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Chapter 714 - Chapter 714: Searching for Medicine (2)

Chapter 714: Searching for Medicine (2)

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After that, she chatted with the county magistrate about the industrial park.

The county magistrate wasn’t that concerned at first, but after listening to Lin Xiaoyue’s detailed introduction, he unconsciously became excited.

Qingshi Town was the most prosperous town in Nan’an County.

According to the county head, if Qingshi Town could really be built into an industrial park that could accommodate tens of thousands of people, the impact would be huge.

Qingshi Town might be able to develop further and become the most prosperous town in Nan’an County.


With the prosperity of commerce, the lives of the people would be better, and the taxes of the imperial court would also increase.

And Qingshi Town was under his jurisdiction, which could be considered his political achievements.

Thinking of this, the county magistrate became even more friendly towards Lin Xiaoyue.

When it was almost time for dinner, the magistrate wanted to invite Lin Xiaoyue and the others to stay for dinner, but someone from the Prince Anyang mansion came.

Following that, not only Lin Xiaoyue and the others, but the magistrate was also invited.

At the dining table, the magistrate personally witnessed the interaction between Prince Anyang and Lin Xiaoyue.

Prince Anyang asked the county head many questions.

The county head’s answer was reasonable and even somewhat novel.

But without exception, her ideas and suggestions were excellent.

The county magistrate felt that he had gained a lot of knowledge about this famous county head.

After the meal, Prince and Princess Anyang asked Lin Xiaoyue to stay for a few days, but Lin Xiaoyue declined.

In the carriage.

“With the cooperation of the county magistrate, things will be much easier.”

“When the officials finish surveying the land, get someone to come to Nan’an County tomorrow to keep an eye on it and get the title deed done as soon as possible.” Lin Xiaoyue said to Li Wan.

“Yes.” Li Wan understood the seriousness of the matte.

“Once the title deed is approved, we have to start construction.”

“How’s the manpower now?” Lin Xiaoyue asked.

“As of yesterday, we have already recruited 98 people. It shouldn’t be a problem to gather 200 people.”

“Our previous plan was to let these 200 people enter the construction site. We’ll consider whether to add more manpower accordingly.” Li Wan said.

Lin Xiaoyue nodded.

“It’s indeed not easy to arrange for too many people to go at once.”

“Have you arranged for the food and accommodation of these workers?” Lin Xiaoyue thought for a moment and asked.

In order to increase the efficiency of the workers, the Liu residence hired workers and provided them food and accommodation.

“I’ve already made arrangements.”

“The recruited workers are now arranged to live in a large mansion next to the Liu residence.”

“After that, we’ll wait for the title deed to come. Head Fang is going to bring them to build dormitories in the industrial park.”

“When the time comes, the workers will eat and live there. This way, it’ll be more convenient for them to do things.”

Lin Xiaoyue nodded.

“We have to arrange for the management personnel.”

Li Wan smiled.

“Don’t worry. Not all of the Nangong Army was ready for battle. Those who had followed Head Fang would stay behind. Also, the soldiers who were injured previously will not go to the front lines anymore.”

“With them around, the construction site won’t be chaotic.”

When Lin Xiaoyue heard that, she felt much more at ease.

It was indeed thanks to the Nangng Army. Otherwise, the chain stores that she had opened so quickly would not have been able to open smoothly.

The chili workshop, sausage and bacon workshop, and so on, could not be opened either.

“Alright.” Lin Xiaoyue replied.

She closed her eyes and leaned against the wall of the carriage to continue thinking.

At the same time.

In the capital.

Emperor Yan felt that he was becoming less and less energetic these few days.

He even overslept today and missed the morning court session.

Looking at the imperial physician who had been checking his pulse for a long time, a hint of fatigue flashed across Emperor Yan’s face.

“How is my situation?” He asked the imperial physician.

He was tired, but he had been dreaming about Nangong Zhan and Consort Shu these days.

Nangong Zhan questioned him, asking him why he wanted to destroy the Nangong Clan after all the meritorious deeds he had done for the Great Yan.

Consort Shu also looked at him with hatred. She even held a sword in her hand and wanted to take his life. She said that she wanted to avenge the Nangong family and their son.

After being disturbed by the nightmares, he felt that his mental state was even worse.

It was a pity that the Imperial Advisor wasn’t here. Otherwise, he could have helped him check if Nangong Zhan’s ghost had really returned.

Nangong Zhan deserved to die! Even after he died, he still lingered!

And Consort Shu, where did she escape to, and who helped her escape?

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