I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 491: Ancient Heavenly Courts, The 108 Heavenly Generals’ Legacy!

Chapter 491: Ancient Heavenly Courts, The 108 Heavenly Generals’ Legacy!

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After settling everything, Shen Tian headed deeper into the Chaotic Sea.

He controlled a divine rainbow, directly entering the sea region for hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

Dazzling divine rainbows streaked across the sky as fast as lightning, causing chaotic aura to fluctuate.

As Shen Tian continued to enter, the primal chaotic aura became increasingly turbulent.

Gray mist in here moved extremely fast and was like an extremely sharp blade.

Even Perfected Immortal experts would find it difficult to resist this power. Their flesh might even break apart.

However, this chaotic aura had no effect on Shen Tian.

His entire body erupted with divine light, his flesh incomparably sturdy, ignoring all the chaotic aura.

After walking for several hours, Shen Tian finally reached the deepest part of the sea.


This place was covered in mists, and great waves surged endlessly!

Gray chaotic aura swept out, its power overflowing.

Heaven and earth were shrouded in fog, and one couldn’t even see one’s own fingers.

After carefully sensing, Shen Tian discovered that the chaotic aura here was incomparably terrifying and had reached a solid state. If it wasn’t for the fact that he possessed a Chaotic Body, he definitely wouldn’t have dared to enter this place.

At that moment, Shen Tian’s eyes narrowed. He felt a sense of intimacy spreading from the bottom of the sea as if something was guiding it.

Thinking of this, Shen Tian dived deeper into the sea. After moving for close to a million feet, he finally reached the bottom of the sea.

A ruined palace appeared in front of Shen Tian. The place was ancient and old. The entire palace was covered in sand and was dim without light.

The surroundings were filled with broken walls and rubble. There were also some broken pillars that had turned dark red. They had been soaked in blood which was completely dried up. The scene was horrifying.

Just by seeing this scene, one could tell how intense the battle had been.

Countless heroic spirits had shed their blood and fought desperately, yet they were still unable to protect this place.

In the end, everything sank into the depths of North Sea, and its past glory was completely concealed.


Shen Tian’s pupils contracted. He could confirm that this ruined palace was the ruins of the ancient Heavenly Courts.

He took a deep breath and walked toward the ancient Heavenly Courts.

He had learned from the tomb keeper that this place was filled with ominous things. It had been cursed by the Evil Spirit race before.

Therefore, it was better for him to be careful.

Just as Shen Tian stepped into the ancient Heavenly Courts, an evil aura seeped out.

The evil aura was extremely mournful and filled with a soul-stirring power. This power was extremely evil and contained the strongest negative emotions in a person’s body.

The slightest contact with it would erode one’s mind and turn one into a mad demon.

Furthermore, this evil energy was extremely powerful.

Even Sub-immortal existences would not be able to resist this power.

“Is this the curse of the Evil Spirit race?”

Shen Tian harrumphed coldly as golden light erupted from his body. The golden radiance was boundless and incomparably vast, illuminating the world.

An incomparably tall and resplendent golden wheel appeared behind Shen Tian, emitting a holy light. The evil aura quickly dissipated under the golden light, quickly turning into gray smoke that dissipated into the world.

Under the baptism of golden light, this place became clear, full of holy aura.

This power was from the skill Golden Wheel of Purification that Shen Tian possessed.

The Golden Wheel of Purification was very effective against evil aura—the two were incompatible and could not coexist.

Most of the evil aura here had been purified by Shen Tian, causing heaven and earth to glow.

Shen Tian furrowed his brows, a question forming in his heart.

Logically speaking, a curse of this level could at most threaten some Sub-immortals.

To a true expert, this was meaningless.

But if so, why was it that no one in the later generations revived and restored the glory of the ancient Heavenly Courts?

Could it be that there was something terrifying hidden inside?


Shen Tian didn’t lower his guard and continued forward.

At that moment, space suddenly started to change. The evil aura swept forth once again, causing heaven and earth to tremble.

Boundless energy gushed forth, terrifying to the extreme.

The evil aura surged wildly as it scattered in all directions, condensing into a huge eye that covered the sky.

The dense evil mist was vast and mighty, emitting an incomparably mournful aura that penetrated one’s heart.

Although the pupil was made of evil mist, it was extremely vivid, as if it was really someone’s eyes.

Shen Tian felt a chill run down his spine, and his hair stood on its end. He focused his gaze and saw that the scarlet pupils were blood-colored, filled with a soul-stirring power.

When he looked at it directly, it seemed as if it wanted to absorb his soul.

Shen Tian frowned with a heavy heart.

This was the true curse power of the Evil Spirit race?

It was no wonder that no one had been able to restore the ancient Heavenly Court—just this power alone could stop 99% of the experts of the five regions. This aura was too terrifying, far exceeding that of the Perfected Immortal level, reaching an unmatched cultivation realm.


At that moment, the scarlet pupils looked over, emitting a shuddering aura.

That power was extremely evil and contained immense power as if it wanted to peer into the void.

Shen Tian furrowed his brows tightly. A chaotic aura shrouded his body and completely enveloped him.

A silvery-white mist shrouded his body, causing Shen Tian to merge with the surrounding chaotic aura.

Even if experts above the Perfected Immortal level descended, it would still be very difficult for them to see through it.

As expected, a trace of bewilderment appeared in the eye. It really couldn’t see through the guise.

However, soon after, it began to tremble intensely, and evil energy surged.

A hoarse voice came from the void. “It’s you! You’re back!?”

This voice seemed to come from the boundless void and extremely far away.

However, Shen Tian could sense that this voice was filled with shock and disbelief.

Shen Tian frowned, confused.

This man was definitely an unparalleled powerful being of the Evil Spirit race.

However, Shen Tian didn’t recognize this person. All the Evil Spirits he had seen were dead!

Shen Tian was puzzled.


“Who are you?”

Shen Tian raised his question but received no response.

The Evil Spirit race expert had already gone berserk, emitting terrifying killing intent. That pupil was the incarnation of an Evil Spirit expert, emanating a ferocious aura.


A beam of red light shot out of his pupils, carrying with it the power to annihilate all living beings.

The red light was extremely deep and filled with extremely evil power, causing heaven and earth to turn blood red.

Shen Tian’s expression was solemn, and he felt a chill down his spine.

This power was simply too terrifying. In fact, he felt as if it could kill Perfected Immortal existences in a single strike. This was only the power of the curse and was only the projection of the actual expert.

How terrifying would it be if his real body descended into the mortal world?

Shen Tian didn’t hesitate at all. He summoned the Spherical Heaven Chessboard and activated the formation to draw in the power of the stars.

The ancient chessboard emitted a boundless divine glow that floated above Shen Tian’s head.

An endless curtain of stars descended, enveloping him completely.


The sound was deafening.

The screen of stars trembled violently, and it seemed to be on the verge of completely shattering under this strike!

Shen Tian’s body trembled slightly as a hint of surprise appeared in his eyes. After all, the chessboard was a great inheritance treasure of Immortal King Hun Tian, and it contained extraordinary might.

However, this Evil Spirit’s attack could actually move it.

Just how powerful was this Evil Spirit?


“Die!” roared the Evil Spirit and attacked Shen Tian again.

Shen Tian’s eyes were cold as he prepared to fight.

Although the power was terrifying, it was not impossible for him to resist. This was because some sort of restriction restrained this power, and it couldn’t erupt endlessly.

At this time, the ancient Heavenly Court shook intensely.

A bright golden light burst forth from the depths, as vast as the scorching sun, illuminating the world.

An incomparably tyrannical and supreme power burst forth.

That aura was incomparably grand and filled with righteousness as if it wanted to exterminate all evil in the world.

A gigantic golden seal appeared behind Shen Tian.

The ancient seal was several tens of thousands of miles tall. It blotted out the sky and the sun, its aura vast and immeasurable.

It descended, sweeping through everything as if it was going to make heaven and earth sink.

“Human Emperor’s Seal!!!”

The powerful Evil Spirit’s voice was shrill and filled with fear as though it had touched a terrifying existence.

The evil mist trembled violently and surged without end. The pupil also became increasingly scarlet, erupting with all its strength in an attempt to resist.

However, before the ancient seal, everything was fragile.

In an instant, endless divine light exploded.

The huge eye condensed from the Evil Spirit expert was instantly blown to pieces. Even the space around it was completely destroyed as spatial turbulence swept through a thousand kilometers.


Shen Tian was shocked, and his eyes sparkled. He stared intently at the massive ancient seal hovering in the air, and a sense of intimacy welled up in his heart.

The familiar aura he had felt earlier originated from this ancient seal!

At that moment, the ancient seal shone with resplendent light.

In the end, the divine radiance was restrained, completely returning to silence.

The giant ancient seal also transformed into a palm-sized golden seal and landed in Shen Tian’s hand.

Shen Tian’s heart trembled. He felt that this golden seal contained an aura with the same origin.

This aura was similar to his physique.

Shen Tian muttered to himself, “Human Emperor’s Seal? Could it be that this is the unmatched great artifact controlled by the First Human Emperor?”

Shen Tian had learned from the tomb keeper that the First Human Emperor had a Chaotic Great Weapon in his hands.

That great artifact originated from the primal chaos, containing innate spiritual essence, and was a supreme artifact.

Back then, the First Human Emperor had used the Human Emperor’s Seal to unleash his supreme power. He had been able to take on three Immortal Emperors alone and perish together with them.

However, the Human Emperor’s Seal had also been damaged during that battle and lost most of its divine energy.

Back then, the 36 Immortal Kings had also sealed the five regions by borrowing on the power of the Human Emperor’s Seal.

This had further exhausted the last of the Human Emperor’s Seal’s divine energy, causing it to fall completely silent.

As a result, the Human Emperor’s Seal had been unable to unleash divine energy during the battles of the later generations. Otherwise, the human race wouldn’t be in such a miserable state.


That was until 490,000 years ago when the Second Human Emperor had appeared and revived the seal.

With the augmentation of his Human Emperor Physique, this great artifact had finally displayed its terrifying power.

Back then, the Second Human Emperor had used the Human Emperor’s Seal to massacre Evil Spirits and sweep through all enemies.

Meanwhile, the power of this great artifact had also been continuously recovering, slaughtering its way to fame.

Unfortunately, the Second Human Emperor had suddenly disappeared, and the Human Emperor’s Seal had also fallen silent.

Without the augmentation of a user with the Human Emperor Physique, the Human Emperor’s Seal was unable to unleash its supreme power.

This was a supreme artifact most compatible with the Human Emperor Physique, and it was also the first-generation Human Emperor’s life artifact.

Thinking of this, Shen Tian felt relieved.

Presumably, the Human Emperor’s Seal had sensed the aura of the Human Emperor Physique, which was why it had launched its own attack.

The corners of Shen Tian’s mouth turned up slightly, his heart filled with joy.

Now that the Human Emperor’s Seal had fused into his palm, he could activate it for his own use at any time.

Even though the Human Emperor’s Seal had been damaged and had yet to recover to its peak state, it was still extremely powerful.

Shen Tian could sense that the Human Emperor’s Seal was no weaker than the Spherical Heaven Chessboard.

He did not expect to gain so much after entering the Heavenly Courts ruins.

Moreover, the obstacles had been temporarily cleared.

However, the Evil Spirit expert had not perished yet and would definitely target him again in the future.

Shen Tian wasn’t very worried about this. After all, the Evil Spirit race’s unmatched experts couldn’t enter this realm at all. Shen Tian still had time to develop.

When he grew up, who would he be afraid of?

Since he possessed an invincible heart, he naturally had to suppress all enemies in the world!


Shen Tian stepped forward and continued deeper into the ancient Heavenly Courts ruins.

This was the most prosperous force in the five regions back then, with countless experts guarding it. The inheritance was naturally not limited to just this.

After all, apart from the Second Human Emperor, there were many other supreme beings in the ancient Heavenly Courts.

For example, the 108 Heavenly Generals had definitely been top experts. They would definitely also leave behind their heritage.

Shen Tian didn’t hesitate and continued forward.

The deeper he went, the more damaged the battlefield ruins became. There were huge craters everywhere. Space was broken, and the laws surrounding the area were in chaos. A terrifying battle had once erupted here, completely shattering this space.

Even the energy of heaven and the earth was unable to recover, causing this area to completely be reduced to ruins.

The resentment aura around him was also extremely strong and evil. It came from the remnant resentment of the Evil Spirit race.

However, there was still a wave of power that fought against it, fending it off endlessly.

These were the heroic spirits of the ancient Heavenly Courts. Their remnant souls had yet to be fully destroyed as if they stayed on to completely destroy the Evil Spirits.

Shen Tian’s eyes sparkled as he sighed in his heart.

These heroic souls were worthy of respect and were definitely worthy of being called heroes.

With a wave of his hand, a golden light came from him that completely annihilated the Evil Spirits here, allowing the heroic spirits to finally rest in peace.

After the evil aura completely dissipated, the resentment also dissipated. They transformed into specks of starlight that slowly drifted into the sky.

Shen Tian’s eyes flickered. He was infected by this and cupped his hands together. “Everyone, have a safe journey!”


Divine radiance erupted endlessly.

Countless starlight lights gathered together, condensing into the souls of countless heroic spirits.

They cupped their hands and bowed to Shen Tian, their eyes filled with gratitude.

In the end, everything disappeared from the world.


Shen Tian took a deep breath and continued forward.

After passing through the main palace, Shen Tian finally arrived at a gorgeous hall.

This hall had a total of 108 pavilions. Each pavilion was like a small world that contained a vast world.

Unfortunately, these pavilions were also destroyed, and the laws inside were shattered.

Shen Tian knew that these 108 pavilions should be the residence of 108 Heavenly Generals.

This was because he had found all kinds of cultivation techniques and legacies in there. These inheritances were of different variations, and there were exactly 108 types of them.

Furthermore, each inheritance contained immense power.

It could be said that these were a huge fortune.


As far as Shen Tian knew, the 108 Heavenly Generals of the ancient Heavenly Courts were all peerless paragons of their era.

Not only were there humans but there were also demons, silver spirits, humanoids...

These races had all been on good terms with humans, and they had been sent to the five regions together at the end of the Antiquity Era. Only by doing so had they been able to preserve their lineage.

Moreover, they had all grasped the most powerful inheritances of their clans, their power boundless.

Shen Tian found many supreme human cultivation techniques in these pavilions.

Amongst them were Void techniques, Buddhist cultivation techniques, Divine Firmament cultivation techniques, Extreme Yang cultivation techniques, and Extreme Yin cultivation techniques...

Of course, there were also many supreme demon cultivation techniques.

For example, the True Dragon cultivation techniques, True Phoenix cultivation techniques, Eagle cultivation techniques, Golden Crow cultivation techniques, Nine-Tailed Fox cultivation techniques, Qilin cultivation techniques...

Every cultivation technique here was priceless.

If news of this were to spread to the outside world, even the experts of the Celestial World would be unable to refrain from drooling. After all, this was a supreme inheritance left behind from the Antiquity Era, its power far exceeding that of a mere Thearch sutra!

Shen Tian was excited.

Most of the Thearch sutras he cultivated were only a branch of these cultivation techniques.

If he could control all these techniques, his strength would definitely advance by leaps and bounds.

Even if he couldn’t use them, he could give them to others.

If so many powerful cultivation techniques were taken out, the five regions’ forces’ strength would rise by a huge level!

After all, the five regions were currently being invaded by the Evil Spirit race and were in an extremely dangerous situation.

Their increase in strength was extremely helpful to the five regions.

Shen Tian didn’t hesitate to put these techniques into his storage artifact and synced them with his Blood God’s Son clone.


He wasn’t in a hurry to cultivate these techniques. Instead, he continued forward.

He had not finished exploring this place. There must be a secret here.

Then, Shen Tian walked into a majestic palace hall. This place was different from other places. It wasn’t fully damaged. It had only lost its divine might, its aura becoming dim.

At the top of the hall sat a huge throne; it was majestic and grand.

It stood at the center, emitting boundless divine might.

Shen Tian instantly understood what it was, and his eyes lit up!

This should be the Human Emperor’s Palace.

Only the Human Emperor could have such aura.

Furthermore, from the situation here, it could be seen that the 108 Heavenly Generals had sworn to protect the ancient Heavenly Courts.

And the Human Emperor’s Palace was their bottom line.

Thus, even though the periphery was already badly damaged, there was not much damage here. This also showed how high the Second Human Emperor’s status was in the hearts of the 108 Heavenly Generals.

Even if they had to sacrifice their lives, they had to guard this place!

Unfortunately, they had been unable to hold on completely.

In the end, the entire Heavenly Courts had sunk into North Sea, and the Human Emperor’s Palace was also covered in dust.


Shen Tian strolled forward and entered the Human Emperor’s Palace.

As soon as he entered, he immediately felt a sense of intimacy. He focused his gaze and saw three items on the table in front of the throne.

The first item was a yellowed ancient book. It was ancient and old-fashioned, and it also exuded a savage aura.

Shen Tian’s gaze focused on the ancient book.

On the front of the book, two words were engraved—Tinder Sutra!

Shen Tian trembled, his eyes shining with divine light.

This was... the legacy technique of the First Human Emperor and also the source of all Tinder Sutras in this world!

Shen Tian had cultivated many types of Tinder Sutras, so he naturally knew the mysteries within.

The Chaotic Tinder Sutra and the Tinder God of War Sutra were only branches of the Tinder Sutra derived from them.

As for the Tinder Sutra’s origin, it was all-encompassing and had infinite possibilities.

Now that he had obtained this treasure, Shen Tian was overjoyed. He might be able to use the Tinder Sutra to improve his Chaotic Tinder Sutra.


Shen Tian kept the Tinder Sutra and looked at the second item.

It was also an ancient scripture, but it gave Shen Tian a much closer feeling than the Tinder Sutra.

It was because this second ancient scripture was precisely the Chaotic Tinder Sutra!

The supreme technique was created by the second-generation Human Emperor!

Shen Tian was extremely excited as he picked up the Chaotic Tinder Sutra and started comprehending it.

For a time, Shen Tian felt as if he was traveling through the Chaotic Star Sea. His mind was at ease.

This Chaotic Tinder Sutra was roughly the same as what Shen Tian had initially obtained.

However, there were some parts that were even more exquisite and detailed, including information on certain domains that he had yet to touch upon.

Shen Tian’s mind was immediately immersed in the Chaotic Tinder Sutra and started to comprehend its mysteries.

Soon afterward, Shen Tian’s entire body shone, his aura boundless and immeasurable.

As he comprehended the Chaotic Tinder Sutra, Shen Tian’s aura suddenly changed.

His inner world was still expanding rapidly. It continued to expand from the initial million miles, becoming increasingly vast.

Heaven and earth began to transform, and some regions started to shake intensely, all of them gathering together.

The earth merged with each other, forming towering mountain ranges that reached into the clouds.

Some of the earth plates had also been torn apart into deep ravines, so deep that the bottom could not be seen.

Countless drops of spiritual rain fell from the sky and gathered in the cracks, gradually forming an ocean.

The laws of heaven and earth were ceaselessly improving. The order of the Heavenly Dao swept through the sky, causing countless strands of spirit to be born here.

Shen Tian was incomparably shocked. The small world in his body was finally about to evolve into a true world!

At the same time, the chaotic aura and Yin and Yang energy in his body also grew at a crazy speed, becoming more and more powerful.

The two intertwined and coiled around each other, enveloping heaven and the earth in a layer of hazy mist and emitting profound energy. This touched upon the quintessence of heaven and the earth, causing this place to be suffused with strong Dao laws.

It could be said that this was an absolute cultivation ground.

If someone could cultivate martial arts in his small world, one day of cultivation inside might be equivalent to hundreds or even thousands of years in the outside world!

Shen Tian didn’t hesitate at all.

He took out the 108 Heavenly Generals’ legacies and began cultivating.

Shen Tian used such a good opportunity to strive to finish cultivating these supreme inheritances as soon as possible!


Soon, Shen Tian fell silent.

Divine light curled around his body as his body was pushed to its limits.

Intense Dao laws effused out from the surrounding space, and the area turned boundlessly vast and extremely profound.

Shen Tian’s expression was solemn as he surged toward the sky.

From time to time, a terrifying aura would burst forth from his body, engulfing heaven and earth.

Strange phenomena appeared one after another. Divine light scattered about, looking incomparably dazzling.

Sometimes, the void would surge, turning reality into nothingness, making the scene look incomparably dreamlike.

Sometimes, the power of great Yin and great Yang would rise, interweaving and curling about.

There were also dragon roars, tiger roars, phoenix cries that shook the heavens, and countless other avatars that could be seen.

Every single avatar was terrifying, and they emanated an extremely formidable pressure and imposing aura.

However, under Shen Tian’s enlightenment, these powers gradually fused together in a peculiar manner.

Shen Tian was unaware of all this.

He immersed himself in his sea of consciousness, his mind continuously deriving and cultivating the 108 supreme techniques.

The more he cultivated, the more he found that they were full of mysteries, causing him to sink deeper into cultivation.

As the saying went, “Cultivation knows no time.”

Time flew by unknowingly.

Three years later...

Shen Tian finally opened his eyes, dazzling divine light shining in them.

His pupils became incomparably deep, as if there were millions and millions of stars circulating within them, constantly swirling.

After three years, Shen Tian had finally mastered all the 108 supreme techniques.

Moreover, he’d completely fused them together to create his third peerless Divine Skill—Boundless Divine Skill!

This Divine Skill contained the Dao insights of countless experts, and it possessed supreme might.

With Shen Tian’s current strength, he could casually deduce a supreme technique.

The power unleashed was thousands of times greater than before!

Shen Tian estimated that the power of the Boundless Divine Skill wouldn’t be weaker than the two great Divine Skills he currently knew—Divine Skill of Creation and Heaven Earth Divine Splitting Power.

In some special circumstances, it might even be stronger, achieving extraordinary effects.

Given Shen Tian’s current battle prowess, if he were to encounter another Evil Spirit race’s Immortal powerhouse.

Even without the Spherical Heaven Chessboard’s help, he was confident that he could kill them.

Shen Tian was naturally overjoyed with his increase in strength.

His trip to the ancient Heavenly Courts was a huge gain!


With so many inheritances, it was enough for Shen Tian to make up a brand new Heavenly Courts.

Furthermore, there was still one last item that he had yet to collect.

What exactly was that thing?

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