I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 599:

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Chapter 599:

Lin Yuan did not panic at all.

He knew that his Aunt Meng Shuixian would definitely speak for him

Because his aunt Meng Shuixian was very fond of him.

She hugged and kissed him every time she had a chance.

Adding the fact that Meng Yiyi really used to bully Lin Yuan.

How can Meng Shuixian, who knows her daughter Meng Yiyi very well not think that it was all for show?

She immediately believed therefore that it was Meng Yiyi who bullied Lin Yuan and not the other way around.

So Meng Shuixian directly scolded Meng Yiyi.

In fact, Lin Yuan’s father and mother had the same idea as Meng Shuixian.

The way they looked at Lin Yuan has no trace of doubt or blame.

They also knew how Meng Yiyi did all kinds of things to bully Lin Yuan when they were kids.

It’s just that it is hard for them to do anything about it back then.

It is more appropriate to leave the scolding of Meng Yiyi to her mother Meng Shuixian.

The scolded Meng Yiyi did not know what to say for a while.

Meng Shuixian, who is her own mother even thought that Meng Yiyi was the one with the guilty conscience and so she scolded her.

Meng Shuixian even continued to reprimand: “Yiyi, you bullied Xiao Yuan in various ways when you were young. How old are you now and you still resort to doing this!”

“Think about what you have done before, don’t you think it is too much?”

“You are already a grown-up, yet you still play such tricks. Do you think we will believe even half of the things you say?”

Hearing Meng Shuixian’s scolding, Meng Yiyi said aggrievedly: “But it is true!”

Although she was indeed the one who initiated the bullying, but she ended up being the one bullied!

Lin Yuan also saw some of her hidden treasures.

Not to mention her intimate clothes are still with Lin Yuan.

But she cannot say that.

That is because Lin Yuan had a piece of letter that had her handwriting.

As soon as the letter reaches Meng Shuixian, she will be dead!

Therefore, Meng Yiyi could never allow that to happen. freewebnove(l).com

There is just no way she can refute her mother who does not have confidence in her at all and is so fond of Lin Yuan.

The aggrieved Meng Yiyi began to wonder if Meng Shuixian was really her real mother or Lin Yuan’s.

She could only let some tears out and complain about Meng Shuxian’s being too partial.

Seeing Meng Yiyi would not continue to say anything else, Meng Shuixian warned: “Meng Yiyi, I’m telling you. You are not allowed to bully Xiao Yuan anymore! If you ever do so again, I will cut you off of your allowance!”

“Also, don’t even think about learning those dances, or else I will send you to those exclusive schools abroad for further studies!”

Hearing Meng Shuixian’s stern warning, Meng Yiyi could only hold back her grievances.

She glanced at Lin Yuan and held back her tears as she ran back upstairs.

The aggrieved Meng Yiyi returned to the guest room.

She sat on the bed as her hands and legs trembled.

Thinking of her mother’s favoritism, she felt more aggrieved.

She can only blame herself for having a prior record.

In addition to her grievances, she also has some other things to worry about.

Meng Yiyi was afraid that Lin Yuan would reveal her letter.

There is also her thong underwear in Lin Yuan’s hands which he can reveal to Meng Shuixian.

Her mother will definitely be outraged.

And her mother Meng Shuixian’s warning would definitely come true.

Downstairs, Lin Yuan is communicating with Meng Shuixian.

From time to time, he would be hugged and kissed.

Meng Shuixian also comforted Lin Yuan and said that if he ever gets bullied by Meng Yiyi again, he should come to her.

Lin Yuan just smiled.

He did not care about it and is not scared of Meng Yiyi.

But in the end, Lin Yuan still did not report to Meng Yiyi the letter and the surprise gift.

First of all, it is embarrassing to say to his aunt.

There is no need for it because targeting Meng Yiyi would also make his aunt embarrassed.

Aunt treated him very well.

Lin Yuan also has a good impression of Aunt Meng Shuixian.

Secondly, he intends to keep the ‘physical evidence’ to make Meng Yiyi uneasy.

She should be restless and worried.

Lin Yuan has no fetishes.

He is not interested in the personal clothing of Meng Yiyi.

But he plans to keep them to make Meng Yiyi feel uncomfortable and worried all the time.

Indeed, Meng Yiyi who was aggrieved felt restless in the room.

The more she thought of the physical evidence in Lin Yuan’s hands, the more she felt uncomfortable.

She still thought of how to get them back.

If Lin Yuan was still the previous cousin, it would have been easy to take them by force.

But the Lin Yuan now is obviously not the naive Lin Yuan as before.

Although Meng Yiyi still does not think that her cousin is so good, but it is clear that he cannot be tricked anymore.

If he was the naive Lin Yuan before, Meng Yiyi wouldn’t have had any problems.

But now, Lin Yuan is difficult to handle.

Thinking of her personal clothing, Meng Yiyi feels more uncomfortable.

Lin Yuan continued to chat with his enthusiastic aunt Meng Shuixian for several hours.

It is finally nighttime.

Lin Yuan had dinner together with his parents and their guests, Aunt Meng and Meng Yiyi.

Aunt Meng Shuixian always smiled as she ate.

She was very enthusiastic to help Lin Yuan peel the shrimp and the crab.

She even fed Lin Yuan.

She was very thoughtful.

Lin Yuan did not need to use his hands.

He was being spoon-fed.

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