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Chapter 906 - Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (26)

Chapter 906: Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (26)

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Lu Yanchen reached out and hugged Shi Guang tightly in his embrace, lifting her chin and kissing her on the lips deeply.

However, Shi Guang was extremely pissed and bit down on his lips.

Wincing, he let her go before wiping the blood off his lips with his long, slender fingers as he looked at her tenderly. “Did that help you vent your anger?”

Vent? Was it as simple as venting?!

Shi Guang was so angry she wanted to stamp on his feet. “If I don’t want to keep this child, can I not?”

“Why?” He had finally gotten her pregnant after much difficulty, he naturally wouldn’t have her do that.

“Why? You clearly know what it is that I want the most. I’ve prepared my own path in life in my heart that I want to achieve in the coming few years. How could you do this to me? Don’t you know that you’re being too selfish?”

Lu Yanchen listened to Shi Guang rant out in silence.

He didn’t get angry in the slightest bit – indeed, he was in the wrong and he had already anticipated her reaction as such when he had decided to walk this path back then.

Looking at how she was about to get carried away with the anger, he held her hand and reminded her. “Hold it in a little. Don’t forget, you’re pregnant right now.”

Even though his voice was calm, there was a dull, bitter pain to Shi Guang who was hearing it.

She wanted to bite at him. “Whose fault do you think it is?!”

A flash of pity flickered by Lu Yanchen’s eyes as he kissed her on the hair while saying softly, “Yes, I’m the selfish one. But the child didn’t do anything wrong at all. I also believe you wont be so cruel as to kill him.”

Shi Guang bit down on her lips, her tone bitter. “But I don’t want him.”

She still could not accept the reality yet – she was extremely lost right now.

Lu Yanchen froze up. “In any case, there’s still time. Think it through slowly after you’re calmer.”

His voice was as soft as a feather as he coaxed at Shi Guang.

Right now, he mustn’t say too much to her while she was so irritated – anything would be used as a reason for her to blow up!

“Why must I keep him? I don’t want to!”

“Alright, don’t if you don’t then.” He could only follow along. However, he had other plans in his heart.

Shi Guang’s brows were furrowed while tears welled up furiously in her eyes. She glared at him fiercely before turning around and returning to the bedroom while slamming the door and locking it from within.

She then sat down on the bed fuming.

Motherf*cker! That stupid Lu Yanchen!

She wanted to throw him down the building.

He’s too much – to think that he wouldn’t even be feeling guilty after being found out! He must be thinking that everything will be fine just by cajoling her for a little!


She truly did not want children right now!

And besides, she didn’t like the means in which Lu Yanchen had used to get her pregnant!

The life of a married couple shouldn’t lie on the basis of deception! From the start of their love till their companionship right now, they’ve been through so much. She had thought that the love between them had long surpassed those of other people out there.

Yet, why is he still distrusting of her?

Why must he still get her to conceive through such a method?

If she were to give birth to this child, what should they do?

But could she not want this child?

After all, this was her firstborn with Lu Yanchen. There was another sense of uneasiness accompanying her for wanting to abandon a child that’s linked with her by blood and belonged to Lu Yanchen…

In any case, she was beyond frustrated right now and she hated Lu Yanchen!!!

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