Hitting Up The Big Leagues with a Green Tea Personality

Chapter 988 - Chapter 988: Xiaxia is really married to love (1)

Chapter 988: Xiaxia is really married to love (1)

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Xia Bo he was a famous artiste, Luo tianlin was the head of the Luo group, and he was also the boss behind chongyi entertainment.

The combination of the two shocked half of the entertainment and business circles.

The engagement ceremony could only be held on a grand scale.

Fortunately, an engagement wasn’t as complicated as a wedding, and Shermie only had to change into three gowns on the day of the engagement.

One set followed Luo tianlin to welcome the guests, the second set was to exchange the engagement ring, and the third set was to start the dinner.

The best thing was that she didn’t have to toast to her friends and family as a bride, like at a wedding.

But even so, she was exhausted from this grand event.

Because even if she didn’t go, there would be an endless stream of people coming to toast her.

“Lady boss, I didn’t see wrong.” Xiao shuqian smiled. She was dressed in a low-key light blue dress and held a glass of wine. I’ll drink. Feel free to do as you please, lady boss.

Xiao shuqian was actually a forthright person.

The wine was not sticky at all.

She finished it quickly, and when she saw Xia Bo Li take a sip, she immediately left with a smile and gave way to the next person.

There was still a long toasting line behind them.

Xiao shuqian was only able to line up at the front to propose a toast because she was considered half a big sister in chongyi and had filmed with the boss, Xia Bohe, before.

“Hey, sister Xiao has sharp eyes. She didn’t even tell us.”

“That’s right,”

“I’ve been hiding it for a long time.”

GE min, Meng Zhi ‘er, and Dong Zhu were also toasting to him.

Even yang le and he wenhang stared at the air and followed behind the group of female artistes to Xia Bohe for a toast. They also toasted Luo tianlin.

Those who were qualified to attend the engagement ceremony today were all people of status.

In the entertainment industry, there was not a single 18th-tier artiste. Almost all the people who came were usually arrogant and reclusive big shots.

If it wasn’t for yang le’s cooperation with Xia Bo he wouldn’t have received the invitation.

Other than the entertainment industry, more than half of the upper-class circle in Jiang city had also come.

Many of them were the Luo family’s business partners, family friends, or newly promoted nobles who wanted to form a good relationship with the Luo family.

In addition, there were also old friends from the Zhou family.

it’s so Grand. Damn, even the best Actress’s wedding a few years ago couldn’t compare to this.

“Nonsense, don’t you know what kind of background he has? Is that a pure female artiste?”

The reporters were whispering to each other.

From the ceremony until now, no one had eaten a single hot dish.

There were endless photos taken everywhere, and there were endless big shots.

He was about to pick up his chopsticks … Good Lord, a movie King had come to toast Luo tianlin. How could they not film it?

Just as he was about to sit down … Good Lord, the boss of yingsheng entertainment came to toast, and he didn’t take notes?

Looking up, 80% of Weibo’s trending topics were in this banquet hall!

The reporters ‘faces were all red, and their minds were already filled with draft articles.

#Luo tianlin and Xia minhe’s Grand engagement banquet #

[ the movie kings and queens who haven’t retired are all here, and more than half of the retired ones are here too ]

Any reporter who knew a little about the luxury world could tell from Xia Bo’s appearance.

Although she wasn’t wearing a wedding dress today, the three haute couture evening gowns, along with the sparkling jewelry and Diamond Crown, were definitely worth more than ten million Yuan.

In addition to the engagement ring …

That night, countless netizens and fans saw the hot search-#little fairy’s engagement party #

The netizens ‘eyes were sharp.

[ Oh my God, what a beautiful sugar diamond ring! ]

[ it’s a Sapphire in the hire shop. It’s so beautiful. ]

[ I thought they would use a diamond for the engagement ring, but this Sapphire is too beautiful. ]

[ the class representative is here: sapphires symbolize loyalty, wisdom, and authority, hehe. ]

[ I saw them toasting her in the video. Oh my, there are so many heavyweight players! ]

[ sob, sob, sob. I’m so envious. ]

[ xiaxia is really married to loveqaq ]

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