Hide in the Banished Palace and Level Up To A Big Boss

Chapter 50 - : Locked Demon Well

Chapter 50: Locked Demon Well

“The Black Dragon Gang? I’m afraid you will be killed within one month if you tell others that you are a member of the Black Dragon Gang. Even if you use the mode of the Black Dragon Gang, you could still be found by others easily.”

On his dark face, his expression couldn’t be seen clearly.

“Master, what should I do now?”

“Find a sect and hide in it. The Essence and Blood, as well as the Cultivation Achievements of the Warriors in that sect, will be your nutrients. Even if you don’t use the members of that sect as your nutrients, the membership of the sect will also facilitate your actions. When your Cultivation Achievement is high enough, you could control that sect and find an opportunity to set me free.”

The voice in that mirror was emotionless but quite provocative.

Zhao Seven nodded and closed the mirror. Then, a glint of jocosity shadowed in his eyes.

Set you free? What about me? I’m afraid I will become your nutrient immediately after you come out! But this old fart’s suggestion is pretty good.

Zhao Seven started to crawl into the room by moving his body slowly.

Then, he found a map in the room.

Last year, a group of Warriors passed here and decided to have a rest in the courtyard recklessly.

As a result, they became Zhao Seven’s nutrients.

And all their belongings were also obtained by Zhao Seven,

Including a map and some jade ID plates.

Among these Warriors, two Individual Cultivators tried to join a sect on the Luoshen Mountain which was 1,000 kilometers away.

Several days later, a legless young man appeared outside the gate of the Nine Stars Sect.

“I was attacked by some bandits on my way. At last, I managed to run away but I lost my legs in the fight. It took me one year to heal my wounds. Then, I crawled to this place with my hands. I hope the Nine Stars Sect could be impressed by my sincerity and accept me as an apprentice.”

In front of him, an old man from the Nine Stars Sect checked his jade ID plate.

After that, he fixed his eyes on Zhao Seven for a long time.

A flash of curiosity appeared in his eyes.

“Is he a genius?”

“Okay! We will accept you as an apprentice because of your perseverance. Please come in!”

The old man said after taking a deep breath.

He managed to reach the later stage of the Spirit Manipulation Realm before 30!


This guy was definitely a genius!

As for the jade plate in this young man’s hand and his identity, the old man was not able to sort them out in a short time.

So, he decided to admit this young man.

After all, nobody could send a genius away easily.

At last, Zhao Seven managed to be accepted as an official apprentice after passing several tests.

Luckily, my master imparted the secret method to me, which helped me to pass the test of the Nine Stars Sect. What should I do next?

Zhao Seven started to make a plan in his heart.

Ten years went by soon.

Inside the Shouning Palace, Li Mu was enjoying the sunshine on the recliner made by himself after cleaning up the yard.

He got several novels from the Check-in System in the palace in these years.

For Li Mu, that was a pleasant surprise.

Finally, he could take a break and read novels.

Now, he had reached the Perfection of Tier Three of the Perfected Person.

But he encountered a bottleneck again.

For him, each tier of the Perfected Person was a test.

Li Mu also started to acquire the skills in the Tier Five of the Zaohua Sutra.

However, it didn’t go well.

None of the items he obtained through the Check-in System could be used to assist his cultivation.

He used to use the Check-in System for 10 years at Luoshen River. The items he obtained at that time were still in use now. The items obtained later were totally useless for Li Mu.

He hadn’t obtained an item that could cheer him up or make him nervous for many years.

“Does it mean the places where I use the Check-in System are not good enough?” Li Mu thought to himself.

On the recliner, Li Mu tossed the novel in his hands away and sat up.

After walking around in this yard, Li Mu stopped beside the well in the Underground Palace.

It’s been so many years!

I was always very curious about this well whenever I came to the Underground Palace.


I don’t care what I will find in this well!

Li Mu jumped into the well.


Li Mu murmured in his mind as he jumped into the well. The next moment, he jumped out from that well immediately.

“Congratulations to the host for checking in at the Demon Locking Well. A Heaven-mending Divine Pill is received as a reward.”

A Heaven-mending Divine Pill…

It was a Grade Two Supreme Pill.

It was even one grade higher than the Supreme Xuan Pill he obtained at the Xuan sect.

“This is really a good item!”

Li Mu said excitedly.

He believed he would become a complete man from a eunuch with the help of the Heaven-mending Divine Pill and the Zaohua Sutra.

A moment later, Li Mu furrowed his brows.

The name of this well was Demon Locking Well. What did it mean?

Li Mu could sense the uncommon feature of this well just from its name.

Does it mean a demon is being locked in this well?

Is this a delusion because I read too many novels?

Li Mu went back to the Shouming Palace. But that question always lingered around in his heart.

So, he went to the Library Tower and checked all books in it. But he didn’t find any book which was related to demons.

“There is no record about this well in the Imperial Palace. But why is it under the Imperial Palace?”

Let me take the Heaven-mending Divine Pill first. I could think about the rest issues later.

Then, he went back into the Underground Palace.

Li Mu set up some Restrictive Spells at the entrance of the Underground Palace.

After that, Li Mu swallowed the Heaven-mending Divine Pill and started to practice the Zaohua Sutra immediately.


He finished the first round and reached Tier Four of Perfected Person successfully.

Then, he finished the second and third rounds.

At last, he finished the fifth round of the Zaohua Sutra.

His practice of the five rounds of the Zaohua Sutra was very smooth.

After that, Li Mu felt hot and dry all over.

The bones and muscles in his body were itching. It seemed they were regenerating.

The next day, he finished the 56th round of the Zaohua Sutra.

Li Mu’s skin started to crack.

Ten days later, Li Mu finished over 1,800 rounds of the Zaohua Sutra.

His skin and flesh had fallen off. Brand-new tender skin and muscle appeared on his body.

Two months later, Li Mu opened his eyes.

His body trembled a bit.


The dead skin on his body fell off like dust. Then, his translucent skin appeared in his eyes.

He flicked his finger towards his belly. It felt like the tender skin of an infant.

Then, Li Mu undid his clothes and checked the area between his thighs for a while.


His roars of laughter echoed in the Underground Palace for a long time.

Half a day later, Li Mu jumped into the well again.


Just like before, he jumped out immediately after his body went into the well.

“Congratulations to the host for checking in at the Demon Locking Well successfully. The reward is 300 years’ power.”

In the next few days, Li Mu continued to check in at the Demon Locking Well.

At the same time, he took countless pills to assist his cultivation.


Li Mu’s Cultivation Achievement soared.

Finally, the feeling at the very beginning came back!

One day, Li Mu came back to the Shouning Palace. Then, he was surprised by his image in a mirror.

In that mirror, he saw a juvenile with tender and smooth skin.

Without any trace of time, his skin was very compact.

A pinch of fine hairs appeared around his lips.

He looked remarkably like a young man who had just graduated from college.

In this world, he looked just like a teenager.

Li Mu smiled as he touched his mustache.

Finally, he became a man again, although this man was still building up his physique.

“But I need to do something to my mustache,” he thought.

No eunuch in the imperial palace had a mustache.

Those who had mustache would be investigated and castrated again.

Although Li Mu didn’t need to worry about it at all, his mustache would cause trouble for him.

He didn’t want any trouble!

He didn’t want to hear any rumors related to him.

Well, do I need a shaver? Never mind! I will perform cultivation beside the Demon Locking Well in the future. I will shave my mustache when I am about to show up.

Mustache would grow back within several days after being shaved.

And it would become harder after being shaved.

In the main hall of the Nine Stars Sect, two old men were sitting.

Both of them had profound internal strength.

“Sectmaster Huang, would you really lead me to your Grand Ancestor?”

The old man in a gray robe who was sitting on the left asked in surprise.

He came to the Nine Stars Sect because he wanted to find out whether the Grand Ancestor of this sect was still alive.

He didn’t expect the members of this sect allowed him to meet their Grand Ancestor.

Could it be a lie?

Everyone knew the Grand Ancestor of the Nine Stars Sect was seriously wounded before. It would be a miracle if he stayed alive now.

According to the hearsays, that old fart had died a long time ago.

He really wanted to see their Grand Ancestor with his own eyes.

Anyway, he would lose nothing.

What if they tried to fool him?

That would be quite interesting.

Without a Grand Ancestor, the Nine Stars Sect still possessed so many resources!

It was time to take away something good from this sect.

“Of course! You will return empty-handed if we don’t allow you to meet our Grand Ancestor, right?”

Sectmaster Huang said thoughtfully.


The old man in the gray robe said with an embarrassed smile.

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