I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 45 - Such An Outcome Was Good for Everyone

Chapter 45: Such An Outcome Was Good for Everyone

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Yin Jinye swept the figure on the rockery with his eyes, and then continued to walk forward.

Rong Yi was unwilling to give up, “Daddy, where are you going?”

Again Yin Jinye did not answer him.

Wen Chuan, who was following behind Yin Jinye, smiled, “Young master, the master is going out to pick up the little young master.”

This was a great opportunity for him and Yin Jinye to bond. He could never miss it. So Rong Yi hurriedly stepped down the stone stairs with her baby bump, “Wait for me, I’ll come with you.”

“Young master, slow down, slow down, be careful.” As Rong Su who was hiding in the dark to peep saw Rong Yi descending the stone stairs so fast like a ball rolling down the stairs, his heart nearly pounded out of his throat and he immediately rushed out to give him a hand.

Wen Chuan took a glance at Bai Yunchen in the pavilion and said with unction, “Young master, Mr. Bai is your honored guest. Is it appropriate for you to leave him here alone?”

“Oh, right! I forgot that my senior brother is still here.” Rong Yi went down the stairs and looked back and shouted, “Senior brother, I’m going out. I’ll come to entertain you when I’m back. Hey, daddy, don’t walk so fast, wait for me. Wait!”

Seeing Yin Jinye stepped faster, he hurried to catch up.

“…” Bai Yunchen looked at the back of his departure and twisted his eyebrows. Before, his younger brother always wished he could stay here and never leave. Now, the boy did not care about him anymore. The change was too thorough. Even the way he treated him had changed, and the toys he brought here also suffered from cold reception.

Rong Huan walked to the rockery and asked, “Cultivator Bai, our young master will be back soon. What about you have some rest in the guest room first?”

Bai Yunchen knew very well that people from the Yin Mansion did not welcome him,s so handed over the toys to Rong Huan, “I have something to deal with now, I’ll come to visit my junior brother and Tao’er again when I have time.”

“All right, I’ll walk you out.” Rong Huan then sent Bai Yunchen out of the mansion.

When Bai Yunchen came to the gate, he happened to see Rong Yi  getting into the carriage. Then, Rong Yi’s chirping voice came from it.

“Hee hee, daddy, why do you suddenly want to pick up our son? Do you miss our son? You always immerse in reading books. What are the goods for those books? You should look at me more. I’m much more useful than books. I’m well-educated and knowledgeable. You can ask me anything you don’t understand.”

Then, Yin Jinye’s steady voice came from the carriage, “Do you know what these are?”

Inside the carriage, Rong Yi looked at the seal characters Yin Jinye was pointing at and his smile froze immediately. He looked at the other party in embarrassment and then at the words in the book, and then asked in a low voice much less confidently, “I don’t know these characters, can you read them to me?”

Yin Jinye was speechless, “…”

So this was your well-educated and knowledgeable?

You could not even recognize those characters!

Rong Yi hurriedly explained, “I just can’t recognize what they are, it doesn’t mean I don’t know what they are. As long as you read them to me, I can definitely explain them to you. I’m serious, you have to believe me.”

Yin Jinye just ignored him.

At the coachman’s urge, the carriage quickly left.

Bai Yunchen turned to Rong Huan and asked, “Didn’t you say your master is dead?”

“We really thought our master was dead at first, and we didn’t know he was still alive until two years ago. In order not to stimulate the young master and avoid adding more exhaustion for his pregnancy, we have been hiding it from him until now.”

Bai Yunchen stopped asking more and turned to leave.

Rong Su immediately came to Rong Huan’s side and said with a smile, “Our master is charismatic. In just a few days, he has won the young master’s heart and let him forget his beloved senior brother already.”

Rong Huan said softly, “Such an outcome is good for everyone.”

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