I Am A Prodigy

Chapter 555 - Miracle Doctor Y, All the Best!

555 Miracle Doctor Y, All the Best!


The people outside watched as the doors closed. Their faces filled with worry.

‘Can Miracle Doctor Y really cure Qin He?’

Cancer was a demon-like existence, but what was more crucial was Qin He’s age. Could he bear with the torture?

At that moment, it could be said that a big portion of the country was focused on this matter. Qin He’s identity was special after all. At the same time, Miracle Doctor Y’s breakthroughs also attracted attention from the entire country.

In the room, Grandmaster Jiang and the others were looking at Ye Lingchen, waiting for his instructions.

“I’ll sedate Elder Qin. Please tilt his body slightly toward me,” Ye Lingchen instructed, sedatives at the ready.

“Do you need to run a check on Elder Qin’s condition first?” Grandmaster Chen could not resist asking.

Western medicine placed great importance on apparatus. All of the patient’s conditions and other data would be monitored accurately using those tests in order to decide on an appropriate treatment.

Before an operation, one must be even more careful and run through all the tests.

“No need,” Ye Lingchen replied calmly. “Just keep up with me and it’ll be fine.”

Apart from western medicine, his Chinese medicine had also maxed out. It emphasized the four diagnostic methods of observing, listening, questioning, and pulse. Along with western medicine, he could see through Elder Qin’s condition with just a glance.

Grandmaster Jiang and the others exchanged glances, not knowing what to do.

Grandmaster Ye was about to use…western medicine?

From the medical tools that Ye Lingchen had set up, it would appear that he was taking the western medicine approach. However, up until that point, they had only seen Ye Lingchen practicing Chinese medicine.

Although Chinese medicine and western medicine were both under the category of medicine, they were drastically different. Moreover, Ye Lingchen was still young. His Chinese medicine skills were already astonishing. Could it be that he knew western medicine too? That would be impossible even if he had been learning while still in his mother’s womb.

They were worried and wanted to voice out a few times, but they kept their piece.

Ye Lingchen had no time to bother with them. He went around his preparations and prepped the place. With the scalpel in hand, he made a quick circular movement with his wrist and moved to operate on Qin He’s abdomen!


Grandmaster Jiang and the others narrowed their eyes immediately. They wanted to stop him, but it was too late.

Although the scalpel was small, it was extremely sharp. Along with Ye Lingchen’s moving hand, an incision was made on the abdomen.

It was a clean and straight cut with the perfect depth!

“How did you know that it was there?” Grandmaster Jiang looked at Ye Lingchen in amazement.

A surgery required absolute caution. Every cut had to be impeccable. That was especially the case when it came to cancer cells. First, one must determine the location. Next, the removal must be precise. If the cut veered, it might damage internal organs. If the tumor was damaged, then the cancerous cells might be distributed to the rest of the body via the bloodstream. By then, even gods would not be able to help!

During an operation, every step was a challenge. How could one be as carefree as Ye Lingchen?

“I could feel it with just a touch,” Ye Lingchen replied while ignoring their amazement, preparing his next move.

With the current technology, it was impossible for him to clear all the cancer cells within the body.

Firstly, the tumor was attached to the internal organ and was living as though it was part of it. The removal process was too arduous and any mistake would lead to an absolute disaster. Moreover, due to the spread being too severe, it was impossible to be 100 percent accurate. Therefore, at such a stage of the disease, one would usually take the conservative approach as surgery carried way too big a risk.

Ye Lingchen considered for a moment, then told Qin He, “Elder Qin, your stomach looks really good. It’s almost perfect.”

He was telling the truth. Qin He’s stomach had a very typical shape, almost exactly as depicted in the textbooks. If not for the tumor, it would definitely be considered the perfect stomach.

Hearing Ye Lingchen’s words, Qin He broke into a grin—one that showed no signs of nervousness.

After applying the sedative, he did not become unconscious, but remained awake.

Grandmaster Jiang did not expect Ye Lingchen to have the time to joke. At that moment, they were all sweating bullets from the anxiety.

Especially when they saw the situation within Qin He’s body. The sight turned their face pale.

Based on their experience, the cancer cells would have already spread to the nearby organs. With it spread so widely, it was impossible to save. Even cutting away at the tumors was impossible as it might potentially complicate things.

“Miracle Doctor Y, this…”

“Following this, you just need to keep quiet and watch,” Ye Lingchen instructed calmly. His gaze turned serious, he flexed his arm, and started cutting away!

Strands of spiritual energy wrapped around the scalpel’s blade. At the same time, Ye Lingchen was observing the behavior of the cancer cells. His cuts were steady and consistent. Every cut removed a portion of the tumor.

Spiritual energy was extremely helpful. It could effectively separate the tumor without harming other parts. Moreover, it could also prevent the cancer cells from spreading elsewhere.

Even with that, Ye Lingchen dared not let his guard down. It took a great deal of control on his end. Fortunately, his mind was filled with all sorts of methods to use a scalpel and his body was much more agile than others. That was what helped him endure the process.

Every incision he made pushed Grandmaster Jiang and the others to the peak of their anxiety, followed by amazed gasps.

As time passed, the crowd grew larger outside the surgery room. The queue went all the way to the hospital’s main hall. If not for the hospital administration keeping control, the waiting area would have burst open.

In fact, Capital City had to mobilize the police to help maintain order in the area due to the special circumstance.

“It’s been two hours. Why are they still inside?”

“Nonsense. That’s terminal stage cancer. How can it be that easy?”

“This time even Miracle Doctor Y is having difficulties. I wonder if it can be treated?”

“It should be fine. Miracle Doctor Y said so himself. I’m so nervous.”

The group of people had waited from the beginning. They had no intention to leave, and did not even feel tired from standing the entire time. The number of people focused on the live stream did not reduce either. Countless viewers dropped what they had been doing and waited along with the group.

Slowly, a piece of news was spreading around.

[Compared to that, I’m more worried about the consultation fee. Do you guys know how much the consultation fee is for the rabies patient earlier?]

[How much? 100 thousand? 200 thousand?]

[10 thousand! That was them begging the hospital to accept the payment! I heard that Miracle Doctor Y did not fix his consultation fees. Instead, it was however much the other party was willing to pay.]

[F*ck me! What a great man!]

[10 thousand? Nowadays the rabies vaccine itself could even cost several thousand!]

[That’s right! If everyone was like Miracle Doctor Y, will there still be people who can’t afford to treat their disease? This is the real lifesaver!]

[When I saw that family crying while hugging their child, I bawled too. It’s true. Life is precious. Miracle Doctor Y is the one I admire the most in this life!]

[I believe that Miracle Doctor Y can cure the disease. All the best, Miracle Doctor Y!]

[All the best, Miracle Doctor Y!]

Unsure of when it started, the entire comment section was flooded by the same message. Meanwhile, even Weibo’s trending search list and mainstream media had the same title on their front page—[All the best, Miracle Doctor Y!]

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