I Am A Prodigy

Chapter 450 - I’m Bored. What to Do?

Chapter 450 I’m Bored. What to Do?

[The pollution of the environment in recent years is a serious problem! Poor God Ye.][Please take appropriate actions. It’s very rare for Black Warrior to appear in our country. Don’t let the pollution force it away.]

[Hahaha, have you guys seen the news? The people in East City Village initially thought it was a monster attacking them. I’m dying from laughter.]

[God Ye, are you trying to swim everywhere on Old Tortoise’s back?]

Meanwhile, after half a day of travel, Ye Lingchen had finally arrived at Hill Spring Residences.

Before he could make it out of the lake, he could hear the sounds of hurried footsteps along with passionate howling.

“It’s Daddy’s smell. Daddy’s home!”

“Sob sob sob, Daddy is finally home. I miss him badly.”

“That’s weird, Daddy did not go through the main gates. He’s coming from the back of the mountain.”

“Huh? There seems to be a different smell.”

Little Green and Little Grey’s voice drifted into Ye Lingchen’s ears, bringing a smile to the corner of his lips. He felt touched. It would seem he did not bring these two little ones up for nothing.

Little Green and Little Grey were extremely quick. With a flash, the two figures had already crossed the field and arrived near Ye Lingchen. However, when they saw the huge figure next to Ye Lingchen, it gave them quite the scare, causing the fur on their backs to stand on end and changed into a more mournful howl.

“F*ck! It’s a big tortoise monster!”

In the next instant, they immediately stood in front of Ye Lingchen, blocking him from Old Tortoise while barking and glaring at it.

“Get out of here Daddy. I’ll block him off for you.”

Within this period of time, Little Green and Little Grey’s body were quite developed. Added with the effects of Ye Lingchen’s training, their size was much larger than the average wolf, almost reaching Ye Lingchen’s waist. However, when compared to Old Tortoise, they seemed tiny.

“There, there, stop your yelps.” Ye Lingchen immediately gave the signal for Little Green and Little Grey to stop. “This is a friend alright? Go get yourself acquainted.”


Little Green and Little Grey were slightly baffled. They looked at Ye Lingchen, then Old Tortoise. With a cautious look on their faces, they skeptically approached Old Tortoise.



Ye Lingchen had no idea how they communicated. He only knew that they got along well very quickly. Following that, Little Green and Little Grey started to stand on Old Tortoise’s back and had it bring them for a swim in the water. They were playing on Old Tortoise’s back excitedly.

The breeze blew through Little Green and Little Grey’s fur, making them look stunning as though they were king of wolves.

Ye Lingchen laughed, then ignored them. He merely told them to avoid outsiders and went back into the villa.

Having stayed in the water for so long, Ye Lingchen first took a shower, then went back to his room to prepare for a good rest. He had planned to take a holiday for himself and comfortably enjoy it without care.

Like most people, Ye Lingchen’s entertainment was his phone.

He laid in bed with his phone out. Ye Lingchen first went into TikTok to check if there were any interesting short clips.

However, after browsing through over twenty short clips, he became bored.

Out of the twenty-plus short clips, more than half of it was about him. There was footage of Old Tortoise, the giant python, and the best husband nomination list. He was, naturally, placed first. Most of it were closeups of his handsome features, acquiring countless praises and comments.

What was left were mostly short clips of beautiful ladies. He must admit that TikTok had many beautiful ladies, but what sort of person was Ye Lingchen? He had plenty of pretty women by his side and owed a buttload of love debt. He was naturally uninterested in those beautiful ladies.

Browsing TikTok was out of the question. Ye Lingchen quickly logged off and got onto Weibo.

However, six out of the top 10 hot search list were about him. Weibo’s posts were mostly about him as well. Following that, he looked at the news headline and it was also mostly news about him.

‘Sigh. I guess I’ll read some novels?’

The top book was his own Celestial Bane. The trending ones all copied tropes from his novel. As for audiobooks, they were completely dominated by his Candle Blowing Ghost, Grave Robber’s Chronicles, and Study of the Three Kingdoms.

‘Perhaps I should listen to some songs?’

Unfortunately, Chaser of the Light, Light Years Away, Uncommon Words, and Some People had yet to lose its standing on the music charts…

Ye Lingchen let out a long sigh. ‘This… Is this the frustration of being too good?’

‘I’m bored. What to do?’

‘Perhaps only the process of collecting popularity points can bring me some excitement.’

Ye Lingchen regretted his actions for a moment, then took a deep breath and dived into the system menu. Looking at the 4.5 million popularity points, he could no longer hold back and planned to try his luck.

‘One time. Just one time!’

Ye Lingchen licked his lips.

Filled with anticipation, he poured all his attention into the system menu and started taking an account of his current skills.

He had two intermediate skills at the moment: Eight Extremities Brute Training (Intermediate) and Parkour (Intermediate)!

One greatly boosted his physical strength, allowing him to block bullets. The other one allowed him to course through special terrain as though they were flat ground, even running on water. They were monstrous.

Next were the basic-leveled skills.

Dragon-Catcher Hand (Basic), Bird Language (Basic), Diatribe (Basic), Gastronomy (Basic), Arhat’s Fist Force (Basic), Animal Taming (Basic), Heavenly Sound (Basic), Transfiguration (Basic), Aura Divination (Basic), Water Spirit Constitution (Basic), Formation (Basic), Dragon Seeking Formula (Basic).

Twelve basic level skills made Ye Lingchen realize his actual strength. Because of that strength, Ye Lingchen dared to behave in a lofty manner. ‘If I continued to advance these skills, perhaps even getting to the advanced level, then what in this world could stop me?’

‘No. I should replace ‘world with ‘universe’.’

As he continued scrolling downward, all that was left were the skills at full proficiency.

Calligraphy, Drawing, Massage, Qi Refinement, Western Medicine, Farming, Deutsch, Drinking, Russian, Turkish…

There were too many. Ye Lingchen did not have the patience to check them out one by one. He glanced at it and was troubled. Which level of skill should he advance?

Finally, his gaze fell onto Qi Refinement. If that skill was advanced to the basic level, it would surely be amazing.

Truth be told, he yearned for it greatly.

‘Since I want it, then I’ll take action!’

Ye Lingchen had a feeling that his luck was not too bad. It was the confidence of a gambler.

‘Let’s spend 100 thousand popularity points and go for a basic skill lucky draw!’

Ye Lingchen took a deep breath, steeled his eyes, and started it!

A golden glow moved over all the skills with full proficiency and at high speed. Ye Lingchen’s breathing became labored as he watched nervously.

The speed of the golden glow made one’s eyes blur. Finally, it stopped!


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