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Chapter 1092 - Smashing!

Chapter 1092: Smashing!

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As long as the Green Veiled Sect’s disciples avoided a direct confrontation strategy in the disciples match and optimally unleashed the cultivation method and speed that they were good at, there was a very high chance they could pull any one of the Residence of Nine Supremes’ ten disciples down with them!

While Yun Xiuxin and companions were skilled, they lacked practical combat experience. Once they met an enemy who played around in avoiding direct contact, it was basically foreseeable that they would turn impatient – it was even reasonable that they lost in the end!

Now, however, the Residence of Nine Supremes’ combat force that they had to face rocketed to one that was assisted by Saint King level’s mystical beasts.

How could they continue with the battle? The loss was imminent!

Pushing themselves to continue with the battle would only induce more shame and frustration – it was better to admit defeat now. At least, they could save themselves some face and avoid the awkward situation of surrendering after being badly beaten up.

Therefore, the Residence of Nine Supremes climbed up to the fifth spot without any bloodshed and carried on challenging the fourth-ranking Hall of Dragons.

Similarly, the Hall of Dragons made the same decision as to the Green Veiled Sect after a round of discussion. They surrendered.

There was no way not to. Despite the Hall of Dragons’ higher notch of capability, they were not confident that they could tackle the Residence of Nine Supremes that was now assisted by Saint King leveled mystical beasts. Their class or tier would not be affected by the drop of ranking anyway, in addition to the Green Veiled Sect as precedence, the feeling of frustration and powerlessness was very much lifted away!

Moving on, the Residence of Nine Supremes began their conquest to the top three positions.

The suspense was absent in the encounters of the top three sects. Firstly, third-ranking all-female Tower of Hundred Flowers gave in immediately; their martial skill, formation strategy, and techniques were excellent, a worthy opponent to the Residence of Nine Supremes, but the astonishing combat force shown by the latter actually hinted at exact clashes against the Tower of Hundred Flowers. Considering the assistance of mystical beasts, the ladies of the sect gave up directly and contributed to the Residence of Nine Supremes’ another win!

Then, The Earth Pavilion sitting at the second rank that was indomitable for its defense became the first sect to fight the Residence of Nine Supremes after three continuous surrenderings from three schools. It was a pity. Perhaps they had overestimated their defense, perhaps they had underestimated the Residence of Nine Supremes’ overwhelming prowess. After four Whiteys fought respectively and a round of aggressive combat, The Earth Pavilion lost all five rounds and was sadly sent to the third placing.

Currently, there was only the first ranking sect of the lower class Celestial Luck Banner before the Residence of Nine Supremes, the Golden Cauldron Sect.

The Earth Pavilion, Tower of Hundred Flowers, Hall of Dragons, Green Veiled Sect, Beast Bender Clan, Shadowy Sword Sect, and Thousand Mountain Sect that dropped a ranking each did not leave the place. Watching from the side, it was obvious that they wanted to spectate the ultimate battle. Only when this bout ended would it mark the end of the Heaven Penta-Tier officially.

The seven sects watched as the Residence of Nine Supremes changed its seat, again and again, slowly rising to the top. From when they had no seats and no podium when they had first entered to occupying the second place now, the sect’s progress was unstoppable!

The gazes cast on them were complicated.

Hundreds of thousands of years since the Bound of Universe had come into existence, there was never such speedy headway! From a nobody to a first rank contender, such achievement was impressive.

Actually, the Residence of Nine Supremes had already weaved a brand new record in the Bound of Universe when they climbed onto the sixth rank. Then, they were breaking their own record, setting new ones time and again.

The Thousand Mountain Sect sighed silently. Had they known that this would happen, why did they fight so hard? It was futile, making them a joke instead… Looking at their performance now, the Thousand Mountain Sect realized how ludicrous their thoughts were – how dared they wish to stop the Residence of Nine Supremes with their insignificant force?

Rendered in the most awkward position now was the Golden Cauldron Sect.

The Golden Cauldron Sect was incredibly unnerved. They had been preparing for the battle with great vigor intending to take a step up from where they were by challenging the middle-class Celestial Luck Banner. They thought that they had done their best in getting prepared, they had already handed in their application. The third level might already be waiting for their challenge.

Once the procedure here ended and all the other sects returned to their business, it would be the Golden Cauldron Sect’s time to pen a new glorious age of their own. Whether the advance happened or not, it would be a rare occasion to the Golden Cauldron Sect in recent years in addition to being a noteworthy achievement in the history of the martial world!

Everything had been calculated but who would have known that a dark horse had leaped out of the blue during the final moment! Moreover, the dark horse had galloped its way aggressively and smashingly charged to their front, wanting to fight for the first rank in the lower class Celestial Luck Banner ranking.

Honestly, the Golden Cauldron Sect no longer prized being top one in the lower class Celestial Luck Banner ranking. They already possessed a higher target and even the ability to achieve that target; it was only a matter of course that they would leave the past in the past.

In spite of it, the current issue was that they would not have the qualification to ascend if they failed to maintain their position as the first… How else could they take another step further?

Furthermore, this was no more a problem of qualification – it was a matter of face now!

Everyone was ready for their challenge but they were not going anymore because they were defeated by a sect that was initially ranked lower than them… This would be the strangest mystery no one could expect!

If this came true, the Golden Cauldron Sect would definitely become the butt of jokes among the Bound of Universe’s sects and cultivators for thousands of years to come!

“We must fight! Not only must we fight, but we must also win!” The leader of the Golden Cauldron Sect, Wei Tao, was an extremely ugly man; having lean limbs, a bony face and thin lips, he had a big stomach bulging out. The top of his head was shiny without a strand of hair, a golden top indeed! – a bald man, basically.

The others from the Golden Cauldron Sect were grim.

They would surely fight but how? How would they fight in order to stand a chance of winning?

If it were individual combat prowess, the overall force of the Golden Cauldron sect, with its intention to go for the middle-class Celestial Luck Banner, was nothing the other lower-class Celestial Luck Banner bearing schools could compare to. The Golden Cauldron Sect had three Saint King level two masters with one of them reaching Saint King level two pinnacle in his cultivation base.

The three Golden Cauldron elders, too, were famous figures in many middle-class Celestial Luck Banner bearing schools.

The trio was confident to win anyone from the Residence of Nine Supremes if it were a duel, even if their opponent were to be the top expert, Luo Dajiang. The latter was nothing to them.

However, the damned Beast Bender Clan that opportunistically walked the gray area not only caused themselves to lose, but they also gave everyone else a terminator that was worse than a cheat code! – How could one tackle Four Saint King level mystical beasts!

The reality was plain. Before the Residence of Nine Supremes fought with the Beast Bender Clan, they did not know that mystical beasts could take part in the battles. They had not even thought in that direction. Otherwise, they would not have suffered so much.

The Beast Bender Clan should be damned!

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