His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: What Now? You Wish To Try Again…?

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Shi Guang was no longer like the previous two times when she was extremely reluctant. Today, her mood was particularly joyous, and she had even gone to a little shop in front of the training hall to buy two lollipops.

In the training hall, Lu Yanchen was just like the previous two times, seated on the beach chair without changing his clothes. This time around, he was playing with his phone. His expression was still indifferent as he brought around a cold and repressing aura.

The staff in the training hall was trying their best to stay as far away from him as possible.

Looking at the lollipop in her hand, Shi Guang walked over.

Lu Yanchen tossed a casual glance over at her from the side of his eyes before continuing to play with his phone.

Shi Guang, who felt as though she had just been treated like air again pursed her lips a little secretly. Sitting down beside him, she took away the wrappers from the lollipops and sucked one with her lips while bringing the other one in front of Lu Yanchen.

Lu Yanchen raised his eyes. Before he could even make clear what it was, he found a sweet, red object being planted on his lips.

His handsome brows flicked up. When he finally made clear of what it was, his lips started twitching without him able to say anything; his forehead was so creased that there were almost three black lines visible there.

“What are you doing!”

He was speaking up to scold Shi Guang so that she would take the sweet away. But, who would have known that the moment his lips were opened, Shi Guang stuffed the entire lollipop into that slightly ajar mouth of his!

The sweet and salty taste of the lollipop spread out within his mouth. With that, Lu Yanchen’s face turned dark, looking somewhat wretched at this moment.

He snatched the lollipop over and took it out from his mouth before throwing it at the coffee table beside him, “Who gave you the permission to feed me this?”

His expression was cold without a single bit of warmth in his tone; but in fact, it was evident that flames of fury were starting to blaze out in the air. The staff were so frightened that they chose to leave silently just in case they were implicated somehow.

However, Shi Guang wasn’t afraid at all as she smiled out cheerily to him, “Eating a sweet before swimming will help to stabilize your sugar level and ensure that your body maintains itself in a good condition. With that, you will be able to swim like a fish.”

Mrs. Lu said that he had to be coaxed. So, she’d just take him as a small little student that couldn’t be any more normal to her, and try coaxing him then!

After knowing him for so many years, she knew of this man’s temper as well. If she really wanted to coax him, she would just have to maintain this thick skin.

Back then, wasn’t it all because of this thick skin that she was able to get at his heart as well?

Lu Yanchen felt totally unnerved over Shi Guang’s smile as he stood up swiftly, “Who said that I was getting into the water?”

“If you don’t get into the water, how are you going to learn to swim?” Shi Guang reversed the question immediately.

Observing Lu Yanchen’s lips, it seemed as though he wanted to say something before she interrupted once more, “Are you trying to say that you don’t wish to learn? That the contract was something that was signed by your mother and all you had to do was just turn up? But, don’t you think that that is so childish? I still think that it’s better for you to learn. Swimming is a form of defensive technique. Who knows, maybe one day, a flood or tsunami or something might come crashing! By then, you’ll even be able to save yourself!”

Lu Yanchen looked at her coldly with a tone of sarcasm and irony, “This isn’t even a coastal city! How the hell would there be floods and tsunamis?”

Shi Guang replied in a matter of fact manner, “I was just giving you a random example. But, the meaning is still that learning swimming is a good thing.”

Through his nose, Lu Yanchen snorted out frostily and looked down at her in objection.

Seemed like coaxing wasn’t working at all. Rolling her eyes, Shi Guang mumbled out, “Look at how rigid you are and refusing to get into the water. I suppose that it’s because your body is filled with fat and you’re just afraid of being laughed by others, right?”

Lu Yanchen’s gaze turned deeper, “Whether or not my body is filled with fat or muscles, aren’t you the clearest about it? What now? You want to try it again?”

Shi Guang nearly choked on her own saliva.

In the past, he had also asked her if she wanted to try. And the best way to prove how solid his muscles were was by a good round of sex.

Her petite face flushed red as her voice turned higher pitched, “What are you blindly talking about?”

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