I Am A Prodigy

Chapter 634 - Ambush From the Su Family

Chapter 634: Ambush From the Su Family


Su Qingxue shivered as her face turned white as a ghost and filled with fear and surprise.

There were a total of 10 people. At the lead was a middle-aged man with a squarish face. His eyes were sharp like an eagle, seemingly able to pierce through them under the moonlit sky. He was walking toward them without any hint of emotions on his face.

Beside him were a man and woman. The man looked handsome. His body was perfectly toned and had a chiseled face—his features were outstanding and had a slight western flair to it.

The woman, however, looked slightly similar to Su Qingxue. She also had an alluring appearance, but the aura she gave off was less innocent compared to Su Qingxue; there was a touch of arrogance.

Seeing both of them, Su Qingxue was shocked, subconsciously taking two steps backward. It was obvious that she was afraid, and even felt a little ashamed.

They were her brother and sister, Su Anxuan and Su Qingyao.

“Qingxue, why didn’t you let us know that you’re acquainted with Mr. Y? It would help us be a better host,” Su Anxuan said with a smile on his face.

Following that, he greeted Ye Lingchen with his fists together. “We tagged along after noticing Qingxue coming out alone and was worried about her. I didn’t expect to run into Mr. Y over here. What a surprise.”

‘Hehe, I’ll be stupid to believe you.’

Ye Lingchen sneered in his mind. Putting aside Su Qingxue’s low position in her family, even if that was not the case, why would the master of the family come along? What a joke.

Moreover, the others who accompanied them were all experts—they were obviously prepared for this.

After a casual glance at Su Anxuan and Su Qingyao, he surmised that they should be the siblings Su Qingxue previously mentioned. However, their positions and authority in the family were far beyond hers.

From what he observed, that was indeed the case. Comparing Su Qingxue to them was akin to comparing a university student to some company directors.

Su Anxuan seemed to have practiced martial arts. Although his strength was nothing to Ye Lingchen, it was similar to Lin Ao when Ye Lingchen first met him.

Su Qingyao on the other hand, was similar to Su Qingxue and did not have any martial arts background. However, she gave off an aura equivalent to that of a director of a company worth tens of billions. She should be a strong woman like Ouyang Qing.

‘Hehe, since you’re acting dumb, I’ll play along.’

“Oh, since you’re here looking for Qingxue, she’s right here. I’m tired and will take my leave.” He casually yawned after a half-hearted response.

The people from the Su family frowned, clearly taken aback by his unexpected response.

Su Qingyao reacted quickly and interjected immediately, “Mr. Y, it’s fate that we should meet. Why don’t we have a friendly chat to get acquainted?”

“I’m not against getting acquainted, but I’m more willing to befriend a beauty like you. It’ll be even better if we can have a nice private conversation in the night.”

Su Qingxue could not resist shooting a glare at Ye Lingchen. She was taken aback, shocked by Ye Lingchen’s bluntness.

Su Qingyao’s expression darkened—she had never ever been flirted with in that way.

“Since Miss Su is unwilling, then I’ll not force it upon you.” Ye Lingchen shrugged.

“To be frank, we’re here for Mr. Y!”

Master of the Su family, Su Tianhong—Su Qingxue’s uncle—finally spoke up.

He was a lot more decisive. Realizing that it was pointless to beat around the bush with Ye Lingchen, he cut straight to the point.

“You’re here for the medicine’s formula?” Ye Lingchen said in a playful tone.

“That’s right!” Su Tianhong nodded openly, filled with confidence. “Over seventy percent of the rabies vaccine in the country is supplied by the Mo family. Moreover, you’ve killed Black Tiger and the Mo family’s butler. That’s equivalent to cutting off their fingers. Do you think they’ll let you off?”

Ye Lingchen’s expression changed slightly. No wonder the Mo family acted so quickly.

Once Ye Lingchen’s medicine hits the market, the rabies vaccine would be redundant. That was a direct conflict of interest with the Mo family, making them natural enemies.

Before Ye Lingchen could speak, Su Tianhong continued, “In this Sichuan-Tibet region, there are five great families. The Mo family ranks first, followed by the other four families ranked equally. If Mr. Y wants to live, you can consider joining our Su family!”

“I don’t need to depend on any of the families to live comfortably.” Ye Lingchen remained calm. “If Master Su has no other concerns, then I’ll be heading home.”

“You imbecile. Do you think we’re negotiating with you?!” Behind Su Tianhong, a middle-aged man around Black Tiger’s size came forward while shouting profanities, glaring at Ye Lingchen all the while.


At the same time, Ali snickered and walked in front of Ye Lingchen. He rubbed his hands, eager to get some action.

The middle-aged man’s eyes gleamed when he saw Ali stepping forward. The next moment, a normal-looking elderly man with average height stepped out slowly and stood next to the middle-aged man.

The old man should be in his sixties, but his face had a healthy complexion, comparable to someone in his forties. Suddenly, the veins along his arms and palm bulged up, his long slender fingers formed an eagle claw. It was obvious that he had stored a terrifying amount of power within it.

“Mr. Y, they are Elder Pan and Elder Sun. They’re no weaker than Black Tiger. With both of them working together, what will the chances of your bodyguard winning be? The power of a family is not something a single person can stand up to. After all these years, we have set up a wide network. I can easily hire experts from all around, whereas you’re only a single person!”

Su Tianhong smiled confidently, taking on a lecturing tone. “Mr. Y, your medical skills are great and we respect that. If you’re willing to hand over the medicine formula, our Su family will not only guarantee your life, we can also give you sufficient benefits. If we’re to bring you back by force and interrogate you, then you’ll be trapped between life and death!”

Every family would put on an expert or two in public, but their hidden power was naturally much better.

Black Tiger and Elder Pan were both experts in the public’s eye. They were almost the same in terms of power, each representing the Mo family and the Su family.


Su Qingxue’s petite body was trembling. Her body stiffened up, feeling as though her blood had stopped circulating. The intense fear almost caused her to lose her ability to think.

“Oh, right.” Su Tianhong finally remembered about Su Qingxue. He could not hold back a laugh. “If Mr. Y is willing to cooperate with us, I can even have Qingxue serve you by your side.”

Su Qingxue’s pale face took on a reddish hue from the agitation.

Although she belonged to the Su family, she was treated as an item—something that was easily gifted to someone for the family’s benefit.

Apart from her looks, she had no special traits. Meanwhile, this world was not lacking in terms of beauties. For a big family like the Su family, it was a profitable deal if they could exchange beauties for benefits.

Ye Lingchen’s medical skills were amazing, and he had the formula with him. Moreover, his bodyguard was an endurance training master. Even if they had to throw in a few top-quality beauties, the Su family would not bat an eye, let alone Su Qingxue.

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