I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 12 - Shame, Shame, Shame!

Chapter 12: Shame, Shame, Shame!

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Rong Yi arrived at the doorway of Biluo Yard. He rubbed his aching heart and sour burning eyes, “Damn it!”

Since Rong Su told him that the mother of the original master of this body put sperms into his body without his permission, he felt kind of indescribably miserable and painful in his heart as if he was abandoned. He was so sad that he wanted to cry out. It might be because the original master of this body blamed his mother for getting him pregnant and he could no longer be with his senior brother apprentice.

“Young master.” greeted Rong Huan with respect.

Rong Yi came to his sense and then asked, “Where is your master?”

“You already know that the master is here?” asked Rong Huan surprisingly.


Rong Huan blinked and said, “Young master, this way please.”

He showed Rong Yi to the inner room on the westernmost yard, “he is inside.”

Then Rong Huan turned around and left.

Rong Yi stopped at the doorway and thought if he was too pushy.

Perhaps he should wait until Rong Huan or Rong Su to introduce them. Since he was here blue uninvited, he even didn’t know what to say to Yin Jinye now, or how to introduce himself.

But since he was here already, there was no reason to leave.

As he was about to knock on the door, he heard sound of water inside.

He paused and thought, “Why is there sound of water? Is he taking a bath? If so, I shouldn’t go in now.”

Rong Yi involuntarily peeked through the door slot.

With one peek, he could hard move his eyes.

The man in the room was standing in the steaming water and pouring water onto his dark and wet long black hair. The water was flowing down his pretty face, all the way down his sexy chest to the bathtub. The water in the bathtub barely covered his private part. Luckily his sexy butt was above the water. Every part of him was like seducing the peer to commit a crime.

Rong Yi was turned on and couldn’t help but licked his drying lips. He wished that he could pounce at him and directly ‘eat’ him in the bathtub.

Noticing that someone was peeping, Yin Jinye glimpsed at the door, which startled Rong Yi and he immediately looked away.

Rong Yi despised himself in his heart bitterly. He was supposed to hate gays but now he was desperate to bang the man in the room? Fuck! It should be the original owner of the body. Otherwise, he had no such a weird feeling for another man.

He then sensed that a pair of eyes was staring at him, He turned around and saw an about three-year-old kid smiling at him.

The kid looked exactly like the original owner of the body, exquisite and cute. He had a pair of big eyes and cherry lips. If it wasn’t that he was wearing boy’s outfit, one might take him as a girl.

Rong Yi frowned, who is this kid?

“Mom-daddy!” The kid excitedly pounced at Rong Yi and held his leg.

Rong Yi was surprised. Is this the son of the original owner of this body? So the original owner of this boy has a son? But what is mom-daddy? It sounds so weird.

“What are you doing, mom-daddy?” the little kid turned his head and looked through the door.

It was already too late when Rong Yi tried to stop him. The kid giggled, “mom-daddy, shame , shame, shame! You are peeping at other’s big penis. Shame, shame, shame…”

Yin Jinye in the room, “…”

“…”Rong Yi was ashamed and angry that he was caught of peeping by a kid, “What nonsense are you talking about! Who taught you those dirty words?”

The kid  knew mom-daddy was pissed off, so he immediately ran away giggling, while shouting, “Mom-daddy is peeping at other’s big penis. Shame, shame, shame!”

The servants who were cleaning the yard all tittered while covering their mouths.

“You naughty boy!” Rong Yi pretended to chase the and quickly left there. But due to his swollen belly, he didn’t catch up with the kid. Within ten minutes, the entire mansion would know that Rong Yi peeped Yin Jinye taking a shower.

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