I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 274 - It Was Him! (2)

Chapter 274: It Was Him! (2)

Only the people opposite them, that was, the land where Rong Yi was standing, had not recovered their spiritual power.

“Why haven’t we?” The cultivators around Rong Yi looked at their hands.

That made the cultivators on other pieces of land excited and they looked at the unlucky ones like eyeing their prey.

As long as the cultivators without cultivation were killed, their chances of dying were much less.

People on Rong Yi’s side were scared to retreat.

Elder the Sixth asked Elder the First with ventriloquism, “Do we really have to kill?”

Elder the First shook his head and replied also with sound transmission, “This may be a trap. Anyway, we’re of high cultivation. They can’t kill us. We just need to watch them kill each other.”

Elder the Sixth nodded with satisfaction, “I heard Rong Yi is only in Qi Practicing. He is so dead this time.”

He said this with his mouth, making Qi Lan sneer when hearing this, “That’s not necessarily true.”

Qi Lan, with the cultivation of Mahayana, was defeated by the man. What was the chance of others to take advantage of him? Not to mention…

When Qi Lan was still immersing in thinking, the cultivators all flew toward Rong Yi’s side already.

When they flew to the edge, they were immediately bounced back by the seal and fell to the ground.

“Sure enough…” Qi Lan was not at all surprised.

The people on Rong Yi’s side were relieved to see others could not get through.

“What’s going on? Why can’t we get through?” The cultivators crawled up from the ground.

“We can only kill the ones on our own side?”

Hearing this, everyone looked at each other warily.

Seeing others holding their swords at them, Elder the Sixth immediately released his spiritual pressure, frightening the people around them to run away in a panic, “He is at the Mahayana, run!”

Elder the Sixth snorted.

Xin Yue picked up her sword and looked around, “Where is that guy?”

“Who?” asked Elder the Sixth.

“The man who has been chasing after the master.”

At the thought of that man, anger surged in Elder the Sixth’s heart, and his hands started to gather spiritual power, “I almost forget him without your reminder. Where is the bastard now? Huh?”

The disciples from Yin family pointed to Rong Yi’s side, “After Lord Qi pushed him away, he ran that side.”

They looked over to the direction, and Rong Yi’s body was also looking at them with a dull face.

“That guy got the luck,” said Elder the Sixth angrily.

If he hadn’t run away, they would definitely kick his ass.

All of a sudden, there was another rumbling.

In the middle of the four lands rose a three-foot-wide column, and strange-looking evil beasts emerged from the about ten meters round column. Then, at the fastest speed, they rushed to the seal of the three lands where spiritual power had been restored and pounced on the cultivators who were standing still.

These cultivators quickly took out their magic weapons to fight the enemies.

The evil beasts were very fierce with their cultivation equaling to cultivators in Mating phase. Without higher cultivation, some cultivators were bitten black and blue all over.

“Hahaha!” The cultivators on Rong Yi’s side laughed gloatingly, “Yes, we haven’t restored our magic power. But we won’t be chased by those beasts.”

One of the cultivators said, “Don’t be happy too early, maybe it’s our turn next.”

At this moment, the cultivators in the land on their left said excitedly, “Wow! I find my cultivation has grown to the level of Mahayana.”

Several cultivators also cried with rapture, “Me too, killing evil beasts is an easy task.”

The cultivators around Rong Yi whispered, “It’s too abnormal. Low-level cultivators shifted their cultivation with the high-level ones. You see. The injured are all the original high-level cultivators.”


“And the cultivators on the right land encountered the contrary situation, and the gap between the two groups has become larger. However, the evil beasts are helping the low-level cultivators to deal with the cultivators of higher cultivation. Only the former dies would the beasts stop. And, the land opposite us appears much harmonious, the evil beasts will only launch an attack if the two sides don’t fight. We’re currently in the most normal situation.”

Rong Yi listened to this and observed it carefully. It was really the case.

He turned to the speaker. It was the cultivator who had asked him if he had found the trigger.

Rong Yi thought this person was quite good so he said, “My name is Rong Yi.”

The cultivator paused before smiling, “Pian Shi.”

Rong Yi asked him, “Have you found out where the trigger is?”

Looking at the column in the middle, Pian Shi didn’t make any sound.

Rong Yi looked down his line of sight and smiled, “I have the same feeling, but …”

He held out his finger and touched the seal one chi away from him, and was immediately bounced back.

“We can’t get out.”

Pian Shi narrowed his eyes, “There’s always a way.”

“I agree.” Rong Yi stared at the evil beasts on the opposite side.

About one and a half hours later, everyone had the same discovery as Pian Shi.

They felt grief, indignation, and contradictory at the same time. Should they really kill each other?

One of the cultivators burst out angrily, “Someone is forcing us to kill each other!”

Except for the land where Rong Yi stood, people were red-eyed and stared at their original fellows.

At this time, someone shouted, “Kill!”

All people, except those on Rongyi’s side, were caught in a desperate struggle.

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