside the hall could see the scenery outside. 

The people outside saw nothing. 

The lounge immediately felt like a comfortable cafe this way. 

Even the aroma of food and the low laughter or chatter of the people around immediately made the live broadcast audiences jealous of Reina. 

[Your guild is so good! So extravagant! Even the big guilds don't provide food in the lobby for the people staying there.] 

[Guys...they even put four televisions on the four pillars, and they're showing Ainsley's various battle videos in a loop.] 

The guild lobby looked more and more like a hotel lobby rather than a guild lobby! 

After that, Reina took her viewers to see the other floors including the training hall, the mission hall, the court, the recreation hall, and so on. 

Then, last but not least, the girl went to have dinner at the guild's cafeteria. 

Upon entering the large cafeteria full of long tables and benches with high ceilings and countless food booths, even the audiences were almost mad with jealousy. 

[Which guild provides a cafeteria for the guild members?! Are you guys sure this is a guild and not a hotel or a school?] 

[It looks more like a combination between a school and a hotel.] 

[Guys, I bet they even have dormitories!] 

Actually, only headquarter guilds like this one and the one at Pandora Island had a complete facility. 

But even the Crimson Lily branch also had a small cafeteria and a lobby that provided snacks, albeit fast-food snacks unlike the one with chef and such like the Gasha Capital's guild. 

Still, the way Ainsley gave so many facilities to the guild members made so many other guild members jealous of the Irregular Tamer Guild members. 

[You guys have the best guild founder in this world! No wonder they're so strict in choosing guild members.] 

[This guild is such a fairy guild...I suddenly want to be a charm ability user.] 

[Me too! Me too!] 

Reina read the floating barrage and couldn't help but laugh. 

"You guys...well, I am also super jealous of those who joined the guild early. Now that I'm also a part of this guild, I'm so happy!" 

The girl spoke with a hint of pride in her voice. 

Which Irregular Tamer Guild member wasn't proud of this guild? Even those assigned to the branch guild buildings had better treatment than other guilds' branch guilds. 

They really couldn't love the guild more than this because they had already used up all their love to the max! 

While Reina was talking to the audience, the guild members around her who were sitting at the benches about to eat or were eating suddenly got noisy. 

"Ah, ah, ah. I saw the guild founder coming from the secret door!" 

"Is she coming to eat here? It's been a few weeks since she ate with us!" 

"I'm so lucky I go to eat at the cafeteria every day. The guild cafeteria's food is even better than the restaurants around us." 

"Agree, agree! Ahhh! I always eat here so that I can see the guild founder!" 

"I just met her a few days ago at the training hall. It would help if you also visited that hall often so you can see her." 

"She's even cuter than in the video!" 

"Kyaaa! I thought only seniors could see the guild founder and not new members like us..." 

"It's not always like that. Didn't you see her at the inheritance ceremony?" 

"I did, but she's so far away. If we met her at the cafeteria or the training hall, we could see her from up close!" 

Reina had a sharp hearing, and she heard all the murmurs around her. 

The girl, who planned to find something to eat among the various food booths, immediately looked around the cafeteria with a flushing face. 

"Guys, the guild founder is here to eat with us! Ahhh! This is the first time I met her aside from the inheritance ceremony!" 

Reina lowered her voice, but people could still hear the excitement in her voice. 

The girl hurriedly looked at the secret door that only higher-ups and staff could use and immediately saw a small figure surrounded by a few guild higher-ups. 

Those who sat near the secret door already stood up and excitedly tried to talk to the small figure with purple hair. 

"G-good evening, guild founder! I've always admired you!' 

"Good evening, guild founder! I watched your shaman challenge, and you were so cool!" 

"Guild founder! Nice to meet you! I-I am a new member here." 

"G-guild founder. Can I have your autograph?" 

"G-guild founder, you're so cute!! Even cuter than the video!" 

"Guild founder, have you prepared for the upcoming taming challenge? I believe you can absolutely beat those arrogant tamers to the ground!" 

"Guild founder, will there be an internal tournament for our guild?" 

"Guild founder. When will we have to go to Pandora Island for the orientation??" 

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