I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 27 - Have You Seen Enough? (2)

Chapter 27: Have You Seen Enough? (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

 “Why are you calling me mom-daddy again? Why do you have to add a mom in front of daddy?” Rong Yi rolled his eyes at him.

“Because you are both mom and daddy.” explained Yin Tao.

“So that’s what it means.” The original Rong Yi gave birth to him, it was understandable to call him mom. But after all the original Rong Yi was a man, he could only call mom-daddy.

Rong Yi pushed him to the doorway and lied to him, After you call him father and he responds, I will come over.”

He just meant to move in tonight so that he could have a better chance to get close to Yin Jinye. But he didn’t plan to interrupt him in case that he got annoyed at him. Right now was a good chance to strengthen father and son bonding, which might be useful in the future.

Yin Tao ran out of the room and came to door of Yin Jinye’s room.

He peeked inside through the door and saw Yin Jinye was wiping his pagic weapon. He then looked back at Rong Yi.

Rong Yi waved at him and signaled him to get inside.

Hesitating for a while, and the eagerness deep in the heart of calling him father finally triumphed, Yin Tao then walked inside with that pair of short legs.

Rong Yi hid himself by the side of Yin Jinye’s window and peeked inside.

Yin Jinye, who was sitting before the table, totally ignored Yin Tao who came inside the room. He only focused on wiping his magic weapon, even every corner and every gap.

Yin Tao approached him and looked up, saying carefully and softly, “Father.”

Yin Jinye gave him a casual look but didn’t answer him.

As an outgoing boy, Yin Tao wouldn’t feel wronged or what for being ignored. Since he got no response, he called him again, with an even louder voice, “Father.”

Yin Jinye neither looked at him nor responded to him.

Yin Tao dragged his sleeve, “Father.”

Rong Yi got anxious outside and cursing Yin Jinye in his heart for being too cold-hearted even to his own child.

Since father didn’t scold him or spank him, Yin Tao became bolder and kept calling him, “Father, father, father…”

He called him father again and again, and louder and louder, like he was addicted to it. He got less and less scared. When he almost lost his patience, he suddenly remembered the method Rong Yi had taught him.

Letting go of Yin Jinye’s sleeve, Yin Tao climbed up the chair and then the table next to them, giggling at him. Yin Jinye stopped what he was doing and frowned at the kid. What does this little thing want?

“Father.” Yin Tao jumped into Yin Jinye’s arms and put his arm around his neck, and kissed him on the cheek.

Yin Jinye was startled because no one never been this close to him before. He didn’t know what to do with this kid.

“Father–Father–” Yin Tao kissed him as much as he called him father. When his little mouth stuck the face, Yin Jinye felt his lips were moist and soft.

Rong Yi who was hiding outside covered his mouth and tittered. He didn’t actually got physical with his siblings no matter how mad he was, after all they were still too young. With a few kisses, their anger would be almost gone immediately.

Since it worked on him, a person who hated kids, it would work on Yin Jinye too.

“Father. Father.” Yin Tao was really stubborn. He didn’t mean to stop before he got a response.

Yin Jinye thought he was really annoying, so he could only answered, frowning, “Yes?”

Rong Yi heaved a sigh of relief. Finally he got a response.

Next he heard someone sobbing.

Rong Yi was surprised. He turned around and saw a woman tripled the size of him was sobbing and wiping her touching tears with a handkerchief.

The fat woman cried, “This is great! Little master is finally bonding with his father.”

“Who are you?” Rong Yi asked, eyes twitched.

“I am the cook.” Said the fat woman.

“I am the chef.” Then another voice said excitedly after her.

Rong Yi looked to the window on the other side following the voice and saw a group of people wearing servant uniforms were also peeking inside the room, including Rong Su, Rong Huan and Lei Sai, and over a dozen hanging upside down on the roof. There were over a hundred of them in total.

Rong Yi, “…”

What the heck! There are so many people in the mansion?!

He only saw a few in these days. He could imagine how hard those people hid themselves.

At the time, Yin Tao’s giggling came from inside the room, “I am gonna sleep with daddy and father tonight.”

Yin Jinye, “…”

“!!!” Rong Yi.

Why wasn’t the plot going as he had planned?

The fat female cook sobbed, “Poor Yin Tao, he had no father and daddy round since he was little.”

Lei Sai snorted, “Who taught him to say that? Who wants it so badly to set up my lord with that siss…young master?”

“They are partners.” Said Rong Huan flatly.

“Young master. It must be the young master. I told you that young master will fall in love with our lord when he sees him. Now what? After he saw our lord taking a shower yesterday, he already can’t wait to sleep with him tonight.” Rong Su said excitedly.

On hearing him, all of them turned to Rong Yi at once.

Rong Yi was so angry that he picked up a rock and threw it at Rong Su and precisely hit on the face.

“Ouch.” Rong Su rubbed his painful face and said, “What are you doing, young master?”

“Have you seen enough?” The man inside the room said with a deep and cold tone.

People outside the room were startled and tried their best to run their fastest speed. Even the fat female cook vanished in an instant. The yard was full of people a few second ago. But now there was only Rong Yi left.

Rong Yi rolled his eyes, speechless.

“Daddy.” Yin Tao saw Rong Yi outside the window and slipped off Yin Jinye’s body excitedly. He ran out and held Rong Yi’s hand, “Daddy, we are going to sleep with father tonight.”

Rong Yi, “…”

Yin Jinye, “…”

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