Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Chapter 27 Here Are Your Shoes

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While she watched their every little movement, the corner of Su Bei’s lips lifted in a faint sneer.

Five years had passed, but Su Huixian hadn’t made any progress. She still used the same old tricks from before to deal with her.

She really hadn’t changed at all!

Xiao Tong checked the shoes and quickly realized there was something wrong. As she put pressure on them, the platforms broke, making it easy to slip on them.

“What’s going on? Liao Youhui, can you explain this to us?” Xiao Tong was both ashamed and angry. Holding the shoes in her hands, she yelled at Liao Youhui, “I thought you could be trusted! These shoes had been properly kept and checked all the time. Why did they break all of a sudden?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know what happened…” Liao Youhui was scared. These shoes were all provided by the sponsors, and there was a specific person assigned to take care of them backstage. If the investigators looked into what caused this accident, they would quickly find it was her fault.

If she had to make up for the damage, it would cost her all the money she made in the past two years.

She wouldn’t be in this trouble if her plan had gone well and Su Bei’s ankle was really sprained. In that case, Su Huixian would certainly help her deal with the aftermath.

But now, everything was a mess, and it seemed that Su Huixian didn’t want to intervene in this matter at all.

Liao Youhui felt so regretful! She would pay a huge price for a moment of impulse.

Xiao Tong couldn’t help but be furious at the scheming woman, so she continued to shout, “If you don’t know, who does? Su Bei? She had never been here before. If you have anything to say to defend yourself, just go and tell the supervisor!”

Then Xiao Tong turned around and bowed deeply to Su Bei. “I’m sorry, Miss Su. I was rash and misjudged you just now. Please accept my apology!”

“It’s your internal business. You can handle it among yourselves. Now, can anyone find me a suitable pair of shoes?” Su Bei asked calmly.

Immediately, Xiao Tong asked another person to assist Su Bei. The next moment, she and several other assistants brought Liao Youhui to the supervisor in order to understand more about what happened.

As the other models were also in a hurry to get ready, they demanded, “We also want to have our shoes and clothes checked again! If something goes wrong, we can’t afford to take responsibility for it!”

Su Huixian dug her nails into her palms as she cursed Su Bei inwardly.

Qiu Minxuan also rushed to prepare the shoes and clothes for Su Huixian.

As for Su Bei, her shoe problem persisted. Since Liao Youhui had intentionally ruined every pair of shoes which could fit her, Su Bei had nothing to wear now.

“Miss Su, maybe you can wear a slightly larger size. I’ll find some insoles for you. It’s the only way to deal with shoes that don’t fit.” This assistant was very polite.

“Okay,” Su Bei nodded.

Su Bei understood this was all that could be done now. As a model, it was common for her to meet this kind of problem. Sometimes, the shoes provided by the sponsors didn’t fit perfectly. Besides, her feet were narrow and long. So it was unlikely to find her a pair that fit at the last minute.

Gladly, Su Bei had already studied the basic skills her profession required. She would try her best to walk on the stage in the most difficult circumstances without jeopardizing her own safety and health.

While Su Bei waited for the insoles, a man in a suit rushed in, holding a pair of shoes in his hand, which came from today’s sponsor.

“Miss Su, here are your shoes!”

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