I Am A Prodigy

Chapter 713 - To The Battlefield

Chapter 713: To The Battlefield


There were such things?

“Shameless! Absolutely shameless!” Ye Lingchen gripped his fists tightly, pushing down the thought of vengeance against Xiang Guocheng.

‘Damn it. I’m not his match and he might just rob me back in return. Patience. I’ll make him pay when my strength exceeds his! Not only will I make him pay, it’ll be with interest!

‘Twenty eight merit points in total. I won’t be too mean by keeping it to one percent a day. One year would be three hundred and thirty five percent. Yeah, that’s right. I’ll round it up and charge him forty times!

‘Let’s set a small target and aim to collect all that he owes within a year!

‘I’ll take this as a lesson in resource management.’

With that in mind, Ye Lingchen felt much better.

“Kid, I’ll have to warn you that Xiang Guocheng is at the peak level of Innate Stage.” Noticing the change in Ye Lingchen’s expression, the old man reminded him out of concern.

“Yeah, the peak level of Innate Stage in shamelessness!” Ye Lingchen grunted.

Unexpectedly, the old man’s expression turned solemn and said in a serious tone, “For that, you’re mistaken. There will always be a more shameless person out there. Warriors must compete! Don’t ever be naive. Make what you may out of it.”

Ye Lingchen pondered for a moment. “Thank you sir for your advice. I’d like to trade for some items.”

“Help yourself.”

The old man then placed the exchange list in front of Ye Lingchen.

On the first line, it showed that one merit point could be changed for ten thousand RMB.

Ye Lingchen’s eyes brightened up. “Merit points have fixed monetary value? Does that mean that I can buy merit points with money?”

The old man looked at Ye Lingchen with an insincere smile. “Hehe, in your dreams.”


Ye Lingchen never had high hopes on that anyway. He continued reading the list.

“There are elixirs?” Ye Lingchen looked up.

Body Tempering Elixir: Suitable for martial artists. Increase physical strength. One merit point.

Meridien Tempering Elixir: Suitable for Inner Force martial artists. Increase meridien strengths. Five merit points.

Vitality Elixir: Greatly increase recovery of wounds. Five merit points.


Ye Lingchen sucked in a deep breath. That was too expensive!

One should know that one merit point required him to kill one Inner Force martial artist. In order to trade for the corresponding elixirs, one had to have exceptional killing ability!

The better the elixirs, the more costly it would be. At the same time, it also helped Ye Lingchen better understand the importance of merit points.

If these elixirs were made public, it would definitely be priceless!

However, Martial Arts Pavilion would never let that happen, limiting it to be available by trading with merit points. Without them, it would be impossible to buy with money!

Continuing down the list…

Body Tempering Flower, Meridien Tempering Herb, Vitality Fruit…

Ye Lingchen’s expression changed immediately. “Sir, these…”

“You’re right. Those so called elixirs are just the juices from these herbs after diluting them,” the old man explained honestly. “Based on our current knowledge, this is all we can do.”

‘That sounds…stupid.’

“Kiddo, what’s with that expression? This is to maximize our resources!” the old man exclaimed.

Ye Lingchen went through his memory. Although his Chinese Medicine’s proficiency was maxed out, there were no methods of using these items, much less refining them into elixirs.

However, his skills could be upgraded. That might be exploitable!

If that was the case, then he would be rich!

‘Hehe, Xiang Guocheng. It’s fun while you scammed me. In the future, I’ll make you beg from me!’

Ye Lingchen’s mood brightened up immediately and continued reading.

Next were the weapons. They were different from regular blades. These weapons were made with special metal alloys, making them extremely strong and sharp. Moreover, there were materials from the Void Realm added into it. The price was steep, even higher than the elixirs.

Going further, Ye Lingchen finally saw the spirit stones.

Low-grade spirit stone: One merit point per gram.

Mid-grade spirit stone: 10 merit points per gram.

High-grade spirit stone: 100 merit points per gram.

The higher the grade of the spirit stone, the greater the spirit energy within it and the purity would be better too. Previously, the spirit stone that Xiang Guocheng showed him was the high-grade spirit stone.

The Void Realm’s appearance was not all bad. It could also bring many miraculous things to Earth.

“I want to change…”

Ye Lingchen was contemplating. Right then, he had a sudden idea. “Sir, is there a battle going on at Hell’s Gate?”

The old man looked at Ye Lingchen. “There is indeed a battle going on. It started ten days ago. The Void Realm had initiated three waves of attacks. A big portion of the Martial Arts Pavilion had been dragged over to the battlefield. The remaining ones are still under training, therefore you won’t see many people.”

Pausing for a moment, he then spoke up, “Kid, I heard that you’re quite good at fighting. However, I don’t recommend you join the battle so soon. First of all, you’re still a complete newbie. If you join the battlefield so suddenly, it would be very dangerous for you. Moreover, the battle needs more than just passion on your side. You still need to consider the risks and gains.

“You have exceptional talent to reach this level on your own at such a young age. A rare talent indeed. If you can patiently train for another year or so in the Martial Arts Pavilion, you’ll be able to make a bigger impact.”

“Thank you for your advice.”

Ye Lingchen nodded, then stared at the exchange list for some time. “I’d like to trade for twenty grams of mid-grade spirit stones.”

“Are you sure you’re changing them all to spirit stones?” The old man’s brows twitched.

“I’m sure.”

20 grams of mid-grade spirit stones was about the size of a goose egg. It sparkled brilliantly with an alluring appearance. Just its beauty alone would make it worth at least tens of millions.

Exiting the merit exchange, Ye Lingchen looked toward the source with the densest spiritual energy. Without any hesitation, he started walking toward it.

The Martial Arts Pavilion was located at the perimeter of the new district. In order to avoid the destructive aftermath from the battles, it was quite a distance from the central region.

Ye Lingchen followed a straight wide road headed directly to the central region. On each side was lush forests. The environment in that area was definitely one of a kind. Even without any management, the trees were growing optimally. It was just like a forestry park.

The entire Martial Arts Pavilion was like a hidden facility deep within the jungle that was only connected to the Hell’s Gate. Its doors were guarded at all times as both sides never truly stopped fighting.

In the entire Martial Arts Pavilion, Ye Lingchen has not met a single Inner Force martial artist apart from that scoundrel Xiang Guocheng and the old man at the merit exchange. The only explanation was that they were sent to the battlefield.

The battle had gone on for 10 days. Although Xiang Guocheng may seem heartless, the situation right then was definitely critical. Ye Lingchen had tried to ask around for information, but the remaining people were not even qualified to join the battle and knew little. They were of no help at all.

In the end, he had to depend on himself!

While he walked, he ran through the various possibilities in his mind. ‘I’ll go check things out first and maybe pick a few stragglers. If there are any dangers, I’ll just run away…’

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