I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 376: Golden Crow Thearch’s Herb Garden

Chapter 376: Golden Crow Thearch’s Herb Garden

“Saint, I believe in you. I will never meet with any danger as long as I follow you.”

“That’s right. It’s not like we have never overcome dangerous situations before. When we were in the Primordial Battlefield and the Immeasurable Ancient State, didn’t we still manage to return in one piece?”

“This time, countless powerful practitioners from North Sea, Eastern Wilderness, and Middle Ground have all gathered here. So what if there is really something strange going on in this tomb? It won’t be a big deal.”

“I was utterly convinced by Brother Shen’s performance in the Chaotic Star Island domain. I hope that Brother Shen can display his prowess again this time and find some longevity elixir for me to replenish my lifespan!”

“You guys, can you have more backbone? As cultivators, we should face adversity with courage and determination. How can we just think of relying on others? Brother Shen, if there is any danger, I will fight alongside you!”

“Get lost, you fool. Let me stand beside Junior Brother. You are taking up my spot!”


Amidst the rowdy ruckus, no one chose to retreat.

The only one who left was the White Thearch. He left only because he didn’t want to be stuck with these youngsters.

He believed that with his powers, he would be able to navigate through the Golden Crow’s tomb easily.

If he tagged along with this group, he would have to split the fortuitous opportunities with them. It was not a good deal at all.

If it was Shen Tian alone, this old tortoise might have agreed to stay on.

But with so many extra burdens tagging along? Φorget it!

Of course, it was also good that the White Thearch left early.

Otherwise, he would have seen the unconscious Yue Yunde and ripped him to shreds.

The White Thearch had lived in the five regions for so long and never suffered at the hands of anyone before.

And this Yue Yunde had scr*wed him big time. There was no way he could forgive that.

“Everyone, have you all decided to continue with me?”

Shen Tian was rather stunned by the group’s fearlessness.

These prodigies are so courageous?

I guess it is true that those who have never met with any setbacks before do not fear danger.

Unlike those fellows who have had bad luck for dozens of years. Caution would be ingrained in their bones.


At that moment, the unconscious fat Taoist priest was gradually waking up. His eyes remained dazed for a couple of moments before instantly clearing and becoming alert.

“Where am I? Who are you guys? Did you steal my treasures?”

Yue Yunde hurriedly felt his pockets.

He heaved a sigh of relief when he realized that his most well-hidden storage ring was still on him.

Following that, he took stock of all his equipment, elixirs, and treasures. The high vigilance on his face gradually faded.

“First Senior Brother, don’t worry. No one touched your treasures.”

Zhang Yunting was amused. “You were attacked by some monster and lost consciousness. Luckily, Junior Brother reached in time and saved you from the monster.”

I was attacked by some monster and lost consciousness?

Eh? Why don’t I remember anything?

But I don’t have any obvious injuries on me, and I didn’t lose anything precious. I have been lucky.

But my head just feels rather woozy. As if someone hit me on the head.

Don’t tell me I lost my memory from getting hit on the head?

Yue Yunde gazed up at Fang Chang, Zhang Yunting, and Zhang Yunxi, the three great prodigies of the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground. Yue Yunde already knew of them from way before.

After all, his Master’s precious son and daughter were part of the trio!

Looking at Shen Tian clad in his Longyuan Divine Armor, Yue Yunde looked rather perplexed.

The Longyuan Divine Armor is the most powerful armor back in Master’s youthful years.

None of the Saints from the previous nine generations had been deemed worthy of inheriting this Longyuan Divine Armor.

To be able to inherit this armor, this man is definitely the most highly-regarded by Master. Unless something unexpected happens, he will be the future Sacred Leader.

This strange man is wearing that armor, so his identity is... He is clearly the latest Saint appointed by Master—Shen Tian!

The problem is that I have no recollection of ever seeing this fellow before!

So why do I feel a vague sense of familiarity with him? Don’t tell me we have... affinity?

Yeap, heard from Master that this Junior Brother has the most hidden and deepest potential in the entire five regions. His emergence would cause the dragons to rise to the skies, their roars echoing across the universe. His providence and destiny are boundless.

It is entirely possible he can become Thearch in the future!

I must build a good relationship with this Junior Brother. I might be able to leverage off his power and status next time!

Yue Yunde was all smiles at this thought.

He said, “Mighty Junior Brother, I must thank you for saving my life. I will never be able to repay you. Next time when we get the chance, we must have a long chat. I will impart all my skills and techniques to you!”

Skills and techniques?

The corners of Shen Tian’s mouth twitched.

Do you mean the skills which led you to be pursued by a vengeful spirit in the tomb?

Keep such skills to yourself, please! I have no interest at all. Gossip about Master is more interesting!

Damn! I forgot to ask about that gossip. What a pity!

Never mind, I must quickly bring my comrades to uncover all the fortuitous opportunities here and then leave as soon as possible!

Not wanting to delay any longer, Shen Tian scanned the images at the top of everyone’s heads. He then slowly closed his eyes.

His white robe exuded a faint glow and fluttered despite there being no wind. His long hair also flowed, making his handsome face appear even more extraordinary.

Even Princess Linglong, who had met Shen Tian not too long ago, couldn’t stop her pounding heart as she gazed upon this amazing sight.

This... This is what it is like to have one’s heart stirred!?

Time passed by the minute and second. Shen Tian gradually opened his eyes.

He gazed toward a particular pathway in the east.

“I can feel that there is a fortuitous opportunity in that direction.”

East? There is a fortuitous opportunity there? Yue Yunde was stunned. Is Junior Brother able to find fortuitous opportunities so easily all the time?

Closing his eyes and detecting the location of fortuitous opportunities just by instinct alone? Won’t my hundreds of years of tomb-raiding be a right joke then?

Yue Yunde opened his mouth to retort, but he noticed the “matter-of-fact” expressions on everyone’s faces. Thus, he swallowed his words.

Never mind. Let me see if Junior Brother is really that good. If it is true, then I will cling to him for the rest of my life. If it is fake, I will find a way to relegate him to a supporting role!

Haha, I really don’t believe that a person can rely on luck alone to do whatever he wants in this ancient tomb. It is just illogical!

Not to mention that there’s something off about this tomb. I heard Junior Brother mention that he encountered some kind of vengeful Golden Crow spirit.

There’s a possibility that not only will we fail to find any fortuitous opportunities, but we might stumble upon a bunch of vengeful spirits!

Yeap, let me set up a teleportation array first.

Safety first!


The group followed Shen Tian through the tomb.

As they passed multiple dark tunnels, they triggered the runes on the walls, which resulted in attacks by flocks of flaming Golden Crows.

Nonetheless, the group cooperated smoothly to transform those flaming Golden Crows into cultivation energy for their own purposes. No one felt disadvantaged in the least.

As they made their way down thousands of miles of the passageway, they came upon multiple cross junctions. It was like they were traveling through a maze.

If they didn’t already firmly believe in Shen Tian’s providence, the group might have started to doubt if they were already lost.

“Junior Brother, should we head back?”

The fat Taoist priest pursed his lips. He could tell now. This Junior Brother might be very talented in terms of cultivation, but he was just a newbie when it came to finding treasures.

Shen Tian had been going in circles for a long time now. It was a waste of effort.

They were now completely lost inside this maze.

They appeared to have walked thousands of miles, but they were just going round and round in an ever-widening circle in reality.

Yue Yunde didn’t want to continue in this manner anymore. He was here to seek treasures, not to go on a long-distance marathon to lose weight.

It’s time for me to show off my abilities. Be good kids and watch carefully!

Shen Tian stood in front of the final cross junction. He smiled. “Don’t worry. We have arrived.”

With that, Shen Tian stepped into the middle pathway.

All the pathways instantly glowed and merged into one.

A door made entirely of supreme-grade fire-element Spirit Jade appeared before everyone. It was beautiful.

As the door slowly opened, a vibrant herb garden was revealed. The crisp, fragrant scent of sacred herbs wafted out.

It was clear this was a special small world of its own. It was the most precious secret place in the entire Immortal Abode Island.

This was the Golden Crow Thearch’s personal herb garden!

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