His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Get Into The Water…Right? You Will Regret This!

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At that suggestion, Lu Yanchen’s face tensed up a little.

Shi Guang explained, “The reason why you refuse to get into the water must be because you’re fearful of the waters. But, if you were to look at it more, you would realize that not only is water not scary, it is actually pretty warming even.”

Lu Yanchen raised his eyes slowly and faced the glistening, sparkly eyes of this woman who looked absolutely refreshing.

Without leaving a trace, his gaze slid by Shi Guang’s hand that was slumped by her side.

She understood him. But, how could he not understand her as well?

He wanted to see just what she was going to play at.

Lu Yanchen stood up and walked over to the poolside to look at the water…looking down at it…

Shi Guang, who was standing behind him, flitted her eyes as her lips curled up. Suddenly, she stretched her hands out and pushed Lu Yanchen. With a ‘plop!’ sound, Lu Yanchen landed right into the pool.

In the pool, he struggled and pushed out furiously.

The water by the sides was shallow, and Lu Yanchen was someone tall and well built. It didn’t take long for him to stand up in the waters. Even though he had only spent a short while inside the waters, Lu Yanchen was still breathing out heavily.

Shi Guang’s lips curled up into a naughty grin as she looked at Lu Yanchen, who was in the waters. But, when she saw how Lu Yanchen had not gotten out of the pool yet, she hurriedly retracted her smile and put on an extremely worried and innocent expression.

Lu Yanchen held on to the sidebars and got out of the waters with a single thrust.

That had Shi Guang so scared that she stumbled back before trying to explain hurriedly, “Test! That was just a test…!”

Lu Yanchen was entirely dripping with water as he took huge strides out toward Shi Guang, leaving her with no other choice but to retreat.

Lu Yanchen stepped forth again; Shi Guang retreated again. She then looked behind…There was not much room for her to back off anymore.

She apologized hastily while explaining sincerely, “I know that I’m the one in the wrong for pushing you as such… Extremely wrong…! I should have notified you first. But, it’s because you’re afraid of the waters as well, isn’t it…? And, you refused to get in no matter what. Therefore, I was thinking of using a method as such to let you know that there is nothing scary about water at all…”

Realizing that she had no more path of retreat, Shi Guang’s body was stuck onto the wall behind her as her words came to a still.

Lu Yanchen was pressuring down on her and almost about to stick onto her right now.

Shi Guang wanted to get out by the left side, but Lu Yanchen stretched out his long arm and pushed it right onto the wall instantly, blocking her path of escape.

Frozen right on the spot, Shi Guang could only look at Lu Yanchen wide eyed.

She forced out a dry laugh, “Even though what I did was wrong, I did it with your interest at heart. You’ve gotten into the water just now and you’re all fine now, aren’t you? Therefore, you really don’t have to get this fierce. What I did was for your good as well…”

Lu Yanchen bent his body over slightly and brought with him a haughty dominance as he continued with his tyrannical invasion. With that, he had Shi Guang locked between him and the walls entirely.

The tension between them turned flirtatious.

The distance between the both of them was close…very close. As long as Shi Guang were to even raise her head slightly, she would be able to kiss Lu Yanchen’s lips.

Their heated breathing was starting to mix just like flames that were burning out together.

Shi Guang could suddenly feel her heart going all flustered and numb, pounding out faster than ever before.

Biting down on her lip tightly, she stammered out, “Y-You…If you think that I-I’ve offended you…d-do you want t-to…p-push me into the w-waters too…?”

Before her voice was even finished…Lu Yanchen had lowered his body once more, causing her entire body to turn stiff.

Looking at those approaching lips of his, her eyes could not help but shut themselves uncontrollably. She was all ready to turn her head to the sides…But, Lu Yanchen was the one who turned his head ever so slightly instead!

His steaming aura rubbed by her face…

The next moment, he blew at her ear gently.

Shi Guang’s entire body jerked out and wobbled while her throat went dry immediately. She wanted to turn her head away ever so furiously right now, but his lips had already found their way onto her ears.

“Hmph!” Lu Yanchen breathed out with an extremely heavy breath before speaking out charismatically, “Get into the waters… right? You’re going to regret this!!”

As that intimate breath of his landed on her ears, it sent numbing chills right into her very bones…

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