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Chapter 31 - Young Man, You Are Promising

Chapter 31: Young Man, You Are Promising

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Rong Yi told Zhangsun Ziqian about more details of the drawings of the magic weapons. When he confirmed that Zhangsun Ziqian really understood the drawings, the latter was allowed to start.

Zhangsun Ziqian sat down with his legs folded. He first threw some of the ingredients into the furnace to melt. When it was about time, he threw another part of the ingredients into the furnace for refinement. Then he used his spiritual power to control the fire to forge the shape of the magic weapon already in his mind.

Rong Yi kept a close eye on the furnace, “The fire you release is mild and seems not suitable for smelting, but it can actually make more exquisite and perfect magic weapons than anyone else. There is a saying that fine products come from slow work. You have this kind of talent. If you keep on practicing, you will definitely have a promising future”

Zhangsun Ziqian was in a daze. He owned Fire and Water Spiritual Root at the same time, and they were contradictory existence. The former one was often restrained by the latter one, making his release of flame had lower temperatures than others. Therefore, everyone said that his fire was not strong enough to melt hard materials in a short time, and they also said that he was not suitable for being a magic weapon maker. His family persuaded him many times to give up smelting magic weapons, so one could say Rong Yi was the first to say that he was suitable for this job.

Seeing the weapon gradually taking shape, Rong Yi picked up the bone-softening herb and handed it to Zhangsun Ziqian, “You can stop refining now. First, extract the bone-softening herb and make it into liquid medicine to soak the magic weapon. When it is completely soaked by the liquid medicine, then wrap the outer layer of the magic weapon with Water-condensed Stone to prevent your flames from drying up the liquid medicine.”

After being refined, the Water-condensed Stone would attach to the surface of the magic weapon like a piece of soft glass to protect the potion from drying out. Moreover, the stone had elasticity and could rebound the harm when being attacked by other magic weapons.

Xiang Lv nearly choked to his words. He thought it was a must to make magic weapons at one go. He had never heard of making a pause to do other things halfway while making magic weapons. Rong Yi was obviously looking for trouble and didn’t know anything about refining magic weapons. Fortunately, they used some ingredients that were not very valuable, and it was okay to waste them, otherwise, he was afraid that he could not help choking Rong Yi to death.

Zhangsun Ziqian nodded and followed Rong Yi’s words. Although he was not an alchemist, he was able to refine potions. In fact, refining potion was very simple, anyone could do it so long as with spiritual power.

Xiang Lv and Rong Yi were staring at the changes in the smelting furnace unblinkingly.

When Zhangsun Ziqian was going to complete all the steps, Rong Yi taught him how to refine the Recovery herb and other Bone-softening herbs into gel paste, and then put the turquoise-shaped gel paste into the groove of the magic weapon to block the small hole under the groove.

The rest of the refining steps would be done by Zhangsun Ziqian himself.

Xiang Lv and Rong Su looked at the slowly formed weapons, the kind of disdain and doubt in their eyes replaced by consternation. With eyes wide open, they could hardly believe that herbs could really refine weapons, that was something beyond their cognition.

The moment Zhangsun Ziqian was about to end the whole process, the magic weapon sent out a huge aura like sharp arrows rushing outside, immediately caused a stir.

The cultivators in Hailu Village felt the fluctuation of this spiritual power and immediately ran out of the houses to watch.

“Where did this spiritual power come from?”

“It seems to have come out of the house of Zhangsun Ziqian.”

“He is a forger? Has he forged the best magical weapon?” Only the highest-quality magic weapon or elixir could emit a huge aura at the moment when the furnace was closed.

“No way. Not long before, someone said that he stole other people’s magic weapon as his own and give it to his master in order to complete the task. His master was very disappointed with him and said that he would be expelled from Haishan College.”

“Let’s go and see what’s going on.”

Everyone followed the emitting spiritual power to the outside of Zhangsun Ziqian’s yard. When they saw that the aura was coming from Xiang Lv’s room, someone mocked, “I already told you, it can’t be Zhangsun Ziqian refining magic weapons.”

Xiang Lv was an old-timer in Hailu Village. People dared not go in and look at the situation without permission. However, the shocking voice of Xiang Lv came from the room, “Masterwork, Ziqian, you have made a masterwork?!”

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