His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: His Irrepressible Love

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Lu Yanchen hated the water, and this was a personal issue that he did not like either. Having a bathtub in his bathroom, Lu Yanchen would often soak himself within from time to time to do something about it.

As time went by, the time he spent within water was able to increase. Because of that, he felt that he did not have much of a problem anymore; it was just that he couldn’t swim, that was all.

However, that single push by Shi Guang earlier on had him feeling as though he was confined by those shackles of the past once more. He felt nauseated, as though he was trapped in some icy fires. He felt asphyxiated, almost unable to breathe in anymore.

Even though it was only that few seconds, he felt as though he was possessed by demons. At that moment, he could no longer tell what day or year it was. The past two years became nothing but a misty haze as he could not even tell if he was on land or in the water.

The entire world fell apart—there was only Shi Guang and him in his eyes.

At that moment, he could no longer repress all the gushing feelings of love he had for her in his heart.

He wanted to hug her, to kiss her.

It was as though the only way he could find the freedom of breathing once more was by hugging her close and kissing her passionately.

She was his oxygen!

His entire world!

His head turned left and right as he kissed her with a fiery passion. It was like a man who had just found the most precious treasure in his world as his endless kissing caused her senses to tingle slightly…

Shi Guang knitted her brows tightly.

Her heart was infuriated. However, no matter how she tried, she could not break free at all.

Her arms were locked down tightly such that she couldn’t move at all. She wanted to push him away, yet, it backfired and seemed as though she was going along with it.

She wanted to bite down on him viciously. However, his kisses were filled with such deep, lingering emotions; such care and tenderness…

Once upon a time, this was the way that this man had kissed her, filled with nothing but love where he would then whisper in her ears with sweet nothings, “I’m going to give you nothing but the best in the world.”

With the most doting love he could give, those soft kisses were imprinted into the depths of her heart one after another, shaking the foundations of her mind.

Unable to contain that fluffy feeling of her body, her limbs lost all strength in them, feeling as though she was floating up.

Even after a long time, the kiss was still going on. Shi Guang could feel the air being sucked out of her lungs bit by bit as she was starting to find it hard to breathe. Uncontrollably, she let out a soft snort, “Hmph…”

This soft sound caused that madly in love(?) man to jerk his eyes wide open, as though he was just awakened from a dream.

He had a sudden moment of realization.

The next second, he was the one who ended the kiss and twisted his head away.

Both of their heads were looking in the opposite direction right now.

Shi Guang huffed out continuously; she could feel that his breathing was exceptionally heavy as well.

Hurried yet restrained.

He was like a hungry wolf who could just pounce on her at any moment and eat her up from head to toe.

By all logic, she should be feeling extremely angry right now after being kissed by him. Yet, she could remember how emotional, how passionate he was. The love that was flowing out through those tender kisses was absolutely unrestrained.

She supposed that no one in this world could probably understand how she was feeling right now.

She was just like a piece of driftwood that had been floating out in the vast oceans for far, far too long, and had finally found a resting spot after the extreme fatigue she had been through. There was a sense of disbelief in her heart, a sense of ecstasy. But more than anything else, there was a sour, bitter, throbbing pain.

At the end of the day, there was truly a void that she couldn’t cover up in her heart after all those years.

She wanted to ask him so direly right now.

‘Why did you ask for a breakup back then?’

With her eyelids trembling, Shi Guang turned around. Her eyes flickered with a painful flash…

At the same time, he had turned around to look at her.

Those two pairs of eyes clashed with one another, seeming as though they were bent to peer through the soul of the other party.

Suddenly, that elegantly built body of his stood right up. Looking down at her from up above, his cold glare didn’t carry a single drop of warmth in them, “This is the consequence of your arrogance thinking that you can cure me of my water vertigo.”

Shi Guang’s body froze up all of a sudden.

Looking at the back view of Lu Yanchen leaving, she felt as though her entire body was dipped in ice-cold water right now.

In a time long gone…he had said the same words to her before, a phrase similar to what he had just said.

That time was also after he had kissed her…

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