I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 405 - He Got Injured (1)

405. He Got Injured (1)

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 “A gift from Lord Qi?” like having heard the most absurd thing in the world, Rong Yi looked at the guard, surprised, “Did you hear it wrong? The gift is supposed to be sent for your lord?”

Yin Jinye also felt that the guard should have mistaken Qi Lan’s words, after all, since he had seen Rong Yi for the first time, he had always gone against him. How would he ever send Rong Yi a gift?

The guard said with an affirmative tone, “I didn’t hear it wrong. The gift is for master Rong.”

Rong Yi and Yin Jinye gave each other a look, then Rong Yi said, “Are you sure it’s a gift inside, but not some kind of secret weapon or bewitched worm or something like that?”

“…” The guard looked embarrassed, “Lord Qi didn’t tell me what’s inside.”

Rong Yi looked up at the sky.

Yin Jinye also followed to raise his head, “What are you looking at?”

“I’m looking to see if it’s going to pour red rain.”

“…” Yin Jinye withdrew his eyes, made a sweep to the gate leading to Qi Lan’s courtyard, and saw that Qi Lan was hiding behind the arch to peek at them.

Rong Yi did not believe that Qi Lan would be so kind to send him a gift, so he said to the guard, “You open it for me.”

The guard said, “But Lord Qi said you have to open it yourself.”

“Really? There must be a problem then.” Rong Yi pointed to the box and said, “There is definitely a problem. I knew he wouldn’t be so kind to me.”

Hearing his words, Qi Lan who was hiding in the dark even had the spur to whip him to death. It was a rare thing he was in a good mood and meant to send him a gift, while he said he had an axe to grind?

Yin Jinye took over the gift and said, “We’ll open it after going back.”

Rong Yi nodded.

Seeing that Yin Jinye took the gift, Qi Lan instantly darkened his face, only wishing to rush out to stuff it back into Rong Yi’s hand.

At this moment, Xinyue came over behind him and asked curiously, “Master, what did you put in that box? A curse rune? An imprisoning formation? Hunting magic weapon? Or poisonous herbs? Given Rong Yi’s cultivation at the Mating Phase, it should be some powerful arts that could hurt him.”

“…” Qi Lan silently turned his head and looked at her, “Why do you think I will put these things?”

Xinyue said reasonably, “Rong Yi has played tricks on you so many times, so you are trying to get back on him.”

Qi Lan asked her, “What if I say it is the most common gift in the box?”

Xinyue sniggered, “Master, you can cheat others, but not me, you will never be so kind to send Rong Yi a gift.”

“…” Qi Lan frowned and also wondered why he suddenly wanted to send a gift to Rong Yi trying to be nice. Is it possible he had really fallen in love with Rong Yi like Old Lord Min said?

No, it can’t be.

How would he ever like Rong Yi? When seeing Rong Yi in Haishan Town for the first time, heaven knows how much he hated this man! It should be that Rong Yi damaged his brain when in Haishan last time!

Qi Lan looked hesitated, and when he passed by the walls out of Yin Jinye’s yard, he flew his sword and lay above the wall trying to peep if Rong Yi opened the gift box.

After going back to their room, Yin Jinye just put the box on the table.

Rong Yi said, “Your senior brother has always holding a hostile attitude toward me. He would never send me a gift, I think I’d better not open it.”

“…” Qi Lan out there on the wall thought of those things he had done to Rong Yi and his attitude toward him, and found it only reasonable that Rong Yi didn’t believe him.

Yin Jinye said, “During the years you were away, he had been trying his best to look for you everywhere, so I guess he wouldn’t do harm to you.”

“He tried his best to look for me? Are you sure?” Rong Yi held a suspicious attitude, “But when I came back and went to his mansion wanting to ask about your news, I saw that someone who claimed to be Rong Yi nearly got beaten to death by his guards.”

Qi Lan outside, “…”

Rong Yi ever went to see him?

Why didn’t he know?

If h had known Rong Yi was back, he would…will prevent him from meeting Yin Jinye, but keep him by his side.

This thought made Qi Lan shocked and he quickly dropped those messy thoughts in the head.

“Is there such a thing?” Yin Jinye thought a bit and said, “It should be that over the past year, too many people pretended to be you, so his guards wouldn’t buy it.”

“Really?” Rong Yi still did not quite believe this person. Seeing that Yin Jinye meant to open the box, he hurriedly tried stop him, “Daddy, what are you doing?”

Seeing he looked so nervous, Yin Jinye couldn’t help saying, “Since you dare not open it, I will open it for you and see what he sent you. With my cultivation, it couldn’t hurt me.”

Rong Yi pressed the box quickly, “It’s not that I’m worried the thing in it would hurt me, but that he may put some weird thing in it, like something that can control me, or something that could make me be his puppet, or something that could make us kill each other.”

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