Hokage: Ryo’s Path

Chapter 15 - Two Years

Chapter 15: Two Years

Time flew as 2 years went by.

Back in year 39, at only five years of age, kakashi set a new record when he filed for early graduation and passed with top grades.

The other genius in town shined in Konoha’s hospital. Ryo had a unique style of medical Ninjutsu, and was an exceptionally good surgeon. And with his superior spiritual strength and deep understanding of the human body, he had a whole year without a single surgery failing. The Shinobi treated by him were no less than a hundred. His skill gained him the respect of all of Konoha’s hospital.

The teacher that brought up the two geniuses, Yamashiro Yen, was promoted to become deputy director of the Ninja Academy office.

In the year 40, Hatake Kakashi, at 6 years old, became a Chunin.

In Konoha’s forest, Hatake Sakumo and Ryo practiced. In addition to being in the Konoha Hospital, Ryo spent his remaining time there. In those two years, he finished practicing the Chidori, and his he started using Raykiri skillfully. Ryo has also especially purchased a short knife that can conduct chakra.

In terms of Taijutsu, he developed his own Lightning Chakra Mode. Unlike the one used by the Raikages, he abandoned its defensive aspect and focused on mainly getting speed and attack strength from the mode.

The defensive lightning chakra mode requires huge amounts of continuously flowing Chakra, which was far from Ryo’s reach at that time. He did not have a lot of Chakra. As long as he can use his Ice element, physical attacks were basically ineffective against him. As long as he had enough chakra, he could get away with low defense.

It was through working with Sakumo that he unlocked the Lightning Chakra Mode. Relying on lightning to stimulate his cells and nerves, he got his speed to match the limit of his dynamic vision. Sakumo took his time with the training. Ryo’s problems were to be fixed one by one.

“Sakumo san, I’m going to start!”

“Ah! Let me see how you have improved over the past month, but don’t kill me like I did to you last time.”

” Sakumo san, look closely!” Ryo infused his Chakra within his blade.

“Is this the “Chidori Blade”?” Sakumo was really interested in this new technique.

“More than that!” Ryo’s chakra started floating around his body, and his cells began taking the molecular structure of ice.

Non-pure water can conduct electricity, and the human body has that ability. In his past world, ice wasn’t as conductive as much as the human bodies. However, once he changed himself into ice, Ryo found that his body became more conductive.

The fastest thing in the world is light, and that is a electromagnetic wave, and so is lightning. By using his lightning release while he was in his ice form, the ice and thunder blended giving him light characteristics, and his speed was greatly increased.

This mode that Ryo called the “Ice Lightening Chakra Mode”, consumes the most chakra. Right now, Ryo who has the Chakra levels of an average Jonin, could only maintain this mode for 2 minutes max.

The sudden increase in Ryo’s speed didn’t stun Sakumo at all. Every time they met these past two years, he had a pleasant surprise by the kid.

Like a blue thunderbolt, Ryo rushed towards Sakumo who lifted his blade to block his attack. With his attack blocked away, Ryo didn’t stop and started printing with one hand : Chidori Blade!

“A one-handed seal?” For the 1st time since they started training, Sakumo infused his Blade with Lightning Chakra.

That Chakra Dagger, emitting white light, was like a reaper’s scythe. Ryo didn’t like the idea of using his Sharingan. But his eyes started glowing red: “Genjutsu: Multiple Copies”!

“Ryo, you tried this trick half a year ago.” After that Sakumo appeared right in front of Ryo.

Ryo’s eyes were able to capture Sakumo’s move. But his body couldn’t keep up, and the use of Genjutsu and Raykiri  also made it impossible for him to maintain ice-thunder mode. The fight ended with Sakumo’s knife an inch away from Ryo’s neck.

“Uncle Sakumo, you are really on another level.” The fact that Sakumo isn’t even close to using all that he has made it clear for Ryo: he couldn’t even inflict damage to him. Faced by such a strong opponent, he knew he had a long way to go.

“Ryo, you are very strong. At the mere age of seven, you are infusing your blade with chakra, and using one hand seals. You certainly are no ordinary ninja.”

In fact, Ryo had only two one handed seal Justus that he could use: Chidori and Raykiri. “Uncle Sakumo, am I at the level of beating a Jonin now?”

“There is still a gap between your use of Chidori and Lightning Chakra mode, and that of a Jonin with his own Jutsus. You probably can beat a special Jonin. If you use your Sharingan, you can probably take on a Jonin.”

Jonins are the backbone of every village. In addition to the four elite of Konoha, each village has a dozen at the level of Jonin with only 2-4 people close to the level of a Kage. Ryo had enough power to protect himself in the next war.

“In 2 years, Kakashi will become a Jonin. I should also graduate.”

“Now you are the Star of Konoha’s Hospital. The 3rd won’t let you graduate so easily”.

Ryo also understood that a great medical ninja can save lives, but it didn’t seem significant enough for him.

“Even if so, I would also like to apply for graduation.” Ryo did not want to be a medical ninja for his whole life, he wants to be the strongest man in the world.

” Sakumo san, I’ll go back to Ninja School.”

“Good!” Sakumo nodded his head. In the past two years he watched him grow up, he was thinking that he should graduate soon as well.

Ninja school students who want to graduate early must submit a graduation application through their teacher. If the hokage approves, they can take the exam. Succeeding allows them to become ninja. The Hokage does not generally refuse any application, unless it is a particularly weak student. And as Ryo always had top scores, the 3rd had no reason to refuse.

He went back to school to submit his application, and also to meet up with Obito and Rin. The two along with Kakashi were his only close friends, even though he didn’t have beef with anyone else.

Finding Yamashiro Yen at the Student’s affairs office, he submitted his application, and then went to the classroom.

As he entered the class he heard a voice: “Ryo yaro! You’re finally back!” on the table, the sleepy Obito was the 1st to detect his presence.

“Ryo, you are back!” Rin also saw him, and the three went to the playground together.

“Obito, Rin. I want to apply for graduation.”

“Cocky Ryo, I will soon catch up with you.”

“Then you have work hard. Rin, you too!”

“I will.”

After saying goodbye to his friends, he left the school to become a ninja tomorrow!

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