I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 36 - Daddy Got Me Covered

Chapter 36: Daddy Got Me Covered

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

The word “secret” aroused everyone’s curiosity, just like a goose feather tickling everyone’s heart.

Lei Sai could not resist his curiosity, so he went out of the study and creped down  to the window outside Rong Yi’s room. He poked through the white paper on the window with his finger quietly, then leaned his head forward and looked in through the small hole.

Rong Su and Rong Huan also followed him to spy on Rong Yi.

In the room, Rong Yi carefully opened the bottle cap of the potion, drove the magic weapon on his wrist, turned one of the small swords hanging on his bracelet into a normal size, and then used his spiritual force to suck out some poison potion.

The potion floated on his palm and turned around, then it was drawn from a round shape to a rectangle with its own swift movement. Slowly, the surface of poison potion showed a rune.

Rong Yi’s palm turned down and he slowly rubbed across the tip of the sword from a distance. Then, a small green rune appeared on the tip of the sword, indicating that he enchanted the magic weapon successfully.

He took a sip of spiritual tea, turned over the hilt, and attached the anesthetic to the end of the hilt in the same way. After that, he changed the sword back to its original form, and then used the same method to enchant the remaining 35 small swords to improve their various properties.

At the same time that the last small sword was enchanted successfully, Rong Yi’s magic weapon once again radiated strong spiritual power from its body.

“That’s an upgrade!” Lei Sai suddenly widened his eyes and stared tightly at the magic weapon in Rong Yi’s hand. Unable to restrain his shock and excitement, he cried out, “A well-made magic weapon could even get an upgrade?”

He had been refining magic weapons for hundreds of years, and had never seen refined magic weapon could be further upgraded.

Hearing the sound, Rong Yi turned his head and saw three figures bending over the window. Several holes were punctured in the window. He twitched at the corner of his eye and shouted angrily, “Damn Peeping Tom!”

Rong Su responded very quickly, “Young master, I’ve come to call you for dinner.”

“Was it necessary to pop my window when asking me for dinner?”

“It’s broken by the wind. I’ll get someone to fix it.” Rong Su quickly ran away.

Rong Su the said, “I’ll go and see if the little young master has come back.”

Rong yi, “…”

Lei Sai was still standing outside the window.

Rong Yi just ignored him. He put away the magic weapon and went out of the room. Seeing Yin Jinye was still standing at the door of the opposite room, he immediately smiled, “Daddy, I found someone to make very good magic weapons today. I‘d like you to appreciate it.”

Yin Jinye looked at him without making any response.

Just when Rong Yi thought he would refuse, he nodded slightly and gave a slight grunt.

Rong Yi added, “How about having dinner and at the same time appreciating it?”

Yin Jinye directly turned to the front yard.

Following him, Rong Yi came to the hall holding his big belly. As soon as he sat down, he took down the bracelet and showed it to Yin Jinye, “I will learn sword and practice sword cultivation. The 36 small swords under the bracelet are my later magic weapons.”

Yin Jinye looked at them carefully. It was really like what Rong Su said. The ingredients of the weapons were made of those below level one exquisite quality, but the power of the magic weapons were far more than level one, and he noticed that the shape of each sword was different. Some were like knives, some were like spears, and some were like bows and arrows.

After hearing Rong Yi’s words, Xinghe who followed them in said, “The practitioners in the early stage of sword cultivation are extremely weak, and they can’t beat the opponents for immortal cultivation in the Base Practicing when they come to Sword Enhancement stage. Only when they reach Returning Origin stage can they gradually show the strength of sword cultivation. For this reason, during this period, many sword trainers give up their practice and only a handful of them have been able to practice until reaching the Holy Path stage. Moreover, none of them can succeed in Doom Overpowering.”

Sword cultivation, like immortal cultivation, could be divided into nine stages, namely, Qi-condensing, Defense-cultivation, Sword-enhancement, Origin-returning, Enlightenment, Sword-merging, Unity, Holy Path and Doom Overpowering. When the sword practitioners tried to reach the Doom Overpowering stage, like evil cultivation and ghost cultivation, they had to go through the thunder-crossing power, but several times stronger, so it was difficult for sword cultivation practitioners to become immortal. However, among all practitioners, they had the strongest offensive power, which was much obvious in the Holy Path stage, apart from the immortal without a given post in heaven and the Earth Immortal, no one would be their opponent.

Rong Yi flattered his husband smilingly, “I’m not afraid. Daddy got me covered. I’m sure I can survive the Sword Enhancement period and become a great swordsman.”

“…” Xinghe looked at his master with a face of speechlessness.

Yin Jinye picked up Rong Yi’s magic weapon and asked curiously, pointing to a small thing hanging on the bracelet like a sword, “Do you still use a short knife or a spear to cultivate your swordsmanship?”

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