His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Lu Yanchen, Are You Following Me?

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Shi Guang circled a few rounds outside and even found a pool to swim a few laps in. Checking the time, she packed up and headed back when she saw that it was almost time to end the lesson.

In the training hall, Lu Yanchen was still asleep.

She first changed out into her clothes and laid down on a beach chair furthest away from Lu Yanchen.

If this were someone she did not know who was sleeping for the lesson, giving her a chance to go swim a few laps, it would truly be something she would be exceptionally happy over. But, it was a pity that this was Lu Yanchen.

Once the time was up, Shi Guang stood up immediately. Unexpectedly, that man who was deep in slumber moments earlier had woken up as well and taken his leave before her, leaving her with nothing but a tall and well built back view to look at.

Shi Guang chose to ignore it and headed over to the carpark to look for her motorbike.

Unexpectedly again, she met with that someone at the carpark as well. Shi Guang knitted her beautiful brows and looked over at that cool looking jeep before turning at the owner of that car. The owner who was wearing a white shirt was looking at her coincidentally as well.

Their gazes met in mid-air; with that one stare, Shi Guang slid away.

She rode on her small motorbike in the direction of home. Her speed wasn’t slow, but it was definitely not considered fast as she rode in an orderly manner.

From her rear-view mirror, she saw Lu Yanchen’s car maintaining a fixed distance from her; neither too close, nor too far.

Shi Guang was slightly bothered, not knowing if he was sharing the same way coincidentally or following her intentionally.

She pushed on her throttle and increased her speed, wanting to stretch the distance between them. But, to think that the car behind her sped up as well to maintain the same distance.

Shi Guang then cut her speed to let Lu Yanchen’s car overtake hers. In the next instant, Lu Yanchen lowered his speed as well and maintained the same distance.

To Shi Guang’s astonishment, as she rode her motorbike into the small neighborhood, Lu Yanchen steered his car into the small neighborhood as well!

Shi Guang did not know what he was playing at to follow her closely just like this.

After she parked her motorbike, she headed beside Lu Yanchen’s car and looked at him in incredulity with an underlying tone of questioning.

Lu Yanchen turned his engine off and got out of the car. Though, he just closed his car door and ignored Shi Guang.

Shi Guang blocked him in his path and reared her head at him. There wasn’t any bit of change in his expression at all, as though following her was something that couldn’t be any more normal.

She was quite pissed momentarily. “Are you following me?”

Lu Yanchen did not reply. He just lowered his eyes to look at her before taking two steps forth.

Shi Guang retreated back subconsciously. He stepped forward as she stepped back until there was nowhere else for her to retreat to. Shi Guang’s feet then knocked onto the parterre behind her as she landed on it with a plop.

Standing tall and high, Lu Yanchen looked down at her. Those long eyes of his seemed like two blades. However, his lips could barely conceal that slight smile he was grinning out with.

The golden afternoon sun landed down on his manly body, painting him golden as though he was a heavenly god that reigned over all living beings in the world, with such esteem and mysteriousness that no one could peer through his profound depth.

This was the inherent aura that he gave off, one that would cause others to feel an invisible pressure.

‘Heart rattling!’

Shi Guang’s mind buzzed out as she did not say anything more. Lowering her eyes, she picked herself up and strode toward the apartment briskly. It was only after entering the lift that she had managed to calm down slightly. Unexpectedly, Lu Yanchen had entered the lift as well.

The finger which Shi Guang was using to press for the floors button slipped as she accidentally pressed on the 12th floor instead of the 11th floor.

However, she did not notice it.

All her attention was placed on Lu Yanchen right now as she widened her eyes and looked at this indifferent man with an absolutely bewildered expression. Words that filled her mind spilled out before she could even think through them, “Lu Yanchen! What are you playing at?”

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