I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 33 - This Guy Is really Annoying! (2

Chapter 33: This Guy Is really Annoying! (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Rong Yi laughed, “If I were, why do I need to seek help from you to make a magic weapon?”

Xiang Lv then sneered, saying disapprovingly, “If you are not a forger, how could you know ingredients should match with herbs to make magic weapons? And how could you master the refining method with such accuracy?

“People with good brains can come up with anything. I think that the ingredients for refining weapons could also be used for refining elixirs. If there is an opportunity, I will find someone to try it.”

His words nearly drove Xiang Lv crazy, “You mean we do not have a good brain?”

Rong Yi smiled without saying a word, which was tantamount to admitting that Xiang Lv was stupid.

“Most of the smelting ingredients are extremely hard, so I don’t believe that they can be smelted into elixirs and swallowed into the stomach. Whose body can stand it?” Xiang Lv was angry.

Rong Yi tittered. Who said elixirs could only be taken orally? Nonsense. Moreover, he did not say that he used the refining ingredients to make elixirs, “It’s tiring to talk to people with bad brains. Rong Su, let’s go.”

“Wait!” Xiang Lv restrained his anger and asked, “Do you have any other way to make pure or above-grade magic weapons from ordinary ingredients?”

“Of course.”

“I want to buy your prescription.”

Rong Yi’s lips quirked up and he stretched out one finger.

Xiang Lv said, “One fairy-grade spiritual stone? Well, a reasonable price.”

If he bought the prescription, he could use the ingredients below exquisite quality to make magic weapons above pure grade, and then he could definitely make more money by selling them.

Rong Yi smiled playfully, “A fairy-grade spiritual stone? What’s on your mind?”

Xiang Lv’s face sunk, “How much do you want?”

“One divine spiritual stone.”

“One divine spiritual stone?” Zhangsun Ziqian and Rong Su looked at Rong Yi dumbfounded.

Of all the spiritual stones, the divine one was the best. The rest were low medium, top, highest-grade and fairy one. One hundred low spiritual stones were equal to one medium spiritual stone, one thousand medium spiritual stones could exchange one top spiritual stone, ten thousand top spiritual stones were equivalent to one fairy spiritual stone, and one hundred thousand fairy spiritual stones were equal to one divine spiritual stone. It was conceivable how expensive a divine stone was.

“Why don’t you just rob?” said Xiang Lv angrily. “I think you are really crazy about money. If you don’t want to sell it, just spit it out.”

Rong Su also felt his wits ended with his master, how could he demand such an exorbitant price with just a prescription?

Zhangsun Ziqian said, “Sir, one divine spiritual stone for a prescription is too expensive and unaffordable for ordinary people.”

Even the largest sect would be reluctant to exchange a divine spiritual stone for a low-level magic weapon refining prescription.

Rong Yi then said, “If you really want to become a powerful forger, you won’t think my prescription is expensive.”

If it weren’t for his rapid improvement in accomplishments to enable himself to leave this world as soon as possible, he wouldn’t want to sell the refining prescription.

Xiang Lv sneered, “Even if I want to be a powerful forger, I will not be willing to spend a divine stone to buy a prescription. Do you think others are fools?”

Rong Yi picked his eyebrows and said, “If you are really smart enough, you will buy my prescription, because it is really good.”

“You…” Anger filled with Xiang Lv’s chest, but there was no denying the fact that Rong Yi’s prescription was really very good and special. However, he was more willing to pay a high price for a more advanced prescription.

“A Su, let’s go.”

Seeing Rong Yi walking to the door, Xiang Lv hurriedly called out, “Wait.”

“Anything else?”

“It is really expensive to exchange a divine stone for a low-level refining prescription. Can’t it be cheaper?”

“Do you want an advanced prescription? Well, 50 divine stones.”

Hearing this, Xiang Lv almost choked to death by holding the anger.

“Want it or not? If not, I’ll go.”

“I have no divine stone.” Xiang Lv said gloomily, “Besides offering spiritual stones, can I exchange other things with you? For example, helping you do things.”

“Yes, sure.”  In fact, Rong Yi only wanted spiritual stones, not anything else. However, he casually said, “If you kowtow to me and take me as your teacher, I will teach you all the prescriptions for refining magic weapons.”

“How is it possible, I am…” Xiang Lv stopped halfway and glared angrily at Rong Yi, “In short, I won’t worship you as a teacher.”

Rong Yi said it casually anyway. He shrugged his shoulders carelessly, turned and walked to the door. Then he stopped and took out a spiritual rune from his sleeve and handed it to Zhangsun Ziqian, “Since you don’t want spiritual stones, then this rune  is yours. You stick it on your magic weapon and tear it off after a column of incense (in ancient times, burning a stick of incense is about half an hour) is burnt out. Don’t refuse to accept it. I am advertising myself. If it works, please help me with the publicity. This one is for free, and I will charge money for the next ones.”

The rune he gave to Zhangsun Ziqian was the Enchanting Rune to enhance the attacks. If he stuck it on a magic weapon, it could increase the attacking effect. He may have to sell the runes to support himself in the future.

“What is your surname and where do you live, if I may ask.” asked Zhangsun Ziqian.

“My family name is Rong, and I live in Yin Mansion in Tonggu Street.” Rong Yi took Rong Su away after quickly finishing his speaking.

“This guy is really annoying.” Xiang Lv walked up to Zhangsun Ziqian and found that he had never seen the sign on the run before. “What a strange sign! I have never seen it before. There’s no sign like this on other continents, I guess.”

With a frown, Zhangsun Ziqian said, “I have never seen it before, either.”

“He asked you to stick it on the magic weapon? You can try it. Anyway, your magic weapon is broken. There is no harm in trying. If it fails, we’ll make another one.”

Zhangsun Ziqian nodded. He took out his broken magic weapon and pasted the rune on it. Then someone outside shouted, “Zhangsun Ziqian! Get out of here!”

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