Hokage: Ryo’s Path

Chapter 24 - Futon-Rasenshuriken!

Chapter 24: Futon-Rasenshuriken!

“So Nii-san, you plan on developing the Rasengan now?”

Minato shook his head and said, “I won’t be for the time being. I want to develope the Flying Thunder God technique. After all, it’s the cornerstone of my fighting style.”

Ryo felt weird seeing Minato injecting wind Chakra into the Rasengan. Minato’s potential was never fully realized. And now that he heard him, he realized that Minato is running out of time if he doesn’t start working on it now.

With the complexity of Flying Thunder god, it shouldn’t be easy for Minato to develop it fully into a more evolved form before the start of the 3rd war.

WW3 was a war even more vicious than all previous ones. It was also used by Madara for his final plan.  In the manga, Konoha didn’t Have Sakumo, and 2 of the Sannin on the battlefield.

The only monsters Konoha had were the 3rd, Orochimaru, and Minato. But still, the many enemies of the leaf couldn’t do anything.

In the 3rd world war, Minato became recognized as the strongest in the village. If it weren’t for him, the leaf would have probably had to surrender. The war was fierce and he had no time to fully develop the Rasenshuriken.

In the end, it was never completed. But now he developed it earlier thanks to Ryo’s presence, he can work on it 1st and then focus on Flying Thunder God.

“Nii-san, I thing you should continue to work on Rasengan”

“Um, why?”

“What is the main use of Wind based Jutsu Minato nii-san?” Ryo didn’t wanna say everything he had in mind, so he asked this question.

“It is cutting! There are actually many uses of the Wind propriety, but the most common one is cutting.” Minato had studied the Wind affinity properties for years and has a unique understanding of them.

“Exactly! Nii-san when I saw you making that modified Rasengan, I felt it became like a Shuriken in your hand. ”

Ryo’s words grabbed Minato’s attention. It’s impossible to see what the inside of the Rasengan has become. “Carry on Ryo!”

“Being a medical ninja, from my perspective, cuts are the worst injuries I have to deal with, as they are the ones with the most harming potential. “ He went on to grab a stone and create a ninja scalpel. “Now, Nii-san, which one is more likely to injure people if used with the same amount of power?”

Minato kept silent. Ryo’s words made him see the potential of this advanced “Rasengan”. Imagine if such a technique is completed successfully. Hitting the enemy should cut through him at a cellular level. He actually felt terrible thinking about it.

“Alright Ryo, I guess I’ll have to put developing Flying Thunder God on hold, and focus on Rasengan for now.”

Over the next two weeks, all four kept on meeting in the 3rd training ground.

Ryo and Kakashi kept working on Rasengan, while Minato worked on the new version on the other side.

The carefree Kushina was playing with some sealing scrolls around Minato.

“Ryo, Ryo, come here!” Kushina interrupted his practice.

Ryo couldn’t spare some chakra for a shadow clone. He couldn’t learn to use Rasengan throughout the past two weeks, although he was learning at a faster pace than Kakashi.

“What’s the matter?”

“Ryo, you have these. These days, I have no use of these sealing scrolls.”

“Neechan! How did you know that I wanted these?!”

“I saw you drooling when you saw Kakashi’s scrolls. If those low-grade goods make you feel jealous, then I definitely need to teach you more about sealing later on. Your instructor is an Uzumaki, the low grade stuff he had are not worth your envy.”

Her words warmed up his heart. This teacher, who is very careless, who had nothing to offer him about Ninjutsi, was the perfect one for him. He kept it deep in his heart; that he must change her end with the Kyuubi!

He took the scroll and examined it, then sighed and said: “Indeed, this is what an Uzumaki seal is like! Compared to this the other one is nothing.”

After retracting the scroll, he continued working on the Rasengan. A week later, his practice was finally complete. But on the other side of the 3rd training field, at the same time, a piercing sound could be heard!

Minato’s Rasengan was getting larger, and the blade around it was starting to appear. That sound was being made by its rotation.

“Onechan, Kakashi, go hide! Minato Nii-san’s technique has been completed!”

Ryo remembered the power of the Rasenshuriken from the anime, and how it destroyed two of Kakuzu’s hearts. Who knows how devastating Minato’s will be?

“Kushina, I have to go.” Minato also realized that this technique was powerful and decided to go try it in the forest of death.

“Nii-san, bring me along with you!” While Ryo was indeed afraid of being hit by the blast, he also wouldn’t miss the chance to see it’s full out power. After hesitating for a bit, Minato took him along.

Minato has left a mark in the forest of death, a long time ago.

“Ryo, I’m going to throw it!”

“Wait, Minato Nii-san. I’m looking for a big tree.”

Ryo found the sturdiest tree he could see around to hide behind. Seeing that his little companion has found a hiding place, Minato threw the Rasenshuriken into the forest.

The sharp sound of the Rasenshuriken pierced through the silence of the forest. The moment it hit, a massive explosion erupted. Ryo hanged tight to his tree and opened his Sharingan.

As mentioned in the manga, the Rasenshuriken had within it countless of microscopic wind Blades. As the hit the forest, everything they touched was destroyed. Leafs, branches, trunks, nothing remained.

When the explosion was over, a huge whole appeared where the attack initially hit.

“Wh…!” Both Ryo and Minato were shocked by the large hole that appeared

“How could this be so terrifying?” In the manga, Naruto’s first Rasenshuriken wasn’t at this level of destructiveness.

Even Minato who was always calm and wise, was blown away by the sight of this.

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