Hokage: Ryo’s Path

Chapter 451

Otsutsuki Hana then realized why the Hyuga Clan didn’t pay the slightest attention to their bloodline’s strength. They had forgotten everything about Tenseigan.

She sighed and said, “The Byakugan of our clan can evolve further upwards. The Byakugan is the Kekkei Genkai of Kaguya, the mother of our ancestor, Hamura, and it is her own Kekkei Genkai.”

“The Rikudo Sennin’s Rinnegan and Sharingan is her combination of Kaguya’s bloodline and Inyoton. So, the real Otsutsuki Clan’s Kekkei Genkai is only our Byakugan.”

“Above Byakugan is Tenseigan, which is Dojutsu with the same level as the Rinnegan that has the power to create and destroy everything.”

Otsutsuki Hana’s words stunned all the people of the Hyuga Clan. They didn’t know that the Byakugan could continue to evolve. The news was like a nuclear bomb exploding in their ears.

A few moments later, Hyuga Hiashi asked tremblingly, “Young Lady Hana, what is the technique to open the Tenseigan that you just mentioned?”

Otsutsuki Hana didn’t hide and told the Hyuga Clan what she knew, “Before we talk about the technique of opening it, I have to explain the type of Tenseigan first. There is a huge Tenseigan on Moon. This Tenseigan is formed by our clan members who injected their eyes power into it before they died in the past thousand years.”

“In other words, as long as there is enough eye power accumulated on a Byakugan, this Byakugan can turn on Tenseigan, which is the first way to open it.”

“Then there is the individual Tenseigan, and the opening condition of this Tenseigan is Inyoton.”

“However, not everyone who owns Inyoton can turn on Tenseigan. The bloodline must be powerful enough. The purer the Byakugan, the easier it is to turn on Tenseigan.”

As soon as Otsutsuki Hana’s words fell, the Hyuga Clan people’s gaze at Hinata changed. They heard Otsutsuki Hana’s words very clearly just now. Hinata’s bloodline was the most powerful among them.

That meant Hinata was the most promising person to open Tenseigan.

When the Hyuga Clan people were caught up in the fantasy of the Tenseigan, the second elder of the Hyuga Clan suddenly said, “Young Lady Hana, I take the liberty to ask. Now, on the moon except for that huge Tenseigan, is there anybody who can open the Tenseigan?”

“If you have no one who has opened their Tenseigan, wouldn’t it be even more impossible for us? That Tenseigan will mean nothing to us.”

The second elder’s words made the Hyuga Clan crowd, who had fallen into fantasy, awake at once, and they all turned their attention to Otsutsuki Hana.

Otsutsuki Hana smiled brightly at her words. The next second, her Byakugan changed, and light blue pumps appeared in the center of Byakugan. The eyes emitted a white glow from the inside out.

“This is Tenseigan. Unfortunately, I just got these eyes. I have not even experienced my first fetal movement, and the power I can use is not strong. If you are interested, I can demonstrate the power of Tenseigan.”

The Hyuga Clan people discussed for a while, and Hyuga Hiashi as the representative, said, “Young Lady Hana, we want to learn about the power of Tenseigan.”

Hana then broke the Ice Scalpel that Yamanaka Ryo gave her. Almost as soon as she broke the Ice Scalpel, Yamanaka Ryo appeared.

“Ryo, can you please take Hyuga Clan and me to a place without people? They want to see the power of Tenseigan.”

Yamanaka Ryo smiled and established a spiritual link with Hana, “Hana, you just opened Tenseigan last night. Would it be a problem to use it today?”

“I have used Tenseigan’s eyes power many times on the moon. There will not be a problem. Moreover, my Tenseigan is so much weaker here than the Tenseigan on the moon, and you can handle it even if something goes wrong.”

“Well, that’s a relief to me.”

After determining that there would be no problem, Yamanaka Ryo took Hiashi, Elders of Hyuga Clan, Hinata, Hana, Lain, and Ino. Together they teleported to the desert of the Country of Wind.


“Here is the deep desert of the Country of Wind. It’s off the beaten track, and Hana can do as much damage as you want.”

Hana nodded and mobilized the eyes’ power of Tenseigan.

With the flow of the eyes power of the Tenseigan, Hana entered the Tenseigan Chakra Mode. A light green tunic emerged from her body, and a small orb appeared behind her.

After seeing the changes that Hana’s produced, the Hyuga Clan felt a sense of fear from the depths of their blood.

Hana closed her eyes and felt her power, then floated to the air and gathered the small orb behind her into her palm.

“Hyuga Clan, look at this! This is the application of the Tenseigan eyes power to gravity, Amanohabaya.”

After saying that, silvery light fell from the sky will.

The silver light dispersed. The Hyuga Clan people looked at the desert that was instantly divided into two halves with shock.

After Hana used the Amanohabaya Tenseigan Chakra Mode disappeared. Her eyes also returned to the Byakugan’s appearance, and her Spiritual Status was also a bit sluggish.

Hana slowly fell from the air, and Lain immediately ran over to help her.

“Everyone from the Hyuga Clan, I’m sorry, I also just started Tenseigan. My eyes power is too weak; I can only do this.”

“No, no, Young Lady Hana, this is enough!” Hyuga Hiashi said in a hurry.

After that, Yamanaka Ryo took everyone back to the Hyuga Clan.

Hana talked to Hyuga Clan about Otsutsuki Hamura and then left with Yamanaka Ryo.


After Hana left, Hyuga Clan’s high level told the other clansman present what they had just heard.

After hearing this news, these clansmen looked at Hinata’s eyes more eagerly.

It was the first time that Hinata felt this kind of anticipation, and she was very nervous. Hyuga Hiashi sighed at this and thought to himself, ‘Hinata is too timid.’

“Hinata, you leave first! Remember, what you saw today is a matter of the rise and fall of our Hyuga Clan. You must not say anything.”

“Yes, Father. Then I will leave first!”


With Hyuga Hiashi’s permission, Hinata hurriedly ran out of the living room.

Seeing Hinata leave, the second elder sighed and said, “Can this girl really bear the burden of revitalizing Hyuga?”

“Regardless of whether she can be competent or not, she has to work hard. Our clan member is not only Hinata.” Hyuga Hiashi said.

“But, just now, Young Lady Hana also said that Hinata’s bloodline is the most promising to open the Tenseigan.”

“It’s just hopeful, not certain. I’m more interested in large-scale Tenseigan than personal Tenseigan. This kind of Tenseigan is something we can definitely get.”

Hyuga Hiashi’s words made the crowd brighten up.

After that, the Hyuga Clan people discussed the big Tenseigan. They made the Tenseigan a secret of the Hyuga Clan, and everyone present today was not allowed to pass it on.

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