I Am Loaded with Passive Skills

Chapter 50 - You’re Leaking Gas

Chapter 50: You’re Leaking Gas

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Mo Mo’s spasmodic “ugh” and the constant shaking of her body made her looked rather scary.

However, she also looked ridiculous at the same time.

Xu Xiaoshou believed that he had good control over his emotions and usually wouldn’t burst into laughter, unless he really couldn’t help it.

That was equally true for the audience. At first, nobody dared to laugh, as she was the Outer Yard Senior Sister and at the top of the honor roll!

However, after Xu Xiaoshou started laughing, it caused a chain reaction.

The initial shock disappeared from people’s faces, and they gradually erupted into laughter.

“Oh my gosh, Xu Xiaoshou, he has my respect. He’s toxic, eh. Hahaha!”

“I can’t take it anymore. I’m dying of laughter. I’m seeing another side of Senior Sister Mo. She’s so cute!”

“Haha, I can’t bear it, really. I’m sorry. Let me laugh first, hahaha…”


Such unique laughter had suddenly taken over the entire battleground. Everyone was stunned.

“What the heck. Who laughs like that? It’s strange!”

“Shut up. Look behind you.”

That person turned around and saw Elder Qiao’s expressionless face, and he almost peed his pants.

Oh god, he was done for!

To his surprise, Elder Qiao pointed at the arena and yelled, “There he goes again! Xu Xiaoshou’s a psycho, right!”




No one could contain their laughter anymore. Half were laughing at the battle, while the other half was laughing at Elder Qiao, which was a rare occasion, as none of them would usually dare to laugh at him.

A new wave of passive points was registered on the information bar. Most were from people respectfully mocking him, but more were from people’s disdain and curses.

Xu Xiaoshou was amused. This was the benefit of having no barrier. He could see the updates in real-time, which felt really good.

On the other side.

Mo Mo had planned on reserving her strength, but after Xu Xiaoshou’s humiliating trick, she was now determined to unleash her right hand.

She forced herself to endure the weird feeling in her body and continued to choppily make hand seals, which were actually connecting.

“What the… that actually works.”

Xu Xiaoshou was caught off guard and realized that he couldn’t fool around anymore. If he didn’t treat her seriously, she would definitely kill him here.

“Reverse Sword Style!”

“Ugh!” Mo Mo endured it and stared at Xu Xiaoshou, her eyes blazing with anger, but her hands didn’t stop making hand seals.

However, this time, Xu Xiaoshou also didn’t stop.

The black sword swiftly flew over, and right before it penetrated his chest, Xu Xiaoshou used his mind to put it inside the space ring.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that he was a genius for thinking of using the ring around his neck.

After getting rid of Hiding Pain, which had tried to devour its owner, he now could finally unleash his full potential.

“Innate Sword Will fully activate!”

Mo Mo’s body trembled violently as she felt herself lose control of the sword aura within her body.

So Xu Xiaoshou hadn’t exhausted all of his strength?


She finally caved in and vomited a mouthful of blood.

With a mouthful of blood, she could no longer suppress the seal, and a sky-shooting sword will started rising from her.

Xiao Qixiu, who was standing at the edge of the arena, was numb.

“Xu Xiaoshou…

“Has he really cultivated the skill ‘All Things Are Swords’ to the point where he can even forcefully control a human?

“What kind of a weirdo is he!?”

Strictly speaking, Xu Xiaoshou wasn’t controlling a human. He was controlling the sword aura within Mo Mo’s body.

It had originally belonged to him and was as dear to him as Hiding Pain, so how could he fail to summon it?

After Mo Mo lost control of the sword aura, not only did the sword will rise from her body, but the white Innate sword aura was also released.


The seven apertures on her head and four limbs started releasing a horrifying sword aura. The sharp sword will then immediately cut her, causing her to bleed profusely.

Mo Mo had really underestimated him. She didn’t know Xu Xiaoshou’s control of the sword will was so powerful.

Usually, people who’d acquired “All Things Are Sword” would definitely be able to learn Innate Sword Will, but those with Innate Sword Will weren’t guaranteed to learn “All Things Are Sword!”

This wasn’t a spiritual technique, but a real realization of a state of mind. It was tremendously difficult to get to that.

It seemed like Xu Xiaoshou was the only weirdo who’d learned “All Things Are Sword” while he acquired Innate Sword Will.


As the horrifying sword aura leaked out, Mo Mo was sent flying into the air by the recoil.

In the air, their eyes met. One of them was chained up in the void, while the other was literally a portable sword aura projector…

The only similarity they shared was that both of their limbs were spread wide, and they were both drenched in blood.

“Hehe!” Xu Xiaoshou chuckled. “You’ve finally gotten a taste of what I feel!”

“Let go!” Mo Mo said with much difficulty.

“I didn’t chain you up. And, on top of that, you started this first!”

Xu Xiaoshou blinked and added, “Why don’t you let me go first?”


“Hehe! That’s my line too!”

The two looked at each other in silence, both with stubborn looks on their faces.

Xu Xiaoshou stayed quiet for a while longer before suddenly saying, “Junior Sister Mo, stop struggling. You’re leaking gas…”

Mo Mo was puzzled for a moment before she became so enranged she felt she might faint.

“Xu Xiaoshou!

“I will kill you!”

“Threatened, Passive Points, +1.”

The audience below them erupted into hysterial laughter. Although both of them were in a terrible state, Xu Xiaoshou had made it difficult for the audience to sympathize with them.

Blood was spurting out of them!

Was their blood infinite!?

Mo Mo was hesitant, as she didn’t possess an Innate body. She’d only been able to last until now all thanks to the tremendous life force released from her right hand to heal her.

However, she knew that “it” felt tired.


“I agree that I’ll let you go first!” she said through clenched teeth, and made a hand seal, stopping the lava immediately.


Eternal Vitality insantly healed most of his body, and Xu Xiaoshou moaned with relief.

Mo Mo then said, “It’s your turn!”

Xu Xiaoshou took a deep breath, enjoying the hard-earned moment of peace.

“I’m sorry. I can’t control the sword will, actually…”

Mo Mo: ???

“Cursed, Passive Points, +1.”

She waved her hand, letting the lava flow again.

“What the heck. You’re cruel!”

Xu Xiaoshou seized the moment to thrust his chest out and lift the ring high.

Hiding Pain reemerged and started hovering in the sky.

When the sword handle was facing his forehead, Xu Xiaoshou used “Glow of Sharpness” and concentrated his power onto his forehead, then banged the sword handle.


The black sword was forcefully fired toward the sky.

In the spectator seats, Qing Teng realized…

It was the sword that had defeated him that day!

Everyone understood Xu Xiaoshou’s intentions, and they all sat up straight to see how the battle would proceed.

How could Mo Mo ignore that?

However, her body was still releasing sword will, and it was nearly impossible for her to move her hand.

Even so, she still started making hand seals.

“It’s too slow…”

Xiao Qixiu shook his head. Even if Mo Mo had a horrifying ultimate skill up her sleeve, she was constrained by the complicated hand seals.

If she were fighting against an ordinary person, this wouldn’t be a problem.

However, she was facing Xu Xiaoshou the weirdo, who happened to be a talented young man that could capture every detail of the battle!

It felt like that night when Hiding Pain had flown to an extremely far distance. Xu Xiaoshou felt excited.

“Come!” he thought.

“Devour your owner. I’m giving you the chance today!”

“Reverse Sword Style!”

Mo Mo didn’t give up, even as the sound of something slicing through the air came from behind her, and Hiding Pain came up and impaled her in the chest!

This wasn’t all. Everyone witnessed the black sword continue to thrust forward with Mo Mo on it and pierce cleanly through Xu Xiaoshou’s chest.

The world fell dead silent.

The void of the finals, four gigantic chains covered in lava, a black sword dripping with blood with two people on it…

This sight would probably be etched into the spectators’ minds forever.

“Xu Xiaoshou… He’s really determined… He really could harm himself…”

“I’m tearing up. It looks really painful…”

In the void, the chains looked transparent, as if they would disappear at any second.


Xu Xiaoshou vomited blood on Mo Mo’s head.

Pain! It was a heart-piercing pain!

However, he wouldn’t have been able to stop Mo Mo from unleashing her right hand if he hadn’t gone to such lengths.


Mo Mo also vomited blood on Xu Xiaoshou. She didn’t possess an Innate body, so she passed out on Xu Xiaoshou’s chest.

Some people’s eyes teared up at the sight, some were bedazzled, but most were stunned.


The chains finally disintegrated, and Xu Xiaoshou hugged Mo Mo, who had lost consciousness and fallen from the void.


Xu Xiaoshou withdrew the black sword and carried Mo Mo in both of his hands, then fed her a red gold pill.

“The battle has ended. The winner is Xu Xiaoshou!”

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