His Naughty Little Girl is So Sweet

Chapter 420 - Chapter 420: Useless

Chapter 420: Useless

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After a pause, Jiang Lingzhi muttered softly,””lf you can stay for two more days, I can show you around.”

Li Shunan curled his lips and placed his well-defined fingers on the steering wheel. He replied lazily, “Yes.”


Did this ” hmm ” mean that he agreed?

Jiang Lingzhi’s eyes curved up, and she was a little excited. She introduced him, used to come here often when I was young. I’m very familiar with this place.”

“The night view here is very beautiful. There’s a lake over there. We can go boating tomorrow during the day.”

Although it was not the best month for boating, if he accidentally fell into the lake, he would probably be frozen into ice.

However, the boy obviously did not care about such a small detail.

Li Shunan raised his eyebrows and said,””l’ll listen to you.”

Because he was willing to stay, Jiang Lingzhi’s mood was inexplicably good. She curled the corners of her lips, and the small dimples on her lips were faintly discernible.

Li Shunan glanced at her and raised his hand to rub her head.

“Why are you so happy?

Jiang Lingzhi was stunned for a moment. She looked up and saw the corners of her lips that she could not suppress in the rearview mirror.

The corners of his mouth instantly stiffened.


Jiang Lingzhi’s classmate’s love brain had been hammered. Didn’t he just agree to stay? What are you so happy about?!

The car drove steadily on the road.

After a while, it slowly stopped.

“Is it here?” Li Shunan asked.’

Jiang Lingzhi looked out of the car window. It really was.

This was a tourist attraction planned by the government in the early days. The small white buildings in the town looked neat and unified, and they were especially beautiful.

Jiang Lingzhi loosened her seatbelt.” Then I’ll put my luggage at Grandma’s house first. Then, I’ll accompany you to find a hotel.’”‘

After Li Shunan parked the car, he unbuckled his seatbelt, turned his eyes to meet hers, and said softly,””No need. I’ll watch you go in. Have a good rest when you get home. I’ll send you a message when I’ve found a hotel.”

After tossing and turning for the whole day, Jiang Lingzhi was indeed a little tired.

Li Shunan was probably afraid that she would be too tired, so he urged her to go home and rest.

Jiang Lingzhi thought about it and softly said,” Oh.”

Li Shunan opened the car door and got out of the car. He opened the trunk and took out her suitcase, placing it by her feet.

After Jiang Lingzhi put on her coat, she hesitated on the spot for a while and said softly,””Then I’ll be leaving?”

Li Shunan looked down at her and said lazily,””Go ahead.”

Jiang Lingzhi pulled the handle of her suitcase and slowly walked towards her grandmother’s house.

Li Shunan leaned against the car and didn’t leave immediately. He took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, tapped on a cigarette, and lit it up.

After seeing her enter the room, he could finally leave in peace.

Jiang Lingzhi dragged her luggage and walked to her grandmother’s door.

Before she came, she did not call. When she reached the door, she realized that the door was locked and there seemed to be no one at home.

Jiang Lingzhi knocked on the door for a long time, but no one answered. Li Shunan’s car was parked not far away, and he planned to leave after she entered the door. Seeing that she didn’t enter for a long time, he walked over unhurriedly.”What’s wrong?”

Jiang Lingzhi’s nose was red from the cold. She turned her face sideways to look at him. “There seems to be no one at home.”

Her grandfather had passed away when she was very young.

All these years, Grandma had been living here alone. There was no reason for her not to be at home on the first day of the new year.

Jiang Lingzhi took out her phone from her pocket.””Let me make a call..”

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