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Chapter 1429 - The Bell of Destiny’s Third Form!

Chapter 1429: The Bell of Destiny’s Third Form!

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Lin Feng’s tone was gentle and light, but his words still made the Origins Dragon King gasp. The latter could feel air rushing up his throat and chills running down his body. And when Lin Feng’s mystifying sword slashed down and destroyed the protective spells he desperately conjured to shield himself, the attack carved out a long grotesque wound.

The Heavenly Charms Grand Sage channelled her Earth-Shattering Revolving Formation while the Emperor of the Dead activated his black barrier, simultaneously pressing down on Lin Feng’s sword radiance from above and impeding its advance.

But Lin Feng’s sword radiance encapsulated numerous mysterious principles which eroded the power of the Earth-Shattering Revolving Formation and the black barrier.

The Earth-Shattering Revolving Formation channelled the demonic energy of the four demon tribes with immense physical strength – the Kun Peng, the Xuanwu, the Immemorial Celestial Dragons, and the Heavenly Demon Apes – and create an overwhelming and magnificent force capable of crushing the heavens. It suppressed Lin Feng’s sword radiance and slowed its advance.

But as Lin Feng swung his sword outwards, the sword radiance became unbelievably heavy and dense, as if taking on the weight of the entire Greater World. This weight could not be measured in numbers or compared to any tangible object. It felt like the entire Greater World had collapsed towards a certain point.

Even the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage, manipulating the Earth-Shattering Revolving Formation and suppressing the heavens with its boundless energy, could not endure this immense weight.

It was merely a wispy ray of sword radiance, but the pressure it exerted at this moment was simply unbearable.

At the same time, the sword radiance grinded violently against the black lightscreen summoned by the Emperor of the Dead. The black light froze up to impede the sword radiance’s advance.

As spacetime became distorted, attacks from all other directions also landed on the barrier erected by the Emperor of the Dead, blocked in their paths.

Lin Feng chuckled without a worry. “It’s strangely similar to my Sky-Shielding Umbrella, but …”

After his faint chuckle, an ear-piercing sound erupted from within the silent black lightscreen.

The black lightscreen was previously silent and still, not emanating impressive amounts of mana. Anything that came in contact with the lightscreen would also lose its vigor and energy, quietly slipping into a peaceful eternal slumber.

The black lightscreen was like a doorway leading to the world of the dead, haunted by a ghastly silence. But now, a cacophonous noise sounded from within the lightscreen, instantly breaking the death-like silence of the world.

The noise grew louder and louder. One could not only hear the natural sounds of howling winds, cracking thunderbolts and gurgling water, but also the calls of countless living beings. At the end, one could hear the loud commotion of people, as if having been instantly transported into the bustling human world.

The Emperor of the Dead comprehended these changes, but this was not caused by his abhijina changes. Instead, it was due to Lin Feng’s sword radiance.

Amidst the cacophony, the black lightscreen shattered, unable to impede Lin Feng’s attack any longer.

Severely wounded, the Origins Dragon King belted a thunderous roar, his eyes flashing with rage and resignation.

A strange door appeared above his head. When it opened, huge amounts of starlight surged forth. It was the gate to the Starry Sea owned by the Dragon Tribes, and has always been in their current leader, the Origins Dragon King’s possession.

But at this moment, facing Lin Feng’s ferocious barrage, the Origins Dragon King did not dare have a single sliver of hesitation, conjuring the gate in resignation.

Rays of light shot out from his eyes and illuminated the gate to the Starry Sea. The giant doorway shuddered vigorously as the starlight surging out from the door cloaked the opening.

In the following instant, the gate to the Starry Sea exploded with a formidable gush of energy.

Manipulated by the Origins Dragon King in the Second Tribulation of Destiny, this burst of power was far greater than what the Kun Peng Grand Sage and the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage conjured back then.

But this did not change anything. The Origins Dragon King was merely activating his own gate to the Starry Sea as an escape route.

The Origins Dragon King roared incessantly. Under the immense threat posed by Lin Feng, he even unleashed overwhelming amounts of power that exceeded his own bodily limits, becoming stronger than before.

Although it was only for a brief moment, he exploded with astonishing power. This power merged with the energy of the gate to the Starry Sea, causing the Origins Dragon King to be reduced to fine golden dust, finally escaping from Lin Feng’s wrath.

However, he was still wounded by Lin Feng. Golden dragon blood splattered through the air amidst the dancing golden light, reaching the far ends of the void space.

Everyone watched the flickering gate to the Starry Sea materialize slowly with heavy hearts, their dejection outweighing their desire for the gate.

Only Lin Feng reached his hand out with a smile and flipped his palm out. The gate to the Starry Sea then landed in the centre of his palm.

Everyone fell silent as they gazed at Lin Feng calmly holding the gate to the Starry Sea, acting as if nothing had even happened. They were speechless.

Instead, it was the Monkey who burst in laughter without any hesitation or worries. He revealed his three-headed six-legged form and grabbed his staff, smacking it down towards Lin Feng!

Lin Feng snickered, “Good try, but you should conserve your energy. Even the Golden Cicada Master has entered the Spirit Sea.”

Upon hearing that, the Monkey exclaimed, “One try!”

Lin Feng kept the gate of the Starry Sea in one hand and clenched his other hand into a fist, and pummeled towards the Monkey

As he lunged his fist out, the scene that fell into everyone’s eyes was extremely different from his actual movements. Lin Feng’s body vanished, replaced by layers upon layers of a boundless universe. Countless stars each followed their respective paths, orbiting silently, exuding a natural silence and limitless power.

But with Lin Feng’s thrusting fist, these astronomical quantities of stars and their uncountable number of orbits and principles instantly changed – not a minor adjustment but a blatantly drastic change. Some paths of orbit intersected and overlapped, causing many stars to collide and explode into stardust, releasing astounding amounts of power.

Despite that, the phenomenon did not give off a quality of chaos and disarray, instead embodying an unrestricted freedom.

Everyone’s eyes burst with light when they realized that, this was not simply an illusion conjured from Lin Feng’s mana, but an actual sea of stars experiencing tumultuous changes under Lin Feng’s manipulation!

The various great demons who cultivated the stars felt these sensations particularly strongly!

Shimmers of starlight overflowed from the pores all over the Monkey’s body, with each glint of starlight becoming a single star.

The more he channeled his own energy to the limits, the deeper he internalized the changes of the universe.

Formidable forces from both sides suddenly collided without a sound, instead forming a scene of destruction, causing the Spirit Sea’s world to vibrate continuously as if antagonizing Lin Feng and the Monkey.

The Monkey flew backwards as the starlight shrouding his body dispersed outwards. His three-headed six-legged form instantly lost two heads and four limbs as his demonic energy levels plummeted down.

Despite this, he was not discouraged and instead chortled loudly. With a single somersault, he landed back on the bank of the huge golden lake.

The Monkey halted his attacks but the rest did not lower their guard. As the Monkey slammed his staff down, the Illusory Sun Hades, the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage, the Emperor of the Dead and even the injured Origins Dragon King all charged towards Lin Feng together.

But they were not the greatest threats to Lin Feng. The greatest threat was the radiant, mysterious and omnipresent light from the Supreme Heavenly Mirror!

Inside the Great Void Nine Heavenly Palaces, the Tai Yi Holy Man and Lin Daohan both let out a sigh and conjured the same spell together, then pointed their fingers at the void space.

The reflected light from the Supreme Heavenly Mirror was no longer targeting the Sky-Shielding Umbrella, instead reversing its power to take aim at Lin Feng.

This was the first time Lin Feng faced the true glory and might of the Grand Celestial World’s strongest magic treasure since he arrived in this world!

This treasure was once spoken in countless legends left throughout the Grand Celestial World, and now as the reflected light shot out in all directions, the radiance inundated the realm of the Spirit Sea until the entire world was cloaked in its glow.

In the faraway void space, a few figures appeared in two different places. They were Shi Tianhao, the Golden Cicada Master, and the Sirius Grand Sage who followed the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage into the Spirit Sea but steered clear of the inner circle due to concerns of mastery levels.

They cruised about on the sidelines, but they also became incredibly conspicuous under the Supreme Heavenly Mirror’s glow.

Furthermore, due to the intimate connection between the Spirit Sea and the Greater World, with both realms overlapping every minute and every second, the light that inundated the Spirit Sea also illuminated the Greater World with a blinding radiance, lighting up every corner of the Divine Lands and the Barren Expanses, an incredibly mysterious phenomenon.

Inside the Spirit Sea, under the bright light, Lin Feng’s figure flashed in and out of view, becoming slightly elusive. The figures in every inch of spacetime gradually materialized, seemingly merging into a single entity.

Upon noticing this, Lin Feng’s face cracked a faint smile. Another Dao Fruit appeared before him, being another indescribable point.

With the appearance of the Dao Fruit, the light from the Supreme Heavenly Mirror flickered. Numerous obscured images of the Supreme Heavenly Mirror appeared amidst the void space, populating the entire stretch of spacetime like an omnipresent existence. The reflected light rays seemed to merge as one, becoming not as incomprehensible as before.

However, Lin Feng did not do anything to the Supreme Heavenly Mirror, and instead used the Dao Fruit to withstand the combined assault of his opponents.

As for the Supreme Heavenly Mirror, he stretched out his index finger and gently tapped the centre of his eyebrows.

Infinite light immediately burst forth from above Lin Feng’s head. However, the light did not exude any sense of mystery, instead overflowing with a boundless quality of destruction.

Everyone affixed their gaze on Lin Feng. Even the Emperor of the Dead felt as though he had returned to the Netherworld Sea.

A figure rose slowly amidst the light. A soothing chime of a bell reverberated through the Spirit Sea as a gigantic old bell appeared before everyone’s eyes. It was Lin Feng’s Natal Magic Treasure – the Bell of Destiny!

Following its lazy chimes, the giant bell transformed into the Door of Life Creation. The Door of Life Creation opened, and the river of life came flowing out.

A young boy around seven or eight years old stood on the river’s surface. He wore a faint smile and held an old book in his hands. The book looked nothing out of the ordinary, not exuding any form of aura, appearing extremely ancient and tattered.

However, the book overflowed with a mighty quality that could drive everything to decay and desolation!

It was not simply the flow of time. Even the flow of time itself was decaying. All forms of existence was deteriorating to a state of “sickness” and “decay”.

It was the third form of the Bell of Destiny – the Book of Collapse!

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