His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: This House? I’m Satisfied (1)

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After the lesson, Shi Guang went back to her club for training. Because of the contract termination issue, she hadn’t been able to train well for the past two days. Everything she had told Chu Mubei earlier on was real. The selection test was about to commence soon. She had to train well for it; otherwise, wanting to enter the provincial team would be quite a tall task.

Shi Guang wanted to train on her basics today.

She hugged onto the kickboard while crisscrossing her legs. Exerting her strength from her thighs, she brought it down to her calves and feet so that her legs could tear through the water surface rapidly. Using the resistance from the water, she was then able to propel herself forward.

How much strength should she exert through her legs such that there would be fewer splashes and her body would be pushed forward at the maximum speed?

This was something that Shi Guang knew and did not know at the same time.

What she knew was that the speed she had swum with in the past was because of the data given to her by her previous coach. But, ever since they changed to the new coach, Wu Xing had not taught her much, neither did he give her any accurate data to work with.

She could only bank on training her basics daily, working relentlessly and maintaining that attitude she once had, so that she could try her best to correct her own posture.

However, she knew that no matter how many amendments she made, there were still some mistakes in it.

That’s the reason why no matter how hard she trained these days, her speed could not be raised beyond her current one.

On the surface, the sport of swimming seemed as though it was something that could be made through just by repetitive training. As long as one were to accumulate enough time doing it, they would definitely be able to swim well. Or rather, they would not be too bad at it. The rest would just be a matter of talent.

However, the thing about talent was that it had to be uncovered as well. One could not be considered an athlete just because they weren’t too bad at swimming.

For speed-based competitions, especially swimming, there would usually not be much of a difference in the results at the level of national athletes. They were just fighting for that mere fraction of a second of speed.

But, it was often these small details that determined whether or not one could get the gold medal.

Therefore, if an athlete wanted to stand at the very top of the world, other than depending on their own hard work and training, they would require guidance from a good coach as well.

But, given the current situation, Wu Xing was totally unconcerned about her. She did not know the speed of her competitors. But, if she didn’t raise her own speed, wanting to enter the provincial team would be something extremely difficult.

By the time Shi Guang returned to the school from training, it was already 10pm.

Li Fangfei stood up and welcomed her, “How are you so late again today? Did you go and give lessons again today?”

“I did. But, it ended early, so I went over to the club to train for a bit.” Lying on her bed, Shi Guang heaved out amidst the comfort.

Li Fangfei sat down beside her bed, “You’re really pushing yourself way too hard. You’ve got the club, then the Shen Family’s Water Cube, and school. It’s just nice how these three places form a triangle in between their locations. Not only that, the sun is the most venomous in this season, where one would sweat profusely just by walking a short distance. It’s really terrible to juggle everything like this. Shi Guang, since it’s the summer and you don’t have to attend classes, how about renting a place outside so that you don’t have to return to school every day? That’s too torturous.”

“It’s not easy finding a place. Either the location is bad, or the price is too high.” Shi Guang closed her eyes and relaxed her body.

“Just nice! I’ve got a friend who is overseas right now, and his house is empty! Do you want to move over and stay there? Or perhaps, you could take it that you’re looking after his house for him!” Li Fangfei suggested carefully.

Shi Guang opened her eyes slowly. She bent her elbow and placed her palm below her pillow before looking at Li Fangfei. That seemingly gentle gaze of hers was in fact like a sharp knife that could peer through one’s soul.

Revealing her guilty conscience under this gaze, Li Fangfei suddenly sniggered out and waved it off with her hand, “Fine, fine, fine! I’ll say it! I was at the behest of someone! Somebody doesn’t wish to see you getting so tired!”

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