I Am Loaded with Passive Skills

Chapter 1121

Chapter 1121: Go Down! 1

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“I’m very attractive…” He thought.

Xu Xiaoshou couldn’t close his mouth for a long time.

This was too crazy. He was merely a master, how could he be worth such a high price?

“Senior, you wouldn’t go so far as to kill me for this, right? I suppose even the ‘Saint Ascension Essence’ won’t be able to attract someone of your level?” Xu Xiaoshou was truly a little terrified.

Water Ghost stared at the young man in front of him for more than ten breaths with a smile that contained half mockery. He then said, “Of course, I won’t kill you for this. After all, I’m a good person. But you should know that the biggest purpose of a bounty order is to ‘betray’!”


Xu Xiaoshou was deep in thought.

Water Ghost continued, “According to unknown statistics, about seventy percent of the high-level bounty criminals on the continent usually don’t die at the hands of assassins, but at the hands of their relatives and friends. You’re very smart, so you should understand what I mean.”

Where did this statistic come from? Xu Xiaoshou subconsciously wanted to refute Water Ghost’s words, but he could tell that Water Ghost was trying to make fun of him. Thus, he asked, “Senior, are you saying that I should be wary of my own people?”

“You can’t be too careful,” Water Ghost replied with a chuckle as he paced around, “I have my own path to becoming a saint, but there are some people who have been stuck in the higher void realm for too long. Sometimes, their inner demons will persuade them to take risks, so you have no choice but to be wary.”

“Who should I take precautions against?” Xu Xiaoshou suddenly felt killing intent emanating from every corner of the space. The threat of the bounty order was simply too great. He felt that the storyteller, Cen Qiaofu, and the others might try to take the risks as well.

“You should know who you should take precautions against.”

Water Ghost did not respond to him directly. Instead, he changed the topic and said,

“In any case, I have already instructed you on what you should do. It has been decades since the Three Incenses issued such a huge bounty, or rather…”

“There are other big rewards, but the target of such a huge bounty is either the storyteller or Bazhun’an.”

“The former is elusive and has many methods to save himself, while the latter is only known as the Eighth Sword Deity, and that’s enough to deter people from making a move against him.”

“You’re different!”

Water Ghost stopped in his tracks and said in a deep voice, almost as if he was threatening Xu Xiaoshou, “You’re the most wanted criminal in the current world. You’re weak, and the reward is high… every assassin knows that this is an opportunity. If they can’t capture Bazhun’an, then they only need to wait for an opportunity to capture you, right?”

Xu Xiaoshou let out a deep breath.

This sounded like a threat, but when he thought about it carefully, it was completely different.

This was the most realistic explanation!

He had indeed gone overboard and was brought to the cusp of the storm.

With his current cultivation level, it would be extremely difficult for him to block the hostility from all directions. If he made even the slightest mistake, he would lose the whole game.

“Who issued the arrest warrant? Such rewards shouldn’t be possible for an ordinary person to provide.”

Xu Xiaoshou reacted quickly. He knew that since he couldn’t solve the unknown troubles, he might as well find the source of the trouble.

As long as the ‘culprit’ was dealt with, the killers would know that they wouldn’t be able to get the reward. Naturally, they wouldn’t deal with ‘Saint servant, Xu Xiaoshou’.

After all, the prefix ‘Saint servant, Xu Xiaoshou’ was still very intimidating.

“Ye Xiao.”

Water Ghost seemed to have a lot of connections and gave a very positive answer. He pointed at the bottom of Lone Cliff and said, “She’s right down there. With the intervention of the barrier, it might be the best chance for you to solve the problem.”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned and looked down.

“My bro, this cliff isn’t suitable for jumping!”

“You are a water ghost, and I am a living person. If I go down there, won’t I be cut into pieces by those big shots?” Xu Xiaoshou thought.

Even though he knew that there was a barrier that forbade the use of techniques, and that “Forged Body” and “Way of the Sword” might be his greatest reliance…

But among those people below, which one of them was simple to deal with?

No matter how strong his Way of the Sword was, he couldn’t be stronger than Rao Yaoyao.

No matter how strong his Forged Body was, he couldn’t be stronger than the chief of the physique division, Wang Dachui, and the chief of the Combat Division, Teng Shanhai, with his Cang God armor.

Last time, Xu Xiaoshou could use the holy blood and the saint statue to take away Teng Shanhai’s Xiao Divine Spear and enter the Spell Forbidden Barrier. Without the Holy Blood, from a certain point of view, the influence of the bottom of the Lone Cliff on him would be much greater than those big shots!

Xu Xiaoshou decisively rejected Water Ghost’s suggestion and turned his head to ask, “May I ask, if I ask senior for help, what price will I have to pay?”

Water Ghost was momentarily stunned.

He did not expect that Xu Xiaoshou would ask him for help.

But then again, this was indeed the best choice for this kid.

After all, he had just displayed the ability to make a move wantonly within the “Spell Forbidden Barrier”.


“I’m afraid you can’t afford the price of my help.” Water Ghost shook his head.

“If senior didn’t say it, how would you know that I can’t afford it?” When Xu Xiaoshou said this, he was full of confidence.

It was not the first time that he had done something like this.

At the very least, he could use a favor to ask Bazhun’an to help Water Ghost, and then borrow Water Ghost’s hand to kill Ye Xiao.

In that case, he only needed to return Bazhun’an another favor.

As for why he said, “Another”…

The last time, in order to save the people from the First Pavilion in the Sky at the Spirit Gem Trade Fair, Xu Xiaoshou was already in debt to Bazhun’an.

People were like that. When they were debt-free, they thought highly of themselves and felt that one of their favors was very expensive.

But after being in debt once, they realized that even if they owed an important person a favor, with their current ability, they could not repay it. Then, the debt would not weigh on them.

Moreover, Xu Xiaoshou realized that he had been secretly used by Bazhun’an too many times.

This old thief was too cunning. Since he couldn’t resist Bazhun’an at the moment, he had to learn how to counter-use more and return the favor.

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