I Am Loaded with Passive Skills

Chapter 1366 - 1366 I've Given You Face, Xu Xiaoshou! 1

1366 I’ve Given You Face, Xu Xiaoshou! 1


The Void Attendant felt listless as if it was being strangled by an even bigger giant. Even his roars were much weaker.

How did the aura of this “weak Demi-Saint” in front of him suddenly become so strong?

Just a moment ago, he looked like his cultivation had been sealed or he had been seriously injured. He could have easily dealt with him then.

But now…

The Void Attendant felt that as long as this Demi-Saint wanted to, he could support himself till death with his Holy Power alone!

Unless he followed the tradition and used the Abyss Island’s rules and sent him to the Inner island to be suppressed, he would probably not be able to avenge the emptying of the Herb Garden of Divine Farmer alone.

“Who was calling my name?”

Jiang Buyi strolled on leisurely.

After he landed, he could sense that there were only two people in this battle.

Other than the Spiritual Cultivator who was being tortured by the Void Attendant, the only other person left was the dark Void Attendant, who was probably the one who called out the Saint’s name.

However, when he thought about what he had sensed earlier, it was a normal size human being from tens of thousands of miles away, who looked very similar to him and even had the same voice, who had called his name.

Jiang Buyi felt that other than these two, there might be a third hidden person at the scene.


“No, not to that extent.”

If that person was a Demi-Saint, he wouldn’t have to stay hidden.

Then there was only one possibility left. After reaching the Sovereign Dao Realm, he specialized in the “Art of Escape”. In his Higher Void State, he could stay hidden even under the nose of a Demi-Saint!

“Speak up.”

Jiang Buyi raised his eyes and looked at the huge Void Attendant, hoping to get some information.

The dark giant that was three thousand feet tall was a sharp contrast to the Elder whose form was only seven and a half feet tall.

However, at this moment, the one who had the upper hand in terms of aura was instead this puny human.


The Void Attendant roared again to boost its courage.

It still couldn’t accept such an arrogant and absurd change of attitude from this “weak Demi-Saint”.

Just a moment ago, he had to dodge its attacks frequently.

“What are you pretending to do?”

The Void Attendant was furious and kicked him again.

“You said ‘I’m Jiang Buyi,’ and ‘What can you do to me even if you know my name?’. Now you’re asking me who was the one who spoke…”

“Do you really think that I, the Void Attendant, am brainless and that you can fool me as you please?”

“Ka ka ka…”

The space was shattered by the Void Attendant’s kick. That strike was filled with power. It was the Absolute Power that gave the Double Dumba*s and Hong Dang nightmares…

The Void Attendant could not believe it.

It believed that there was no way a Demi-Saint, who was seriously injured or whose cultivation had been sealed, could regain his peak state in such a short time.

Therefore, this kick was its third test, a test for the Demi-Saint Jiang Buyi!

Sure enough, after the kick, Jiang Buyi, who had landed, did not dare to resist and disappeared with a swish.

The Void Attendant immediately confirmed what was in its mind.

This guy’s sudden change in attitude and aura was all a bluff, all fake!

However, this thought didn’t last long. In the next second, a low and angry voice appeared near its chest.

“A Demi-Saint is not to be blasphemed!”

The Void Attendant was stunned and lowered its head.

This time, Jiang Buyi, the human Demi-Saint, did not use his extremely fast speed to flash behind it, nor did he continue to tease it.

On the contrary, he flew up to its chest as if he was not afraid of death and slowly stretched out his right hand.

The breeze ruffled his white robe, and the clouds obscured his form.

Jiang Buyi tilted his head slightly. He did not even look at the tall dark giant in front of him. He used the back of his right palm as a point and pressed it against the Void Attendant’s chest.

“Clouds and Moon, show your power.”

He struck out with the back of his palm, which in turn stirred up the clouds and the moon.

Vast Holy Power gathered after this move. When the Void Attendant realized too late that something was wrong and wanted to retreat, it was as if the world had frozen over and it could not move at all.

Perhaps Jiang Buyi did not want to use too much of his power, which would cause the Forest of Miracles’ Ultimate Attribute to be activated.

It was also possible that he had a good grasp of his own power, so it wouldn’t cause all kinds of explosions that would occur like during the battle of the Spiritual Cultivator in the third realm of the Sovereign Stage.

In short, this light wave of his hand did not cause any explosion, and neither did the space crack. Even Xu Xiaoshou, who stayed hidden in the air because he did not dare to show his face, did not notice how much energy it contained.

He looked like an old man in his twilight years who was powerless to defend himself. He waved his sleeves and left without taking a single cloud away.


In the next second!


A muffled sound echoed in the air.

The space behind the Void Attendant did not explode, but its body turned into light spots and shattered on the spot.

“What the hell?”

Xu Xiaoshou’s jaw immediately dropped in shock. He could not quite believe what he just saw.

One strike…

With a wave of his hand…

The Void Attendant died?

Startled, Passive Points, +1.

The power of a Demi-Saint was far beyond Xu Xiaoshou’s imagination, but the Void Attendant in his memory should not be so vulnerable, right?

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly realized something and turned to look behind the Void Attendant.

Sure enough, from a hundred miles away, he saw the real body of the Void Attendant. Under Jiang Buyi’s “Cloud and Moon move”, its body became curved like a large shrimp, and it was deeply embedded in the cracked space.

It could not move for a long time!

At this moment, a three-thousand-foot-wide black crack appeared between Jiang Buyi and the Void Attendant a hundred miles away. It was the space that shattered!

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