Hokage: Ryo’s Path

Chapter 11 - Revival

Chapter  11: Revival

“What? You said Sakumo is seriously injured?” In his Office, the 3rd hokage was shocked by the news he heard.

Since the end of World War II, Hatake Sakumo has made great achievements. The name of Konoha’s white fang has frightened the enemy. Although the previous failure of the mission brought some loss to the village, Sarutobi did not criticize the him. However, some people are willing to deliberately spread rumors, infinitely enlarging a small thing, and hokage heard about it all too late. This matter has always been a fact, in both worlds Ryo has lived in.

The 3rd had to wait after the incident for things to settle down before addressing the matter and telling people what it meant and what it didn’t. However, he did not expect that the same people saved 3 days ago by Sakumo would turn on the later! So the whole thing went out of his expectations and control!

Sarutobi was so worried about Sakumo’s fate, and his anger was ignited by the matter! At this time, he wasn’t the old man in the manga! He was at his prime, and a glorious ninja!

“How is he now?”

“Hokage Sama  his wife just brought him to the Konoha hospital!.”

“We go there then.” While furious and wanting to punish whoever was responsible, the main thing is Sakumo’s survival!


“Hokage sama!”

“How’s Sakumo?”

“He’s.. he passed away!”


Hiruzen couldn’t speak, but his silence was broken by the yelling a little boy.

“Sakumo San is not dead yet! I can save him.”

People are normally afraid to speak out loud in front of the Hokage, but Sakumo’s life can’t wait!  Mins have passed since the ice seal was put by Ryo and he had only 15 minutes to save him!

“Impossible, Sakumo san’s heart is pierced and there are signs of vitality. His body has already gone cold. You can’t save the dead!”

“Hokage sama, I can save Sakumo san!”

“It’s you! Ryo?”

The hokage remembered the little kid from the library well.

“Little kid, don’t make a mess in such a situation!” said the hokage to Ryo.

“I really can!” Ryo’s eyes revealed firm confidence, and no fear of Hokage.

“Yamanaka Ryo, can I believe in you?” The confidence in the Ryo’s eyes impressed the Hokage.

“Hokage sama, the people here say he’s dead, thing can’t get any much worse if I try!”

“What do you say Riko chan?”

Ryo’s words touched the 3rd hokage, but common sense says that this is just a child with 2 months of medical experience. The hokage needed another voice to support Ryo.

“Hokage sama, I believe him!”

Riko did not hesitate. The medical ninjas here all said that her husband was dead, but Ryo said that he could be saved. He was her only hope.

“Good! You have been given this case then Ryo. Don’t let me down, Sakumo san is a hero who shouldn’t go down this way!”

“Yes, Hokage same! Please give me some food pills, I’ll need more Chakra than what I have left to save him. ”

After receiving 3 food pills, Ryo and several nurses entered the operating room.

The efficiency of Konoha Hospital is still very high. By the time they finished preparing for the operation, there were 12 minutes of ice-blocking left for Ryo to save Sakumo.

Outside the operating room, the 3rd comforted Riko. Now everything relies on Ryo!

Ryo stepped on a stool, and a soldier’s food pill restored most of his Chakras. His past five years of surgical experience were there to give him the focus he needed in this situation!

He cut Sakumo’s Chest with a Chakra scalpel to reach his heart.

[Mystical Palm] directly repairs the heart of sakumo, and with nothing resisting the healing affect. After the repair of the heart was completed, he finished by healing the chest wound.

[Lightning Release: Chidori]! Ryo did not practice Chidori and couldn’t use it, but he only needed a weakened version of it here. After printing the seal, Some weak sparkes appeared in his Hand.

Although Sakumo’s heart has been repaired, it has not resumed beating. Ryo used electrical shocks to make it beat again! And after several tries, the heart started slowly beating again!

When the ice was released, the physical functions of Sakumo’s body gradually were recovered.

In 12 minutes, Ryo successfully pulled Sakumo from the edge of death.

Looking his patient stable, Ryo finally had some relief, and as he relaxed and got rid of the pressure of the situation, he fainted right there and then!

The operating room door opened, and Riko jumped to the nurse.

“How is it?”

“Hokage Sama, Riko Shan, Sakumo san is all right! Ryo san’s medical skills were amazing.”

Hatake Riko collapsed and shed tears of joy, and the Hokage was finally relieved!

“Wait, what about Yamanaka Ryo?” He saw Sakumo being taken from the operation room but there was no sign if Ryo. Today’s performance has proved his worth. From the perspective of the 3rd, he was not inferior to Tsunade.

In World War II, because of the horrible deaths of her both her brother and her lover, Tsunade developed haemophobia. This saddened the Hokage as he felt sorry for her and also for Konoha that lost it’s best medical ninja!

Today’s performance by Ryo has allowed the 3rd that could see the rise of yet another “Great”!

“The young man consumed too much energy, so he fainted!” Ryo’s performance made the three nurses applaud him.

“Ah, that’s good!”

The Hokage was completely relieved, as both Sakumo and Ryo were safe. In addition to that, he finally found one to cover the loss of Tsunade.

“Hokage Sama!”

“What’s wrong Riko chan?”

“There was an ambu soldier dead in my house and I think sakumo killed him!” Riko did not think for a second that the kid might have been the one to kill him.

Root ninja were really strong. Now the fact that Ryo killed him was a fluke, but it was to be well hidden by the fact that he used a ninja scalpel (So no murder weapon) and that it isn’t possible for a kid normally to kill an ambu!

“Huh?” The hokage knew too well that his ambu would never follow Sakumo, these guys must be of root.

“Riko, don’t worry about this. let me take care of it.”

“Thank you, Hokage sama!”

“Now go and stay by your husband’s side!”

“Hokage Sama, excuse me!” Really worried about her husband, she rushed straight to where Sakumo was!


“You are going to dispose of the corpse of that Root ninja! The hand of the root has gone too far!”

“Hai Sandaime Sama!” The Endo Ninja promised to be unseen!

Danzo! You’re letting your old friend down!

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