Hokage: Ryo’s Path

Chapter 50 - Expedition!

Chapter 50: Expedition!

The news about the Sand declaring war soon spread across Konoha, even the villagers knew that war was coming.In the Hokage’s office, the 3rd was asking Jiraya about the new Kazekage. But Jiraya didn’t know much about him. He only had what he heard when he was on his mission in the Sand village.

Normally, a Kage should be one with experience on the battlefield, or one who is a prodigy and very famous in his village. But the new Kazekage was someone that Konoha had no information about before he took over.

“Hokage Sama, this is intelligence from the battlefield in the Sand country!” An Anbu came in and delivered a scroll to the 3rd.

He opened it quickly. He sent out some of the best Anbu to get this information as soon as possible.

“The 4th Kazekage is a male, of unknown age, and a Magnet Release Blood Limit skill user. His way of fighting is unknown. The prisoner of the Sand that we arrested said that he was able to beat Shukaku on his own in the desert.”

The last sentence of the scroll made the 3rd’s face gloomy. Suppressing Shukaku, the one tailed beast in the desert is a great feat. This man is not one you would want to underestimate.

“Here, you can read it as well!” The 3rd handed over the scroll to Jiraya. After reading through it, his face showed the same expression as his Sensei.

“Sarutobi Sensei, immediately send out the troops! This guy is too dangerous for Sakumo san to fight alone!”

“You’re right. This new Kazekage sounds really powerful. Not to mention that they still have Chiyo, that old woman is Kage tier. This should too troublesome for Sakumo to deal with on his own.” The 3rd understood how serious this matter was. He was in a hurry to send out the troops.

“Anbu, call Ryo Yamanaka in!” The 3rd told the Anbu who delivered the scroll.

In a few moments, Ryo was there at the office. After the 3rd permitted it, Jiraya passed the scroll to him.

Ryo read through it. In the Manga, the 4th Kazekage wasn’t that relevant all along the story. During the execution of the plan to destroy Konoha, he was killed by Orochimaru. Then he was summoned by Kabuto using Edo Tensei.

Before reading the scroll, Ryo felt that the 4th Kazekage shouldn’t be able to face Jiraya in his Sage mode.

But then he read that he was able to suppress Shukaku in the desert. Knowing that the Ichibi can regenerate indefinitely in there, this means that the 4th is actually stronger than what he showed in the events of the Manga.

“Ryo, you can see in the intelligence too that this is a tough one. Ryo, Jiraya, get ready to set off tomorrow, you will be set off tomorrow morning to Join Sakumo. You are to fight off the Sand Ninja.”

“Yes, Hokage Sama!”

After the two left the Hokage’s office, the two of them gathered their teams.

On the 3rd training ground, Ryo and his medical squad set the time to depart. He then let the team disband to prepare themselves to leave.

The 3rd gave him a very tight time limit, so Ryo also had a few things to prepare, and had to say goodbye to his family and friends.

Kunais, explosive tags, Shurikens… Ryo went and stocked up on all the tools he thought he would need. Then he went and used his Sage mode to sense the positions of Kushina and the others.

Ryo took Kushina to Ichiraku to have a bowl of Ramen and to tell her that he was about to set off. As her only disciple is about to leave Konoha for war, she was very nervous and told him about what he should pay attention to on the battlefield.

After saying goodbye to Kushina, he went to the Ninja Acadamy. Not too long ago, Yugao started going there. He didn’t want to disturb her, but he looked at her from a distance to keep her image in his heart.

Afterwards, he went to the Forest of Death. Minato was not summoned yet, so he, Kakashi and the others continued to train in there.

“Hey Kakashi, Obito, Rin!” Ryo and the 3 greeted each other.

“Hey, what brings you here Ryo Yaro?” Obito’s words were harsh as ever.

“I’m leaving to the Wind country, so I came to say goodbye to you!” Said Ryo.

“What? You are leaving?!” Hearing the news, Obito didn’t even know how to say goodbye.

“So you’re going? Be careful of the battlefield. If something bad happens to you it would make Kushina really sad!” Said Minato.

“Nii-san, that’s not the best thing to say to someone going to the battlefield you know!” Ryo’s answer shook Minato.

“Sorry sorry! I said something that I shouldn’t have said. But Ryo, please be careful!”

“Thank you Nii-san, I will! Kakashi, Obito, Rin, do you want to say anything before I go?” Ryo turned to the 3 of them.

“Ryo, I look forward to see you next time!” Once he said that, Kakashi got back again to training.

“Ryo, come back alive and  stay safe!” Rin’s tone had a bit of a cry within it, making Ryo feel uncomfortable.

He couldn’t bear the atmosphere of goodbyes so he waved and them and turned to leave.

“Hold on a minute, Ryo Yaro! One day, I will beat you!”

“Oh?! I look forward to that day!” After he finished his words, he used Lightning Chakra mode to immediately leave.

Ryo went back home. He told his mother that he was going to the battlefield. She did not say a word. She knew that her son was no ordinary child, and she could only support him!

Chinse started to pack up clothes and food for her son. Ryo didn’t know what to say, but he knew how terrible she must have felt about this war.

At the end of the day, neither the mother nor the son spoke, and Ryo took the package his mother prepared for him.

The next morning, he passed by her room, standing at the entrance for a bit, and then turned away. At that moment, he heard his mother who already burst into tears saying out loud: “Ryo please stay safe!”

At Konoha’s gate, after listening to an impassioned speech from the 3rd, the support teams set off to the Wind Country.

“War, Kid! What do you think that there is such a thing?” Jiraya asked Ryo this question when looking at the team.

“Uneven distribution of resources can lead to war; jalousie leads to war; hatred causes war… No matter what, there will always be war somewhere. Jiraya san, you’ve been through a lot, having many battles. You know that this question probably has no better answer!” Said Ryo.

“Indeed! There will always be a war somewhere around the world. In fact, I’ve been looking for a way to reach true peace, but it’s a shame that I can’t find that yet. Kid, do you think there will be a day when people get along with each other?”

“I don’t know, but I do know that if we lose this war, Konoha’s villagers will never get to see such a day. Come on Jiraya san, we have no time to lose!”

“Haha! You little devil! Who’s the sage here? Do you think I’m being confused by this?” He was laughing loudly and heroically like his usual self.

“Now that’s Jiraya san that I know. Let’s go!”


“In this war, I, Ryo Yamanaka, have to make a name for myself.”

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