I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 442 - 442 "Everlasting" Has A Beginning And An End (Part 2)

442 “Everlasting” Has A Beginning And An End (Part 2)

If one compared the Immortal Ascension stage to a mountain path, the other people would look at the steps in front of them with an extremely pious attitude during their cultivation. Afterward, they would kowtow with each step and respectfully go up.

As for the little girl… She used an axe and a chisel to open another mountain road from next door.

She was unreasonable!


Afterward, Fang Jinyu continued to comprehend the “everlasting characteristic.” He had planned to combine it with the Taichu Sect’s immortal light to improve his great divine powers, the “passing days and months with a wave” technique, so that it would have the ability to kill an Immortal Ascension stage cultivator. However, after obtaining “Taichu’s” inheritance, he gave up on the idea.

After all, Fang Jinyu could go to the immortal realm.

If Fang Jinyu went over with the Taichu Sect’s immortal light, his enemies would probably hunt him down from the beginning!

Even his position as the Immortal Lord of Justice couldn’t protect him!

It would be fine if it was the incomplete Taichu Sect’s immortal light, but once the “Taichu Sect’s initial intent” appeared, everything would be different…

Just like that, Fang Jinyu began to cultivate day after day in the small immortal domain he had established, just like he had done when he was in the Foundation Establishment stage.

Fang Jinyu’s path of freedom evolved from heaven, earth, and everything. It was free from the heart, and he could do whatever he wanted.

Fang Jinyu’s path of freedom was just destroying the social order.

It also caused some of the “free living beings” in the small immortal realm to sense it at the same time.

After all, Fang Jinyu was their “mother!”

The “free living beings” here were all at the Incarnation stage and didn’t age or die. Therefore, after they followed their senses and looked at the tall mountain, they had looked at it for hundreds of years.

However, to the “free living beings,” a hundred years was nothing. It was just a time to meet friends, watch the scenery, paint, and compose music…

It was also in those hundred years that three new “free living beings” were born.

Of course, it was from the perspective of the “free living beings” in this world. It was because the three new “free living beings” were An Ruyin, the mini-elixir realm, and the ball, which was Nan Li’s second incarnation.

After An Ruyin became a “free living being,” she also broke through the Incarnation stage in one go. When she found out that she was immortal, she was even happier.

After all, even if An Ruyin managed to break through the Incarnation stage by herself, she would only have 10,000 years of lifespan.

Compared to An Ruyin, the mini-elixir realm, and the ball were a little muddle-headed. The former had no consciousness, while the latter was originally muddle-headed.

Well, one could say that it didn’t improve at all.

It only knew how to distinguish good-looking people.

However, although they were ignorant, they were better than the others in terms of refining elixirs.

After all, one of them was a cultivation core in alchemy. As for the other person, she was a pinnacle figure in alchemy. Even some Immortal Ascension stage cultivators were far inferior to her in alchemy.

When Nan Li’s second reincarnation was born, her aura, which originated from the origin realm, made the two Immortal Ascension stage cultivators who had been pretending to be dead for almost 200 years open their eyes at the same time.

They were the two Immortal Ascension stage cultivators from the origin realm who were suppressed at the foot of the mountain!

After Qing Fu suppressed them, they knew that they were no match for her, so they decisively decided to seal themselves so they wouldn’t hear or know anything. This way, although they couldn’t escape, Fang Jinyu couldn’t do anything to them.

It wasn’t just Fang Jinyu. Unless Qing Fu used the “everlasting power” that she had “coaxed” from Fang Jinyu, she couldn’t do anything to the two Immortal Ascension stage cultivators either.

After all, if Qing Fu killed them directly, she would be helping them.

The two Immortal Ascension stage cultivators were at their peak state. Their position in heaven and earth as an Immortal Ascension stage cultivator was still there, and there were no problems with their cultivation path. If they died here, it wouldn’t be long before they could reincarnate and return to their current cultivation bases.

If they could gain some enlightenment during the process of reincarnation, they might be able to improve further and break through their current cultivation base.

“It’s a cultivator from the origin realm!”

“Damn it! I was transformed by that person’s cultivation ability and became his ‘slave’!”

The two Immortal Ascension stage cultivators sensed carefully and knew Nan Li’s second reincarnation’s current situation. Their eyes immediately revealed some anger.

It was because the origin realm was special!

It was a Great Realm in the Sea of Realms specially designated by the immortal realm to nurture “people who were going to be immortals!”

Before the path connecting heaven and earth was cut off, the immortal realm had given the origin realm many resources. Many Primordial Chaos True Immortals had taken action to strengthen the origin realm’s strength with the power of True Immortals, making it immortal.

If the Sea of Realms was destroyed once again, the origin realm could still communicate with the mysterious Nine Mountains and Nine Seas. Afterward, it could borrow the life force of the Nine Mountains and Nine Seas to continue its life!

It was also why the origin realm didn’t allow any cultivators to break through the Immortal Ascension stage!

After all, once they broke through the Immortal Ascension stage in the origin realm, they would also be resurrected when the origin realm reappeared!

Therefore, even Immortal Ascension stage cultivators like them who came from the origin realm didn’t dare turn the cultivators of the origin realm into their cultivation path’s “slaves.”

Apart from the fact that they didn’t have Fang Jinyu’s unique conditions and didn’t create their great cultivation paths, which made it extremely difficult for them to achieve such a transformation, it also had something to do with the True Immortals who had walked out of the origin realm in the past!

That was the rule set by those True Immortals!

“You’re just a newly-advanced Immortal Ascension stage cultivator. How dare you be so arrogant while only relying on others? Don’t you know what death is?” The Immortal Ascension stage cultivator who spoke called himself “Taihao.” Since he came from a high-ranking race in the origin realm, he believed that other people’s cultivation paths weren’t worthy of him, so he wanted to create his own.

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