I Am Supreme

Chapter 1088 - I Can’t Believe I Was Knocked Unconscious!

Chapter 1088: I Can’t Believe I Was Knocked Unconscious!

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‘As long as I can succeed in taking human form, my oath with this sect will be rescinded…’ The black bear’s eyes were full of hope.

On the other side, Yun Yang’s eyes lit up as well.

The bear looked at Yun Yang and studied the righteousness on his face, then sniffed at the pleasant smell coming from him and felt the indescribable affection. He drank the fine wine and the delicious dishes provided by Yun Yang, then thought of the Heaven’s Vow and the promise to help him take the human form.

“Don’t worry, brother! Your sect will certainly overcome this obstacle.” The bear promised solemnly.

“As I said, Brother Bear, don’t pull your punches on me. We have to try our best to do what is entrusted to us by others. Respect what you’ve promised, and that is how you respect yourself and me,” said Yun Yang with an air of righteousness.

The black bear grinned. “Of course! You respect me, so I naturally have to respect you, and I’ll respect the promise as well. How can we not keep our promise…”

“I think we have had enough of wine,” Yun Yang stood up, “Let’s begin, Brother Bear!”

The bear rose to his feet while swaying and belched. “Aye… let’s begin.”

Qin Ruogu should be happy, for he finally heard the man and the bear say that they would begin to fight each other. But if truth be told, he felt that his heart was dead inside him.

Previously, the way he stood embarrassingly in the field without doing anything had filled the heads of almost all the spectators with the same question: what was this Qin Ruogu doing there?

And now, even he himself had the same doubt. ‘What am I doing here? Who am I? Where am I?’

It was so embarrassing!

‘Right, I’m here to fight!’ He finally remembered the reason why he was here.

‘This is the third match of the ranking battle between the sects with lower-class Celestial Luck Banners. And if my sect loses again, our ranking will drop and become one of the lower three sects!’

‘Oh, heavens!’

But just now, he could only look at the man and the bear drinking and eating to their heart’s content, not daring to interrupt them.

The situation made Qin Ruogu feel utterly ashamed.

‘It’s finally going to be over. They are about to start fighting each other…’

However, that only made him even more depressed. He was no longer hopeful. As the sect leader of Beast Trainer Sect, he had spent a long time with this black bear, who was the divine beast of his sect, and he was very familiar with his temper and character.

The black bear waddled about a hundred feet away from Yun Yang, where he stopped and roared suddenly. Then, his body began to grow bigger and taller rapidly. In an instant, he had transformed back to a gigantic monster that stood hundreds of feet tall.

Yun Yang now looked like a tiny beansprout in front of the bear, who could probably blow him away with a breath without even using the paw. And yet, he did not draw his saber; his hands were still empty.

“Brother Bear!” Yun Yang cupped his fist, “Please show me what you got!”

The black bear waved a paw thoughtlessly and said, “After you.”

Yun Yang leaped into the air, his purple clothes waving gracefully as he struck a palm onto the bear’s chest.

As soon as the black bear was hit by the palm, his huge body was lifted off the ground, thrown some five to six hundred feet away before smashing back down, causing the earth to shake violently.

The big fella struggled a few times, and his limbs kept twitching as he cried out, “What a powerful palm strike! I can’t believe I’m knocked unconscious!”

When he had finished, his body twitched once again and then he was not moving anymore.

There was a moment of dead silence.

Qin Ruogu was completely struck dumb. He had already expected something, but…wasn’t this too overt?

In fact, he was not alone. Everyone present, including Huo Yunfeng and the other executive officers of the Sacred Heart Palace, were all stunned.

“Damnit! I can’t believe they actually did that!”

Everyone, including the culprit—Yun Yang—was speechless!

It was just too fake!

‘Couldn’t you put more effort into your acting? How could you come out with such an unconvincing excuse?’

‘Would you not fall to the ground and pretend to be knocked unconscious if you did not say that?’

‘Were you afraid that others couldn’t find out you were faking your defeat?’

Huo Yunfeng felt his heart trembling, and his eyeballs were already hanging outside the sockets.

‘Fu*k! What is this! Am I dreaming now or what? How can this be happening? The mystical beast they had kept for thousands of years betrayed them because someone treated him with some wine, and it happened right in the field where they were supposed to fight each other? And he even fakes his defeat for his enemy? This is the first time I’ve ever seen such a drama in my life! What an eye opener! Beast Trainer Sect is truly worthy of its name…What a great beast they have trained!

‘The defeat will only make you drop in ranking, but it will make me lose two hundred pieces of supreme-grade spiritual jade! Damnit! My wealth had already shrunk significantly, and now it’s even worse! Are you trying to bankrupt me?’

Huo Yunfeng was extremely upset, and he realized that he had fallen into the same pit three times.

‘Fine! I’ve learned my lesson! From now on, whenever Residence of Nine Supremes is fighting someone else, I’ll definitely bet on them even if the odds seem extremely low!’

At this moment, a life-long fan of Residence of Nine Supremes was born!

“The match is won by Residence of Nine Supremes!” Huo Yunfeng announced with a straight face.

Surprisingly, Qin Ruogu’s expression had turned calm.

‘We’ve lost? Well, that’s nothing unusual! Under such circumstances, it would be fuc*ing unusual if we won. I must be out of my mind to bring this black bear here to fight. I should have known…’

Qin Ruogu was, after all, the leader of a sect, so he knew how to judge the situation and what was the important thing to do now. Wordless, he walked slowly beside the black bear and pulled out the ancient-looking bracelet…

“I’ll go back myself!”

The black bear was resisting. “I’ll not go back in there again! ROAR!”

Qin Ruogu’s face was dark. “But…”

“No but!” The bear was exasperated. “You are trying to put me into that bracelet in front of my friend. What is your intention? Are you trying to put me to shame? In your dreams!”


“Do you know this crappy bracelet can no longer contain me?! Had it not been because it is rather comfortable to sleep in it and I was keeping the promise made with your ancestor, I would have long broken it!”


“In any case, I’m not going inside again! Try me!”


With a dark face, Qin Ruogu began to recite some spells. Clearly, he had made up his mind.

The black bear was Beast Trainer Sect’s strongest trump card, a strategic weapon. Even if he were not sent to fight, he could still pose a threat to the enemies. If he were poached, Beast Trainer Sect’s overall strength would be reduced sharply by at least two levels, losing its right to be one of the sects with Celestial Luck Banners. Therefore, Qin Ruogu had made up his mind immediately to use extreme means!

He firmly believed that the bracelet in his hand could subdue the black bear, and that his decision was right!

With arms crossed over his chest, the black bear stared calmly at Qin Ruogu and said, “Go on, recite that spell once more. I’ll not go in there even if you recite it a hundred times!”

Qin Ruogu did as he was bid, reciting the spell a few times, while the black bear grinned with arms crossed over his chest.

Sure enough, the spell had no effect at all!

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