I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 1 - "Chuunibyou's Debut"

Chapter 1: "Chuunibyou's Debut"

What...is this? 

A girl stood in front of a full-body mirror. She stared at her reflection with wide eyes. Her hands were trembling. Disbelief washed her soft face. 


Is this...me?


"This...isn't my real body!" The girl cried, and her soft, coy voice echoed in the medieval-styled room. 

Strangely, the room was decorated with many baby toys, and the interior was so childish that an adult would be embarrassed to enter. 

That's right. It was a room for a baby. 

"This can't be. Is this…" The girl bit her lips. Tears started to fill her eyes as snots dripped down her nose. 

Is this the famous transmigration….isekai-ed? 

The girl had a chill down her spine at the thought. She wanted to slap her cheek, yet she couldn't bear to harm the plump cheek of the girl's face in front of the mirror. 

No, it's not a girl. It's not even a little girl. 

It's a toddler. 

"I am...isekai-ed?" The girl– the toddler, gasped. The tears accumulated at the edge of her eyes increased. Her body shook hard, and her eyes reddened. 

If someone were here, they would see the image of a toddler who was about to cry. 

"F– " the girl was about to say a word. 

F*ck? Frick? Fuh– fck you mothercker? 

"F– " the girl took a deep breath as she prepared her heaven-shattering shout. 



If anyone were here, they would shout at the sight of a toddler screaming with her face flushing red. The toddler jumped lightly as a blossoming smile filled her face. 

"Yes, yes, I did it! I'm isekai-ed! I'm transmigrated! Ah, ah! That shabby, suspicious magic scroll I buy for $200 is working!" The girl suddenly collapsed to the floor and rolled back and forth, not caring about her dignity. 

What's dignity? Can it be eaten? Bah! 

"Ah, ah. Finally. Finally!" The girl giggled as if she was possessed. 

She tried to calm her beating heart, yet it was hard. She was panting hard while hugging her body, treating it as if it was the most important thing in the world. 

"Uh, my body. My new body! Ahhh, you are so cute!" 

The girl drooled over her own appearance as she approached the mirror. She put her small hand on the mirror and slowly stroked her silky hair. 

"Light purple bob hair? Owaaa it's sparkling. Wow, wow, so soft!" 

The girl admired her hair yet stopped touching her hair that only reached the back of her neck. She then dragged her small hands to touch the edge of her eyes instead. 

A pair of large blue eyes resembling the colour of the sea, deep yet pure without sin was staring at the mirror. 

"Are these really my eyes? Surely it's not a jewel…." 

The girl was impressed as she moved her chubby fingers to touch her nose. 

"Small nose...but why does it look so haughty? Ugh, this can't be a villainess, right?" 

The girl grumbled and started to move to touch her face and cheeks. 

Snow white skin, plump and soft just like a mochi. She tried to pinch her cheek, and it bounced lightly. 

Owaaa so puffy! Fluffy! This is really my body?

The girl still couldn't believe her eyes. She kept trying to touch her face, and this time– her short fingers touched her lips. 

Small pink lips like a scattered sakura petal. Plump and fresh, reminding people of the warm spring. 

Beautiful. Cute. Charming. 

These three words couldn't fully describe the girl shorter than an adult's knees. 

Anyone would be thrilled having such a beautiful and charming face–

If only it's not a baby. 

Yet the girl didn't care. 

"Hum...hum...this...is..." The girl mumbled for the second time. Her voice and pronunciation were clear, unfitting to the body's characteristic. 

I have become a baby. 

The girl gulped. 

But, so what? 

Even if this body is a baby, it doesn't matter. I have succeeded! 

Now, I'll be treated like those cute protagonists in manhwas. I'll have a doting hot daddy, a few overprotective handsome brothers and the male lead will fawn over me. 

Yes. This is it. I finally escaped those dull days studying online in college. 

The girl curled her lips. She was so excited that she almost kissed her reflection on the mirror. 

"You, this body's original soul. Don't worry! I'll take care of your body and be happy for your sake. You can rest in peace. I'll revenge those who harm you and lead you to a new world!" 

The girl swore dramatically in front of the mirror. She clenched her fists, and her blue eyes shone. 

Those days studying manhwas and its strategies are finally not in vain. I'll stand on top of the world and be the loved protagonist! 

The girl opened her small mouth and lifted her head. Bell-like laughter rang throughout the room. 

"MWAHAHAHA! All of you, just wait! This me, the great me, will be at the top of this world. I'll conquer everyone and be the best!" 

The girl was laughing like she's crazy. She covered her left eye and winced in pain–

Artificial pain. 

"Ahhh, the power sealed in my left eye. Don't worry. Soon, your existence will be revealed to the world. It's time. Yes, the time has come for a protagonist of the world." 

The toddler had a dark smile on her face as she slowly uncovered her blue eyes while enduring her illness. 

Yes, she's terminally ill. It's a curse that can't be lifted. 

The curse of a chuunibyou*. 


*Chūnibyō is a colloquial term typically used to describe early teens who have delusions of grandeur, who so desperately want to stand out that they have convinced themselves they have hidden knowledge or secret powers.

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