I Became A Mighty Lion

Chapter 592 (END) - King

Chapter 592: King

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The sky was blue and the clouds were white. There were green mountains and water.

In this world with beautiful scenery, it was as if the air was sweet.

The cold father, Mei Mei, Lars, and the others were all stunned by the beautiful scenery of this new world.

This was the territory of the Elf Kingdom, in the mountains behind the Elf City.

Although it was not as big as the former grassland, it was enough for them to survive.

All sorts of animals lived on the grassland and there were also all sorts of birds and beasts in the surrounding forest. No one interfered and everything followed natural development.

Little Curly Tail had long chosen his territory..

Now, he was the king of the pride of the cold father. Although the cold father was dissatisfied, he did not dare to resist.

It was not that he was old, but Little Curly Tail had grown up.

As for Chu Xiaoye, he was the king of all animals here!

Of course, he was still the king of the Elf Kingdom.

After settling down the pride of the cold father and Lars, Chu Xiaoye brought Catherine into the Elf City.

Chu Xiaoye turned into a handsome silver-haired youth.

As for Catherine, she was still a lion and followed closely behind him.

She was only willing to be a lion. As long as she could follow him, this was enough.

However, at night, she would not be able to see her king.

The queen of the Elf Kingdom, the red-haired beauty, Lanisi, occupied his king.

Catherine could only guard the door silently, listening to the sounds inside and recalling everything that had happened in the past.

Lanisi was pregnant.

Although she really wanted to do something with Chu Xiaoye, her body did not allow it. Hence, she called Fei’er over.

She lay at the side and smiled as she taught Fei’er how to serve her man.

That night, Catherine, who was guarding the door, kept her eyes closed but did not sleep.

She knew what the sounds that had lasted for almost an entire night represented.

However, as long as the king liked her, she would be silent forever.

The king looked like he liked it very much, although when he woke up at noon the next day, he could not even walk steadily.

The ice bridge on the cliff had been repaired. Under the cover of the snow forest outside, the entire Elf Kingdom seemed to have disappeared from this world.

These elves and the other animals on the back mountain seemed to be gradually forgotten by the outside world.

However, someone would not forget them.

A year later, news came from outside that the Bolton Empire, which was adjacent to the Elven Kingdom and often bullied the elves, was suddenly destroyed!

All the royal families of the Bolton Kingdom were slaughtered, not leaving a single one alive.

The one who destroyed the Bolton Kingdom was the new king of the Kast Empire—Carter!

The Queen of Carter sent someone to put down a letter in the snow forest and was brought back to the Elf City by the scouts of the Elf Kingdom.

The Kast Empire had already become a superpower. Dozens of nearby orc empires had been destroyed, and the Queen of Carter had become a famous queen that all the orcs worshipped and trembled!

Her letter was very simple. She let the Elf Kingdom open the barrier and let her enter and exit freely in the future.

She wanted to see Chu Xiaoye—her man!

When Lanisi saw this letter, she tore it off and rejected it without hesitation.

Chu Xiaoye, who was already hugging his daughter, had no intention of reminiscing with his old lover. Furthermore, he said with lingering fear, “I can’t open the barrier. Otherwise, if that woman finds me, my kidneys will hurt.”

After the previous war, the Elf Kingdom was already thin in population and had fewer males.

Therefore, for the future of the country and the reproduction of the elves, Chu Xiaoye had already reluctantly married many young and beautiful female elves. He had a headache every day about which girl to sleep in and did not dare to let that wolf-like woman find him.

However, a month later, Carter sent another letter with the portrait and date of two infants in it.

The letter said that they were twins. The boy was called Chu Bawang and the girl was called Chu Liuxiang.

“Night, they’re your children. I swear on the reputation of the Queen of the Kast Empire and on everything about Alisa!”

When Chu Xiaoye saw the sentence on the letter, he immediately could not calm down.

What the hell was this name?

Chu Xiaoye immediately replied with only four words. “Give a new name!”

Seeing that he was already wavering, Lanisi could only hug her daughter and beg, “Night, don’t go. If you go, she will definitely not let you return. What should our daughter do?”

Chu Xiaoye had a headache. “I don’t want to go either, but there are my two children there. What should I do?”

A few beautiful female elves suddenly walked out from the side and rubbed their stomachs. “Husband, we also have your children in our stomachs.”

Chu Xiaoye’s head hurt even more.

In the end, Lanisi finally let go and temporarily opened the barrier to let Alisa in. She and the two children were only allowed to enter.

The day Alisa brought the children in, not only were the elves mobilized to watch this all-powerful orc queen outside, Little Curly Tail and the others at the back of the mountain also rushed over, preparing to see what this former little friend had become.

However, only the two children came in. Alisa did not.

The war suddenly broke out and the capital rebelled. She had to return as soon as possible.

She left the two children in the Elf Kingdom and let her have no scruples in the future to fight the remaining orc empire.

If nothing went wrong, she would unite all the orc empires and build an unprecedented super empire!

At that time, she would become an empress!

Of course, no matter what she became, it would not affect the otherworldly life in the Elf Kingdom.

When Lanisi gave birth to Chu Xiaoye’s second daughter, Princess Nalia, who had been in seclusion on Half Moon Mountain, finally came out.

Lanisi carried her eldest daughter, and Chu Xiaoye carried his younger daughter. He brought the elven girls to the back mountain to welcome this princess who had been living in seclusion all year round.

The bright sun shone at the entrance of the cave.

Princess Nalia bathed in the sun and slowly walked out of the cave with her snow-white feet bare. With every step, lotuses bloomed under her feet and she looked at every person as if she was bathing in the spring wind.

She was wearing a snow-white dress and her skin was white and transparent. She had long silver hair and her blue eyes were deep and clear, as if she came from the sky or from a painting.

However, the pearl on her neck looked very discordant.

Lanisi’s eyes were red and her face was filled with happiness. Just as she was about to go forward to hug her, Chu Xiaoye, who was beside her, suddenly grabbed her. He stared intently at the beautiful and noble elf girl in front of him and said, “I’ll go first.”

He handed his daughter to Fei’er, who was at the side, and walked forward. Under everyone’s shocked gazes, he opened his arms and hugged the beautiful princess who was like a fairy.

As for Princess Nalia, she also opened her arms and hugged her tightly under everyone’s shocked gazes.


“Smelly fart king.”

The two of them whispered in each other’s ears, like old friends that they had not seen for many years or a young couple that had been separated for a long time.

“King, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

“Then why did you only come out now?”

“Because I’m only sure now that although you’re a lion, you haven’t inherited the lion’s rapid firearm.”


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