I Am Overlord

Chapter 1756: Lingering Dismemberment

Chapter 1756: Lingering Dismemberment

There were only ten aliens on that particular warship. They were the strongest among the aliens' young generation. They were all ninth-stage Gods, and the strongest was a peak God only half a step from entering the Nine Revolutions Realm.

The person who had just spoken was the phantasma race's imperial young God, Huan Lexuan. He was only about 200 years old and was already a ninth-stage God. He had even fused his illusory techniques with his mind, achieving a terrifyingly high accomplishment in illusions. Even someone like him was only ranked at the bottom of the top ten. However, he was far stronger than the likes of Niu Meng and the silverhorn beast.

"Go. End this boring battle," said the leader of the group, a person shrouded in darkness.

He was the strongest of the ten, and when he spoke, all the others had a look of fear on their faces. Huan Lexuan rushed out of the warship and entered the battlefield, aiming for Ji Feixian, who had just heavily injured an alien. Two indescribable rays of light shot out of his eyes, causing the stars to shift and the universe to turn.

Ji Feixian was the Immortal Road Chamber's strongest young genius. She was already a ninth-stage God. With the Divine Flying Immortal Technique, she was among the human army's five strongest combatants.

Sensing Huan Lexuan's attack, Ji Feixian was about to step forth and meet the challenge when she found herself sinking into an illusory domain. She saw her parents, who had raised her, and also saw the scene of her leaving with her master for the sake of her martial pursuit. By the time she returned home, her parents had passed away.

That was a pain she had kept deep in her heart. She initially planned to return in glory and give her parents a comfortable life. Unfortunately, fate had intended otherwise. Ji Feixian started crying bitterly. At that exact moment, a palm stabbed into her heart like a sharp blade.


Her heart was dug out before she could even react. She immediately recovered from the illusion and raised her sword, intending to kill the attacker. Unfortunately, a shapeless sword suddenly slashed at her countless times, instantly dismembering her.

"Feixian!" shouted the strongest guardian of the Immortal Road Chamber anxiously when he saw Ji Feixian's body be cut apart. He wanted to help, but the Nine Revolutions Realm bone alien made a move and sent him flying away.

"Hehe, humanity's elite young Gods? Nothing special at all," said Huan Lexuan as he grabbed Ji Feixian's soul and stuffed it into a jade bottle. Evidently, he was not going to just finish Ji Feixian off like this. He kept her soul so he could slowly deal with it later.

After killing Ji Feixian, Huan Lexuan flew toward Mo Du. He moved at a terrifying speed, to the point he was almost indetectable. It was as though he had become one with his surroundings.

Mo Du was as strong as Ji Feixian. A clump of black water energy swirled around him like a black dragon, emanating an imposing aura. Wearing a pair of gloves, he unleashed one impressive palm strike after another toward the aliens.

"Young God, watch out for the phantasma alien!" shouted a top expert from the Celestial Alliance. They did not want to see Mo Du suffer the same fate as Ji Feixian.

"Mere illusory tricks," said Mo Du with a resolute look on his face.

"Is that so? Try my illusory technique, then," said Huan Lexuan with a smile as an incorporeal illusory power noiselessly surrounded Mo Du and dredged up his deepest memory.

Initially, Mo Du was able to persist and maintain his consciousness. But after a while, he started screaming and placed his hands around his head. Evidently, he had been reminded of something painful.

Han Lexuan then rushed over and slashed at Mo Du's neck with the side of his palm. Suddenly, Mo Du seemingly regained his clarity of mind and threw both his palms out, unleashing a tsunami toward the alien.

Overturning Mountains and Seas!

It turned out that Mo Du was merely pretending to be affected by the illusion, luring Huan Lexuan toward him.

Mo Du thought that he had succeeded. A smug smile formed on his face as he said, "Like I said, illusions are useless tricks."

But when his attack landed on Huan Lexuan, he discovered that he had only struck an illusion. Face falling, he exclaimed, "No!"

"Since you don't know what double illusions mean, accept your defeat," Huan Lexuan's voice rang out behind Mo Du as he slit Mo Du's neck. A large amount of blood sprayed out.

Lingering Dismemberment!

He used the same technique he had used against Ji Feixian, swarming Mo Du's body with slashes, cutting Mo Du into so many pieces that regrowing became impossible. Mo Du's soul was then captured and stuffed into a jade bottle. The human army finally panicked.

"Even Young Master Mo was captured. Th-this phantasma alien is too terrifying!"

"It's over. Nobody from our side can defeat that alien. If this continues, more and more of our young Gods will be captured."

"We should retreat and beg for help from the guardian gods. Otherwise, these aliens will really reach the dominion."

"Fear not. Perhaps there is someone who can defeat that alien!"


Huan Lexuan moved through the battlefield and killed a few more young Gods before capturing their souls, frightening the young Gods so much that they retreated back toward their people.

"You humans are truly weak," said Huan Lexuan with a smug smile on his face.

"You really think no human can deal with you? I, Qin Jiu, shall take your life!" said Qin Jiu. He had been taking a short rest. After he made his declaration, he charged toward Huan Lexuan.

"You're not bad. I'll capture you and make you my attendant," said Huan Lexuan as his eyes flickered with a crafty look.

Qin Jiu did not approach Huan Lexuan. Instead, he entered a state of emptiness, rejecting the entirety of Huan Lexuan's illusion from his mind. He then transformed into a nine-headed dragonsnake and charged Huan Lexuan. Huan Lexuan had a solemn expression as he realized that his illusion had been repelled. Losing his illusion was akin to losing a massive trump card.

Uprising of Dragon and Snake!

In his nine-headed dragonsnake form, Qin Jiu unleashed a terrifying offensive strength. A large amount of energy spread out with an aura of desolation and approached Huan Lexuan.

"Is this the Solitary Empty Heart's strongest state?" muttered Gongsun Sanyang with a solemn expression.

The Solitary Empty Heart was an odd ancient mind technique. The process of cultivating this technique was harsh and difficult. Gongsun Sanyang had not expected that Qin Jiu had actually cultivated the technique to perfection. That was a state where one could repel all external disturbances, entering a state where one's combat prowess was at its strongest.

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