Hokage: Ryo’s Path

Chapter 27 - The Hidden Sand’s Spy

Chapter 27: The Hidden Sand’s Spy

Over 7 years after he crossed over, Ryo finally saw his favorite Naruto character of all times!

Hotel voyeurism was so fitting for his character. Ryo found him peeping and revealing his wretched smile every now and then.

Ryo jumped on the roof of the hot spring hotel and kicked the Ero Sennin in the butt.

The noise over the roof tops created a great fuss inside the hot spring hotel. Women were screaming and running to cover themselves and the yelling so that pervert would be captured.

Soon after, the owner rushed out with a broom, and Ryo laughed as he remembered the similar scenes from the manga.

His laughing brought attention to himself, and the peeper was pissed that he didn’t just get him caught, he’s also laughing his heart out.

“Hey you little demon over there, Do you know what you did?”

“I just punished a pervert who peeked into the women’s bath!”

Ryo was curious about the answer. He can’t use the excuse of gathering material because at that time, he hasn’t started writing novels yet.

“You little devil, in that bath, there is a spy from the sand village. Our ninja tracked her all the way down to this place. But she wasn’t anywhere to be found!”

Ryo felt that he was honest; especially that he heard some news about spies found in the village.

Right as they were speaking, a woman in her twenties sneaked out, confirmed that no one was around, then called an eagle and tied a piece of cloth to his left foot.

“That’s bad!” Seeing the woman doing that to the eagle, the voyeur stopped arguing with Ryo and ran towards her.

In no time, he was by her side. She fell into the women’s bath and knew she was doomed.

This woman has been lurking in Konoha in several days without being caught. She thought she was safe as nobody noticed her for such a long time.

He wanted to use her to find the bigger fish and catch all the sand spies. But after 2 days of tracking her down, he found out that she didn’t contact anybody. So he gave up on the idea of arresting others.

He wanted to catch her, but as he knew that this was the day when women go to the hot spring hotel, he couldn’t pass on the opportunity to peep. Arresting her could wait!

This woman wasn’t exactly that strong, but she was excellent when it came to camouflage. She was caught but the eagle was nowhere to be found!

If the eagle escapes, it will be useless to seize this woman. Just when he was about to look for Ryo to blame him, the latter’s Body was surrounded by Lightning Chakra.

“The Lightning Chakra mode?” He was familiar with this mode used by the 3rd Raikage, so seeing the little kid that got in his way use it was a great surprise to him.

Ryo activated the mode because the eagle didn’t leave the range of his sight. He was still able to capture its figure.

Ryo jumped and used Chidori Senbon to take down the eagle. A few moments later he came back with it in his hands.

The peeper chakra watched Ryo coming back with the eagle, and was even more curious about the kid.

He looked at him when he arrived and said: “Little demon, give me that hawk.”

Ryo handed over the eagle to him. So he took out the piece of cloth from its foot and then burned the bird to ashes.

He opened the cloth strips, and read through them. Most of them mentioned the Konoha hospital, with the name of Ryo Yamanaka mentioned several times. It was clearly noted that this 7 year old kid was no inferior to the great Tsunade as a medic.

The sand village was located in the depth of the desert, lacking resources and medical staff. Coveting Konoha’s medical expertise was not to be unexpected.

What he didn’t expect is that over the course of the three years he spent training the 3 orphans; Konoha actually had a new medic who, at only 7 years of age, is comparable with Tsunade.

After he finished reading, he destroyed the cloth and looked at Ryo.

“Kid, who are you, a student from the academy?”

“Before asking someone for his name, I must first say my own.”

“Well said Little devil! Good kid” He Jumped up and said: “I am Myouboku Mountain’s Monk of the Frog Spirits, also known as the Gama Sennin, and one of the three Legendary Sannin: Jiraya”

His introduction dance was even more ridicules than what it was like in the anime, Ryo was holding his laughter, while feeling weird about it at the same time!

“My name is Ryo Yamanaka, a Konoha Genin.”

“You are Ryo Yamanaka!?”

“I don’t think Konoha has another one with the same name!”

Just after reading about his intelligence and medical skill in the spy’s report, he met the little 7 year old. He thought that Sarutobi would more protective of him.

“Oyaji, what will you do with this spy?”

“She will be sent to the Konoha prison.” He said and laughed. Compared to other ninja, Jiraya was one of the nicest.

“You’re a Yamanaka right? So you know your secret techniques?”

Ryo nodded. He was practicing those techniques ever since he was a child. As one who crossed over, he had one of the highest spiritual energy levels in the clan.

“Can you read the memory of this spy? If you can, check it out for me. And see if she had any allies in the village”

“Okay.” Ryo readily agreed. He pressed his hand against the woman’s head, and his mental power invaded her brain.

In his mind, he read her memories. This woman was a normal ninja with not much Jutsu, and her only technique worth praising was her ability to hide herself using chakra. She found the scroll of that Jutsu accidentally in the hands of a dead robber when she was out on a mission.

She learned it and was sent on espionage missions for her village, and she completed them all flawlessly.

This time she was sent to Konoha’s hospital when were she recorded a lot of info about it, especially concerning Ryo.

Seeing how she wrote the info in that cloth, he understood how Jiraya who was out of the village for 3 years knew about him.

He finished reading her memories. He found out that she was alone on this mission, and the one who infiltrated her in left soon after doing that.

(Author’s note: Ryo can learn Ninjutsu by reading memories. This will play a very important role later on in the story.)

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