I Am Loaded with Passive Skills

Chapter 1472 - 1472 It's Over? (Part 2)

1472 It’s Over? (Part 2)

Not to mention that the glance of the Against All Demons in front of him contained the highest level of aura and suppressive force of Swallow the Mountains and Rivers in an instant.

“Perhaps, even if I come back to life, it’ll be hard for me to resist my strange Present Gods and Buddhas.” Xu Xiaoshou has seen the uniqueness of the first realm of the Heart Sword Technique.

Not everyone could withstand the power of cultivation deviation.

When a person’s spiritual body went crazy, they would not only face the Present Gods and Buddhas in front of them but also the demons in their hearts and the fear in their hearts that had been magnified countless times.

His thoughts returned to the present.

The strange eyeball that had been crushed by his Heart Sword Technique represented the destruction of Elder Xie’s physical body and the collapse of his will.

Other than Elder Xie whose soul had yet to wither but was not good at this, he was probably not far from true death.

From the beginning to the end, the only thing Elder Xie could do was to howl out a simple sentence in his spiritual world.

Using the Heart Sword Technique to deal with a crazed fellow like this was a piece of cake!

“It’s a pity!”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked by the power of the Heart Sword Technique, but he also felt a little regretful.

He had originally wanted to perform Soul Reading on Elder Xie’s soul to find out the origin of this special power of the ancestral source.

Elder Xie was unable to control this power perfectly, but he had a body constitution that wouldn’t suffer from cultivation deviation, so he might be able to.

But now that the enemy had been destroyed, what else could he read?


“He doesn’t seem to be completely dead?”

As he sighed, Xu Xiaoshou’s eyes fell on the tiny pieces of Elder Xie’s eyeball pieces that had exploded after his strange transformation on the long street, and his eyes suddenly narrowed.

Even though the bits of flesh and blood were still emitting devilish energy, they still had a tenacious life force unique to the higher void level. At this moment, they were squirming imperceptibly, trying to gather and piece together.

“It is alive…”

Xu Xiaoshou’s eyes rolled as he thought of something.

The collapse of Elder Xie’s spirit body had caused his physical body to self-destruct as well.

However, this also helped him recover from the state of madness caused by the strange evil technique he had used.

In other words, Xu Xiaoshou’s Heart Sword Technique was the craziest way to counter violence with violence, and it removed the power of the evil god aura’s influence on Elder Xie.

In the end, Elder Xie collapsed in the simplest state of cultivation deviation. A glance from the imagery of the Present Gods and Buddhas under Xu Xiaoshou’s eyes, the Sword God Gu Louying.

But this kind of collapse was not equivalent to death.

It was difficult to die even for a Sovereign Dao Realm expert. How could the collapse of a mere spiritual body and the explosion of a physical body be equivalent to an instant death for the higher void level?

“At least, he still has some time to live. Judging from the tiny bit of activity in the flesh residue, he’s still alive.”

Xu Xiaoshou was certain that Elder Xie, who was not very good at spirit and soul, could not have such a strong life force as Yi.

Therefore, Elder Xie would still die with the passage of time.

It was impossible for him to be resurrected in the true sense. A person who had collapsed because of cultivation deviation would not have the possibility of being resurrected in the soberest state.

However, Elder Xie was still not completely dead.

“Shall I try it?”

This thought flashed through Xu Xiaoshou’s mind. He immediately used his spiritual energy to quickly piece together the remains of Elder Xie.

“It’s a little disgusting.”

Xu Xiaoshou frowned, enduring the feeling of nausea. He watched as the flesh and blood quickly wriggled and grew after being pieced together. It was actually showing a faint trend of returning to the body of Elder Xie.

“The life force of the higher void level is too tenacious!”

Xu Xiaoshou was dumbfounded. There were still signs of resurrection?

However, he knew that even if Elder Xie’s physical body had recovered, it would be impossible for him to return.

This was because Elder Xie’s rapidly wriggling and growing body was also accompanied by the rise of devilish energy. Even if he were to return, he would only return as a monster who had suffered from cultivation deviation and did not know his past.

“Xu Xiaoshou, what are you doing?”

In the night sky, Xiao Kongtong and Mei Siren looked at Xu Xiaoshou’s experiment at the same time, and they could not help but feel a chill down their spines.

They had thought that the battle was over!

They didn’t expect it to continue.

Elder Xie had clearly borrowed the aura of the power of the evil god to transform into a strange representative, but after Xu Xiaoshou’s display of the Present Gods and Buddhas, his current actions were extremely similar to that of a real demon.

He was flogging the corpse?

“Master Siren, do you think Xu Xiaoshou’s ‘Heart Sword Technique’ is strange? Could he have been contaminated by something similar?” Xiao Kongtong couldn’t help but think deeply before asking.

It was undeniable that after he had entered Elder Xie’s spiritual world with the Heart Sword Technique, he had also been shocked by the power of the Present Gods and Buddhas under Xu Xiaoshou’s eyes.

However, deep down, he was more worried about Xu Xiaoshou’s nature, whether it would be twisted by the appearance of the demonic nature.

Even if it was just a little!

Surprisingly, Mei Siren did not refute it, but he thought of a deeper possibility.

He had witnessed Xu Xiaoshou’s successful cultivation of the Heart Sword Technique, and he was the first to experience the power of its imagery.

How could such a young guy visualize such a powerful image? Why did he want to obtain such terrifying power? When he first started learning the Heart Sword Technique…

The heavy pressure brought about by past experiences? Rebound? The pursuit of one’s own goal?

Mei Siren believed that there were all these.

Humans were complex creatures, but they were also pure creatures.

Mei Siren would not interfere too much with the path chosen by his student. He looked at the figure of the young man in the distance under the night sky and said softly.

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