I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 18 - Little Cherry

Chapter 18: Little Cherry

Yin Tao finished his porridge very quickly and then dragged Rong Huan out of the room excitedly.

As Lei Sai wanted to witness the power of the sword, he left with them too.

Haishan Academy where Yin Tao went school was founded by Master Taixu, the master of Nine Void Sect, the No. 1 cultivation sect which mainly enrolled children under 10 years old to study cultivation skills and the top students among them were selected to join the Nine Void Sect. Cultivators of Nine Void Sect usually were invited to teach the children at the Academy.

Therefore, thousands of children flocked into the Academy to study cultivation skills and some even bribed cultivators to save a spot for them, hoping they could be selected by Nine Void Sect. Even if they couldn’t be selected eventually, they could make fast progress under the coach of cultivators of the Sect.

After Yin Tao rushed to the Academy and handed in his sword to the eldest apprentice of his master Shifu Jin Tong, Rong Huan and Lei Sai waited outside the room.

In Haishan Academy, students under the age of five were allowed to bring companies to school. But they would only wait outside.

When Jin Tong received Yin Tao’s magic weapon, there was a dash of mocking flashing in his eyes. His master Shifu always praised Yin Tao for his great talent and potentials. But the sword Yin Tao made had no level at all and its shape was terribly disgusting, like a piece of shit.

Jealousy made him forget that Yin Tao was only a three-year-old child, and it was already not easy for a kid to make a magic weapon. Any other three-year-old children just started to learn cultivation.

“Unqualified.” Jin Tong handed it back to Yin Tao and said, “Go back and make another qualified level one magic weapon.”

Yin Tao looked up at him and said, “But master Shifu said I don’t need to make one with level as long as I try my best.”

Jin Tong was outraged when he mentioned their master Shifu and shouted loudly, “Master Shifu asked me to check your assignments, meaning that you have to listen to me. If I affirm your magic weapon is not qualified, it is not qualified. If you don’t do what I say, you are expelled from school and never will be recruited.”

Since Yin Tao was admitted to the school, master Shifu always praised him for his talent and taught him how to make magic weapons in person. This never occurred to Jin Tong before. Yin Tao was a fast learner. He could master anything his master Shifu taught, which made him one of master Shifu’s favorites.

What was really hurtful was that his master Shifu said that he was not even comparable with a child and he could have become famous if he was half smart and talented as Yin Tao. He was both jealous and mad at Yin Tao.

Whenever his master Shifu bragged in front of people, he always mentioned Yin Tao, not Jin Tong at all.

In fact, Taoist Yunyi, Yin Tao’s master Shifu, favored Yin Tao for a reason.

Taoist Yunyi was a magic weapon freak. He spent his life time refining magic weapons. And he was well known in the industry. He also made many supreme spiritual weapons. Unfortunately, he didn’t have much time left. If he couldn’t make any breakthrough, he only could live for about another hundred years. To stop his skills going away with his death, he spent ages looking for someone who could inherit his skills.

Finally he found a child with incredible talent. He was like a rare treasure for him. He would like to teach Yin Tao all the knowledge he knew. Unfortunately, Yin Tao was too young to stay away from his parents. Otherwise, he would have already taken him to the Sect to teach him exclusively.

Lei Sai was about to hurl abuse at Jin Tong who obviously was picking on his pupil. But Rong Huan stopped him.

“We know our little master’s sword has no level but is as powerful as a level-one magic weapon.” Said Rong Huan.

“You are fooling yourself. Show a real magic weapon.” One of the two servants of the two kids who bullied Yin Tao before laughed.

“Since you think yours is more powerful than ours, I challenge you.” Said the other servant.

“I challenge you too. You will have a taste of our magic weapon and kneel to beg for our mercy.” The other servant dittoed.

They picked on Yin Tao only because he was popular with the master Shifu so that their young masters were neglected completely.

“Fine. Challenge accepted.” Lei Sai smirked.

Rong Huan, “…”

Although Lei Sai checked the magic weapon, actually he and Lei Sai were not confident because they never tried it before and were not sure if it was really better than a level one magic weapon after having been enchanted.

As Jing Tong saw that everyone wanted to embarrass Yin Tao, he curled up his lips and agreed.

Yin Tao and other kids all took their magic weapons back and activated them.

It was pity that they were just children under the age of five. They were only at the entry level of Qi Practicing. They didn’t have much spiritual power. It was good enough if they could fly their magic weapons, not to mention fight with them.

While they flew the magic weapons, they were already sweaty all over and the magic weapons were also wagging in the air.

The case was different for Yin Tao. Since he made the sword himself, it meant he could control it. The Curved Sword flew smoothly in the air and dodged any incoming attacks.

“Tao, aim for their magic weapons.” laughed Lei Sai wildly.

“Get it.” Yin Tao giggled as he launched the Curved Sword on which goldish red runes showed up and, bam, a magic weapon exploded and fell on the floor.

Jin Tong couldn’t believe what he saw. He checked Yin Tao’s magic weapon and was sure it had no level at all. How was it possible it could defeat a level one weapon?

The level-one weapon must be defective, otherwise it wouldn’t explode because of a non-level weapon. It made sense because it was just an assignment for kids who might not hand in their best ones.

But it was a joke. It was impossible that a level-one magic weapon was less powerful than no-level one.

Other servants were all shocked since Yin Tao had destroyed the magic weapons of their little masters one by one.

Rong Huan was no less shocked. Although he knew that the Curved Sword was enchanted, he didn’t expect it could defeat all the others. He was surprised unlike he barely was.

“What the fuck! I might need to beg the sissy pants to teach me.” Lei Sai was both excited and depressed.

“What are you doing?” A reproaching sound roared suddenly.

The kids were all startled by their master Shifu’s shout and their spiritual power instantly melted away. Their magic weapons losing the spiritual power also fell down from the air. As an old man in white approached, they lined up and saluted, “Master Shifu.”

Jin Tong was panicked and worried that Taoist Yunyi would blame him for not regulating those kids well. “Master Shifu, you said that you wouldn’t come today. What brings you here?” asked he.

“I still have some time after things are done. So I come.” Said Taoist Yunyi.

In fact, he squeezed some time especially to see Yin Tao’s magic weapon.

Yin Tao ran to the old man with his Curved Sword, “Master Shifu, take a look at my sword. It defeated all their level-one weapons.” Seeing his innocent and pretty little face, the serious expression instantly turned to a tender one, and Taoist Yunyi petted him softly, “you have made a magic weapon? Show me.”

When he looked at the rune on the Curved Sword flying in the air, he was surprised, “is this…”

He grabbed the sword quickly and checked it. The sword had no level but was as powerful as level-one weapons because of the rune on it. The rune was neither engraved nor carved.

He tried to carve runes into the magic weapons while he was refining magic weapons but it turned out to be a failure. Runes and magic weapons were not compatible. It was hard to make them effective together. He finally made a roughly complete one after thousands of tries.

“Little Cherry, tell me how you inscribe the rune to the sword.” Asked Taoist Yunyi.

“It was my mom-daddy.” Answered Yin Tao excitedly.

Rong Yi, who was still having breakfast at Yin Mansion, suddenly sneezed, “Achoo!”

Rong Su, who was serving aside, asked, “Young master, are you feeling uncomfortable? Do I need to get a physician for you?”

Rong Yi didn’t know that he already draw attention to others for the enchanting thing. He ate up the last bite of the steamed stuffed bun and said while rubbing his nose, “I am not sick. Your lord must be missing me. Let’s go to find him and go shopping.”

“But he ordered us not to disturb him.”

“He will see me.” Rong Yi stood up while holding his bumping belly with his hand.

Rong Su, “…”

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