I Am Loaded with Passive Skills

Chapter 1244 - A Brand New Mask! 1

Chapter 1244: A Brand New Mask! 1

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Thunder raged.

As the nine-colored thunder calamity struck the center of the tribulation, it sensed that an outsider had entered the area. Immediately, it gathered another part of its power and attacked.


Huang Quan held the Shang Xuan Sword on his back.

He waited until the arrival of the Thunder Calamity’s attack before raising his sword, splitting the lightning into two.


The electric snake on his body swam away, but Huang Quan didn’t show any abnormality.

The invasion of calamity power didn’t do anything to his body.

Shang Xuan Sword, one of the nine supreme divine weapons, was best known for its ability to ignore all defenses. It cut through the lightning like cutting vegetables.

With one slash, it could split mountains and seas.

Its title as the world’s sharpest sword was not undeserved.

Other than the famed sword, Heavenly Unravel, there was probably no other weapon in the world that could withstand the attack of the Shang Xuan Sword.

“Deva…why is he here?”

Huang Quan put the Shang Xuan Sword back on his back. With a slight doubt in his heart, he quickly flew toward the center of the tribulation.

The deep sea could not form a water ball around him, and the water pressure could not crush his body. This showed Huang Quan’s ability.

Even in the Spell Forbidden Barrier, his time and space attributes were sealed.

However, his time and space-sacred physique could still make him feel like he was in another plane, and he could not be attacked by anything.

In terms of combat, he had the Shang Xuan Sword and Hun Che on his back. One for physical attack, and the other for spiritual attack.

This was why Huang Quan dared to go into the sea that even had the saint’s will alone.

“Meng Po has been found.”

“The Deva has obviously fallen into the deep sea for some time, seeing that he has fallen to such a deep position…”

“What happened to him?”

Up until now, Huang Quan only knew that Meng Po had gone into the sea because she had met the demi-saint of the Jiang clan on the Lone Cliff.

The five decays of Heaven and Man had acted together with Meng Po, but they had been separated and fell into the deep sea ahead of time.

This matter still needed to be considered.

If it weren’t for the soup causing Meng Po to still be unconscious under the seal…

If it weren’t for the critical situation at the moment and that they had to find someone as soon as possible…

Huang Quan couldn’t wait to wake Meng Po up and let her tell him everything that had happened before.

Of course, it would be a waste of time.

Huang Quan wasn’t sure if there would be a water ball protecting Meng Po after he took her out of the second dimension.

If there wasn’t, then Meng Po would be attacked by the water pressure and she would die!

Therefore, the most important thing now was to find her.

As long as he found the five decays of Heaven and Man, he would have all the answers!


He flew at lightning speed.

Since he couldn’t use his spatial power, he naturally couldn’t teleport under the deep sea.

However, the sacred physique of time and space abandoned the restriction of water pressure, and Huang Quan’s speed was already at the highest level of a higher void.

Not long after he had destroyed the lightning with one strike, he finally arrived at the center of the tribulation.

At the same time, the thunder calamity above the nine heavens showed signs of dissipating, and no more lightning fell.

“It’s over?”

Huang Quan raised his eyes.

The fading of the calamity power in the deep sea meant that there were two possibilities.

Either the person transcending the calamity died.

Or the person transcending the calamity succeeded, and the nine Death Thunder Calamity faded on its own, adding another higher void to the world.

He scanned his surroundings.

Soon, Huang Quan found a floating figure not far away.

The person wore an orange robe, tattered and tattered. The mask on his face had been shattered, revealing a bloody face of the five decays of Heaven and Man.

There was no water ball.

However, the water pressure could not crush his body.

This was because the five decays of Heaven and Man was not weakened to his limit, and hence did not trigger the protective mechanism of the water ball.


Huang Quan heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this.

It was good that the person was not dead.

He walked quickly to the side of the five decays of Heaven and Man. After thinking for a moment, he took out the Shang Xuan sword on his back and shook it slightly from a distance.


Sword cries sounded, and the water rippled.

Under the effect of the external force, the eyelids of Deva, the Five Decays of Heaven and Man, quivered and showed signs of awakening.

In the next second.

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