I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 429 - Who Is the Real One (1)

429. Who Is the Real One (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

As the sun set in the west, the whole Liancheng was brilliantly golden.

The cultivators, who had been competing in the town, also stopped looking for their new target, and gradually dispersed and went back to their own quarters. Some were smiling, some looked sad, and some were discussing what they had seen today with a teasing tone.

Of course, what interested them most was the enchanted runes, especially the impact people of Tong family and Lian family had brought them since they had already gotten some. If given the chance, they would like to get more enchanted runes. How they wish that Rong Yi could work for them!

“My lord, our men came back and said that Rong Yi would not sell the enchanted runes until the centenary meeting is over.” An elder reported..

The patriarch said in a deep voice, “then send someone to watch it, as soon as he sells the enchanted runes, we…”

Before he could finish his words, one of the two men in black robes and masks, who had come up in front of them, suddenly cast a powerful Ghost-killing Spell on them, and a great number of black ghosts rose up in the gloom and went straight to them.

The elder was surprised, then immediately stood in front of the patriarch while shouting, “Who is it? How dare you sneak attack our…Ouch…Poof……”

The sneak attacker’s cultivation was too high too strong, with a move, the elder got hit onto the ground, and then a black ghost shadow pounced at the patriarch.

The patriarch quickly took out his magic weapon to defend. Then, a group of people in black robes and black masks poured out from all directions to attack the Tong family. The harmonious atmosphere of the street became noisy.

The cultivators, who was not from Tong family, hurried away to avoid being implicated.

Those two people who launched the attack not only had high cultivations, but also had superb arts. Almost each move was deadly. The patriarch alone was never their match, he kept backing up, badly wounded.

Then the patriarch snapped, “Who are you? Why kill me?”

No one replied.

At this time, the chatelaine of Liancheng arrived with his people, “Who dares to make trouble in my place?”

Just as he was about to use his spiritual pressure to stop this, the one in black robes took out his challenge letter and said using sound transmission everyone could hear, “We’ll challenge the whole Tong family!”

Then they continued fighting people of Tong family.

Lu Chongfang spat out blood due to the great anger. Since the foundation of the centennial meeting, it was the first time someone challenged a whole family. The most irritating thing was that there was no provisions that wouldn’t allow that.

Those who heard the sound transmission rushed over to watch. Seeing that someone tried to kill all people of Tong family, they were curious about their background now. Someone even guessed if they were from the second largest cultivation family. They planned to take this chance to climb to the first place.

The patriarch took out his magic weapon that once got an enchanted rune adhered to it, but the other side’s magic weapon was more powerful. Only even spiritual power it gave off already made him could barely stand. But he couldn’t admit defeat before so many people, otherwise, he would he have the face to manage the whole family?

Suddenly, a large crowd of people attacked the two men who had attacked the patriarch and broke even with them.

The man who attacked the patriarch pointed at those people who suddenly came out of nowhere and said to Lu Chongfan, “Chief Lu, aren’t you supposed to catch those who came to disturb our competition?”

The man who helped patriarch took out the invitation, “Chief Lu, we want to challenge the two men who attacked the patriarch.”

The two of them, “…”

Lu Chongfan, “…”

Immediately after, another large group of men in red robes joined the battle.

Lu Chongfan cursed, “Who are you?”

The leading man in red mask took out his invitation and pointed to those people helping Tong family. “We are here to challenge them.”

Lu Chongfan, “…”

Such a mess!

All of a sudden, a blast among the Patriarch and the sneak attackers, dense fog rose.

The raider took out a wind rune to blow the fog, while the patriarch was already nowhere to find. Since they had lost their target, there was no sense for them to stay. So, they left, others also dispersed.

In fact, the patriarch did not go far, he was just taken back to the inn the Tong family made a blocking booking.

The patriarch look at the other side’s handsome face, suddenly asked snappishly, “Si Ze, you didn’t remind me that today someone would sneak attack me intentionally, do you?”

Si Ze said faintly, “I told you before that Rong Yi will affect my telling, so I can’t figure out what’s going to happen today.”

The patriarch gave a cold hum, “Didn’t you say after changing another body, you’d improve your cultivation a lot or might even ascend? But I didn’t see any change. Then what’s the point of changing the body?”

“I have been in this body for only a little more than three years. Do you think that is enough time for me to overpower my doom and ascend?”

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