I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 1116 - Why Are You Not Wild Anymore?

Chapter 1116: Why Are You Not Wild Anymore?

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Su Shengjing reached out and ruffled Su Jiu’s hair. “How can a hundred years be enough? Let’s continue to be father and daughter in the next life and the next.”

His voice was low and doting, which left the audience speechless.

“Sobs! I want a father like this too!”

“Su Shengjing is definitely a good father. Otherwise, why would Su Jiu like him so much? She’s so old, yet she still clings to him.”

Su Jiu was also touched by those words. In fact, she really wanted to meet him in her next life and be his daughter again. No one could replace him as her father.


At this moment, another pair of guests arrived at the hotel.

Unexpectedly, it was an old friend.

When Su Jiu saw Han Xiao, she immediately understood Yang Fangping’s good intentions. No, his intentions were sinister!

After all, Han Xiao had not come alone. Instead, he had brought his son, Han Siye. Of course, the father and son had not expected Su Shengjing and Su Jiu to participate in this variety show. Seeing the two here, they were pleasantly surprised.

Han Xiao immediately went up to Su Shengjing and held his hand. Sighing, he said, “Shengjing, how long has it been since we last met? It’s been almost two years, right? Anyway, after we filmed that movie, you didn’t come to look for me. I was also busy and didn’t have time to ask you out.”

Su Shengjing shook his hand and glanced sideways at Su Jiu. “It’s because this girl is about to take the college entrance examination. I have to nag her to study hard.”

Han Xiao’s gaze fell on Su Jiu’s face, and he immediately smiled like a kind father. “Little Jiu, long time no see. Do you still remember Uncle? You seem to have grown taller and more beautiful. You look like your mommy.”

This displeased Su Shengjing. “Why? You don’t think she looks like me?”

Han Xiao was speechless again.

You even want to argue about this?

Han Xiao was speechless, but he said perfunctorily, “She looks like you too. How can your biological daughter not be like you?”

“You sound like you’re bullsh*tting.”

“What the hell? I’m clearly sincere, okay? Do you want me to say that she doesn’t look like you?”

“Try saying that, and I’ll break off our friendship immediately. We’re not filming this show anymore. Let’s go out and fight first.”

The corners of Su Jiu’s mouth twitched. Every time the two fathers met, they would bicker with each other. However, at most, they were just having fun. Cut ties?

No such thing existed.

Han Siye gave his father a disdainful look before looking at Su Jiu with a complicated expression.

When he was young, he could express his love for her without restraint. But now, he had to restrain himself and suppress it. It was as if something was stuck in his heart.

No, you can’t do this. Han Siye, you said you would let it go.

Han Siye secretly took a deep breath and smiled at Su Jiu. “Little Jiu, we haven’t seen each other for a long time. How… have you been?”

Today, Han Siye had worn a long white T-shirt, jeans, and black canvas shoes. When he faced Su Jiu, he was not as arrogant as usual. Instead, he looked a little obedient.

The audience couldn’t help but comment: “? Is this the Han Siye I know? Why isn’t he wild anymore?”

“Isn’t that simple? Because of love.”

“Ahhh, Little Ye is so pitiful. Why does it feel like he’s a big dog begging its owner to pet him?”


Facing Han Siye, Su Jiu felt a little awkward. No matter what, she had rejected him and hurt him before. It was embarrassing to meet him without any mental preparation.

D*mn it! Everyone on the Internet knows about me and Han Siye. Uncle Yang called him over on purpose!

With the camera capturing the scene, Su Jiu could only pretend to be calm and smile politely. “Pretty good. What about you?”

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