I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 576:

Chapter 576:

Meng Shuixian also knew about how Meng Yiyi treated Lin Yuan when they were kids.

But Meng Yiyi suffered a sweet consequence just now and wasn’t even successful in bullying.

Instead, she almost was sweetened to death.

So after hearing Meng Shuixian’s words, she was very depressed.

Meng Yiyi could only exclaim: ”How can I bully my cousin Lin Yuan!? Mom, don’t talk nonsense!”

She couldn’t even tell that she had sipped some very sweet tea just now.

After all, it was all her doing.

And Lin Yuan didn’t seem to make her drink the sweet tea deliberately. He just wanted to serve her tea.

Therefore, although Meng Yiyi’s face was unpleasant, she could only hide it.

It’s like she knocked out her own teeth and swallowed the same in her stomach.

Meng Yiyi with her hair down and big eyes painted with nice eyelines stared angrily at Lin Yuan wanting to scare off her cousin who should be very afraid of her.

She wanted to shift her anger a little.

But Lin Yuan did not even look at Meng Yiyi.

Meng Yiyi was completely ignored.

Meng Yiyi could only hold back her anger.

Meng Shuixian did not care about Meng Yiyi either.

She directly pulled Lin Yuan over and sat down.

Then began a long conversation.

Soon, Lin Yuan, Meng Shuixian, Lin Jianjun, and Meng Yuelan talked happily.

Meng Yiyi seemed a bit like an outsider.

Meng Yiyi became even more suffocated.

As soon as Lin Yuan came, Meng Shuixian’s topic has always been about him.

She kept asking Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan about him.

She would ask about what he is currently doing, his physical condition, his career, his relationships, and so on.

And Lin Yuan indeed has done a lot of important things recently.

He has done some major things that benefited greatly the entire Lin Group.

His contribution almost caught up with that of Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan.

So even if the two didn’t want to boast, they just couldn’t help but be proud of their son.

Certainly, in front of Aunt Meng Shuixian, there is no need to be humble about Lin Yuan.

That is because Meng Shuixian is very fond of Lin Yuan.

Even if they don’t boast about Lin Yuan, Meng Shuixian thinks greatly of Lin Yuan.

After hearing the praises of Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan, Meng Shuixian is very happy.

She looked so proud that it seemed that Lin Yuan was her own son and not that of Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan.

After talking about Lin Yuan for a while, Meng Shuixian suddenly talked about business.

It is still about the development of Lin Group.

Meng Shuixian asked: “Yuelan, brother-in-law, Lin Group’s recent movements are a bit big. I heard that there have been many industry changes and there are plans to even enter the pharmaceutical industry. Is this true? Who decided on it? It is a bit reckless…”

Since Meng Yuelan can marry Lin Jianjun, the heir to the Lin family.

It just means that the Meng family is not a weak family either.

Although not as powerful as the Lin family, the Meng family also has tens of billions in assets.

And they also have a little power on Yanjing’s side.

Meng Yuelan helped Lin Jianjun mainly manage the Lin Group.

As for the Meng family’s businesses, they are mostly managed by Meng Shuixian.

In terms of business and family group operations, Meng Shuixian is still knowledgeable.

On her way to Jiangbei, Meng Shuixian also heard about the Lin Group’s actions.

And these industrial changes are accompanied by huge risks.

It may take off or fail.

But she heard that the Lin Group began venturing into the pharmaceutical industry which it is unfamiliar with.

Meng Shuixian was a little worried.

So she raised a question at this time.

Hearing Meng Shuixian’s inquiry, both Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan looked at Lin Yuan first.

That is because these plans and the general direction, almost all of them were proposed by Lin Yuan in the shareholders meeting before.

And based on Lin Yuan’s proposal, these adjustments soon took effect.

Although there are no significant achievements yet, both Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan are fully aware that the Lin Group will definitely take off.

Seeing Meng Shuixian’s worried look, Meng Yuelan said: “Don’t worry, these changes went smoothly…”

Meng Yuelan was about to explain when suddenly her phone rang.

Someone suddenly made a phone call to her.

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